Fitness Model With NO Pulse || Andrew Jones
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  • Devon Larratts Genetics
    Devon Larratts Genetics

    There is some really ignorant people in here. Quit jumping to conclusions without using your brain first! Greg has done a lot of great things for this world in a shirt period of time, what have YOU done lately? Make up lies and jump to conclusions about a guy you've probably never ACTUALLY watched or ACTUALLY listened to?? Pathetic! If you brought some facts and evidence instead of just saying "Greg's a big stupid poopie doo doo head" and running off, then maybe you would have people's attention and respect, until then, you're literal GARBAGE and only like to watch the world burn because you're lonely, jealous, and useless. Go watch Kim Jung un or whatever her name is maybe she will teach you how to do cardio by doing dumb bell curls, dumb shits!

  • Devon Larratts Genetics
    Devon Larratts Genetics

    I try with everything I do, to not take it for granted. Most people that witness it think IM the strange one. Sad.

  • savvyroca

    This video is gold! Thank you coach Greg

  • J.v.

    I love this! truly inspiring... Very few people got grit like this. I remember just last yr, I suffer a miscarriage, learned I had cancer right after and then had surgery this yr to remove it. As soon as I got the ok from the doc, I'm went harder on the weights than last time! Breaking new PR goals with my powerlifting compared to pre-pandemic time.

  • Fitter Everyday
    Fitter Everyday

    I'm considerably better off than so many others but on my end, I have to be careful with everything I do with my right hand because of a severed finger. Can't put too much stress but I make the most of it☺️

  • Hanzy J
    Hanzy J

    Man.... you go bro.. insane

  • DK

    Thanks for sharing this coach Greg!

  • Niza Muñoz
    Niza Muñoz


  • David Perez
    David Perez

    I think a lot of people get turned off when they do “exercises” becasue they simply don’t know how to do it , some go overboard and get turned off and do exercises they dread .

  • Athleticgamer

    Yeah you got a lot of extraordinary people out there who work out with missing limbs or deformed bodies or even mental health diseases but they still push through and workout!!!! This dude pushing through it with that condition is very motivational people with conditions like the ones I’ve listed are definitely stronger then me because if I was in that position I would literally just be like put me out of my misery they are definitely stronger than me but they also give me hope!!!!!

  • Nathan Gibbs
    Nathan Gibbs

    good story!

  • LetzJezTalk Fitness
    LetzJezTalk Fitness

    Straight motivation! Thanks for this Greg!

  • CJ D
    CJ D

    That is amazing. I never thought of it that way. I will always remember this.

  • Trey Rodriguez
    Trey Rodriguez

    His story makes me more thankful! Good way to start the day

  • bulky boi
    bulky boi

    Gonna need a natty or not on BenjaminMac05!

  • Josh Adams
    Josh Adams

    what a hero

  • Rasukix

    dudes been around for time, surprised you only just discovered him

  • Flex Anesthesia
    Flex Anesthesia

    Andrew is beyond an inspiration in the fitness community. I hope he continues to climb and improve. Am curious why he hasn't received he transplant yet though.

  • suki2011

    Do a natty video on 4 time world 🌎 fittest man Rich Froning Jr.

  • Elise Nieuwe
    Elise Nieuwe

    As someone who has a cardiomyopathy I am amazed that this is even possible. What a world we live in! I definitely get my movement in regularly, since I know the day might come that I can't anymore and that this will probably happen when younger then with most people.

  • Paul O'BRIEN
    Paul O'BRIEN


  • Transforms Into A Guitar
    Transforms Into A Guitar

    Oh boy. G Shred, I'm so disappointed by recent developments. The tone of the marketing email was enough to make me reconsider watching your videos, but the copyright strike makes everything so much worse.

  • Manny Nave
    Manny Nave

    Inspirational! Thank you!

  • Berdt

    I'm more motivated now and have deep admiration and respect for the man

  • Raven

    "Exercise is a reward" But it's not fun though, like any of it, it's all misery inducing. I do it but it's anything but a reward.

  • Janusz Wisniewski
    Janusz Wisniewski

    I was born with cardiomyopathy .I'm 65 years old I start trening bodybuilding 45 years ago .Trening saved my life now I have genetic muscle disorder I'm loosing muscle and strength but I will never give up .I will train to the end .

  • Mine Man
    Mine Man

    Never thought I would be tearing up in a Coach Greg vid but here I am

  • Phillip Thomas
    Phillip Thomas

    At the time of this comment... 98 ppl 👆🏾 who disliked this video...u will get what’s coming to u in your life haters!

  • danstarr9895

    Great message, Greg.

  • Kita Prime
    Kita Prime

    I really needed to hear your intro Gregg.

  • Alpha

    Greg is right 100% about exercice as being the reward. I had severe jaw problems that caused me pain and stiffness in neck, back and shoulders muscles, and I struggled for years to find a specialist who could get me results. I haven't been able to workout for almost 8 years, and I could barely practice soccer for 30 min before the pain gets too strong. I saw my friends becoming more and more jacked throughout time while I remained skinny and tired all the time because of the pain. You cannot imagine the level of frustration ... I recently found someone who finally can handle my problem properly and I got back to the gym a few months ago : I have never felt so blessed

  • No Body
    No Body

    ,,the lower your pulse is the better is your fitness'' Does that mean...

  • Julian Ciccone
    Julian Ciccone

    Always fun to watch your videos :)!

  • Michael Weaver
    Michael Weaver

    Good AMAZING STORY COACH Greg !!! Good positive energy and nonstop belief!!!💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽

  • Lakshman Prabhu
    Lakshman Prabhu

    Hey Coward, sorry, G-Shred!

  • Parker Sullivan
    Parker Sullivan

    Who’s cutting onions?? Foreal or maybe i got something in my eyes lol

  • Ppqchronos Kent
    Ppqchronos Kent

    is hompton calisthenic hybrid natty

  • Xoxli

    Huge Motivation!

  • Elaine Davenport
    Elaine Davenport


  • Mateo Restrepo
    Mateo Restrepo

    Motivation 100%

  • MIke G1013
    MIke G1013

    We need to embrace our flaws and insecurities and convert them into positive motives. Instead of letting them consume us and break us down until we destroy ourselves eternally and externally. It’s about building off of ideas as a community and helping one another when we struggle, not gaining materialistic value and ultimate power because we are presumed “Better” then the other. You don’t have to make everything perfect due to being pushed by societal standards. You can use those flaws and failures and make masterpieces, otherwise, you become static and robotic with no emotions or meaning of doing anything. You want to be know for being yourself not anyone else. I believe in you, stay motivated and keep grinding.

  • Saltyrat

    natty or not on benjaminmac05

  • Medie

    This guy is an inspiration

  • R Lord
    R Lord

    Been trying to look at exercise as a privilege, and to never take mobility for granted. So happy this guy got his transplant!

  • Peter Pan
    Peter Pan

    His blood is still flowing just not in a pulsating way. So saying he has no pulse is wrong in a way. People will think he has no blood or noe blood circulation which is wrong. He does have blood circulation.

  • dyderich

    Great message coach Greg

  • beepboop

    Sooo, coach Gshred, how's the 1000 dollars nutrition and coaching plan to transform someone to a normal gymgoer? Oh wait, gymbros has been doing it for free without knowledge for FREE

    • Mitja Wikholm
      Mitja Wikholm

      And you can keep doing it. No one is forcing anyone to pay for anything.

  • Debra Whitney
    Debra Whitney

    As Nike say, “Just do it”. I’ve been doing it since 2007 when a virus wreaked havoc on my body and I ended up with a pacemaker and feeding tube. I’m now recovering form yet another study but continue to walk, bike, climb and lift weights. I’ve done a Tough Mudder and run multiple 5ks and a 10k. Just move. You’ll feel better.

  • S7172

    Natty or not nicolas buhtoiarov

  • Gordon Bella
    Gordon Bella

    I'm very grateful I get to train and move around everyday it's a huge privilege

  • Fantasy Prediction World
    Fantasy Prediction World

    My grandpa walk 50km everyday just to go to school and back and ofcource he quit

  • Erntehelfer

    This parrot keeps repeating every word the guy in the video said. Ridiculous.

  • M Johno
    M Johno

    This video is amazing. At the age of 22 I am on 2 daily medications and monthly injections to stop my immune system being in overdrive all the time. I was unable to walk at points when I was 18-19 due to my asthma being so severe. I started working out about a year ago whilst in shielding and have never looked back. I am grateful every day that my scars are small and I can lift heavy despite my illness. It has helped my mental health so much whilst in shielding - the aesthetic improvements are such a bonus though I won’t lie! I think there needs to be much more representation for disabled and chronically ill athletes, so thank you for talking about this

  • pbkimblee

    Sup G-shred, how's the $997 BS trianing program selling??

  • Joe Bloggs
    Joe Bloggs

    Copy right striking people who criticise you?? Turns out Geoffrey was right, you are the new vShred. G-shred in fact

  • FullBodyNatty

    G Shred

  • C Bryan
    C Bryan

    Can we get more then 2.5 seconds of the other dude talking before you talk by any chance? I know you like talking but come on man, jesus. 5-7 seconds before cutting back to you would be nice.

    • C Bryan
      C Bryan

      @MR. FEARS Oh well shit that sucks. Didn't know, thanks for the info bro. Good video all around, just really quick shifts, but that makes sense.

    • MR. FEARS
      MR. FEARS

      Over 10 sec and you can get copystriked. G shred is playing safe.

  • FullBodyNatty

    When can we sign up for your $1000 dollar outsourced coaching plans Greg?

  • Marcin Michalski
    Marcin Michalski

    Seems Geoffrey's Schofield video hit too close home, didn't it? One has to fall really low to attempt silencing others via false copyright strikes.

  • giga chad
    giga chad

    ​get more muscles and be a chad

  • MNB

    Less pulse then last time

  • Mh18 2018
    Mh18 2018

    These stories are inspirational. I mean, there is a guy who has cerebral palsy who has his body building pro card. What's stopping us healthy folk from getting up and moving?

  • ana maria
    ana maria

    On the same channel, there is a guy with cerebral palsy who does bodybuilding. It will be rlly cool if u do a reaction to him if u want to.

  • SirMordred

    You're the absolute worst at handling criticism, Greg. You couldn't take Geoffrey calling you out on your shitty business practices, so you just decided to give him a false copyright strike to make him take down his video. You're obviously not hurting for business, considering the house you live in and literally making a video about buying a brand new car, so what do you gain from giving someone a false strike? You now practically make a living chasing clout with other fitness channels, but no one is allowed to criticize you? Clearly your growth in popularity has gone to your head, and I don't regret unsubbing from you.

    • beepboop

      He's a reaction channel, not a training channel. Imagine paying him instead of a real coach for cheaper prices

  • Ian Rush
    Ian Rush

    This is awesome, these stories are so motivating. Like I'm very fortunate to be as healthy as I am but this makes me want to go harder than I do, I don't have any excuses! Go harder than last time


    Gr8 nose cut for all those who just make excuses 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Harry Benson
    Harry Benson

    Natty or not on kingabdul_ghost. Don't know his actual name

  • DeVious

    I didn’t start lifting until I needed hip surgery at 21. Once I experienced how it felt when your body fails you, I make sure to take care of it.

  • 99 99
    99 99

    Does Greg believe in god?

  • Ange B
    Ange B

    Awesome video 💕

  • Billy F
    Billy F

    You view numbers are comically low, especially compared to people who are remotely relevant---- and I LOVE IT---- LOLOLOL--- and if you recall, and you DO- recall what I said, because you are a narcissist--- but I told you a few months ago that your decline was beginning to happen and you did NOT believe me-- well, it is HAPPENING , little tiny inconsequential man and I AM loving it LOLOL----- and you WILL delete this, but I will go to other UZloadr walls LOL ( and btw?--- some UZloadrs have responded and they HATE you but are using you for a while, and then----- well----- you will see, little man) Do you have any idea how many UZloadrs are onto you and KNOW you're a piece of crap but won't say it yet ?---- LOLOL----- and it IS happening, and it is obvious as your views are declining in a MASSIVE way and I am loving it LOLOL, so have a good one, and I SHALL return :) --- and btw?---- when all is said and done ??--- I hope you find yourself a man ALOT more " DELICIOUS" than the man/woman who calls herself Ally LOLOL as whatever sex that thing really is is a question for the ages. You are PETRIFIED and afraid to admit your homosexuality---- and I don't understand why, if everybody is honest, right ??--- because it doesn't matter according to YOU and all your totally emotionally lost " circles" who drink your bathwater and follow you ?? Show me some guts and respond to this attack on your WOMAN and BE A MAN. You are a loser midget and I will expose you to your whole fan-base without thinking twice----- and I can respond to you and ALL of your moron cult easily ----- and I can do it while eating a sandwich too as they are ALL honestly total idiots with IQs that could not toast bread, just the same as you, little tiny dwarf. You have the dumbest followers on UZload and more and more people are finding it out, and thank you for being the ASSHOLE you are, as watching you fade from relevance and watching you try so hard to cling to your former relevance is really A JOY----- it is ALOT of FUN for all of us---- so stick a fork in yourself dwarf, because you are DONE :)

  • Red Chief
    Red Chief

    Way to copyright strike Geoffrey's video, shithead

    • xozaku

      Ikr he's such a coward

  • Chris Jax
    Chris Jax

    That guy is Ironman in caps body

  • Matthew Davidson
    Matthew Davidson

    Baby Steps to the gym ... Baby steps to the gym.

  • Internet Drifter
    Internet Drifter

    Hey Greg are u gonna address why you copyright struck Geoff Verity Schofield's video?

  • Genuine Techniques
    Genuine Techniques


  • Alvin Calvin
    Alvin Calvin

    Way to copyright strike Geoffrey's video. V-shred doesn't even do that. That's how low you've sunk.

  • Mobile Game Man
    Mobile Game Man

    Greg you should do a video where you don’t scream the whole time

  • Lee Bal
    Lee Bal

    It's like Greg's left chesticle also trying to say something


    He’s an OG fitness UZloadr

  • kevin chumpitaz
    kevin chumpitaz

    Coach Greg yelling louder than last time!

  • Peter Ovcharov
    Peter Ovcharov

    It doesn't matter if it is the body or the brain, for me there is nothing that brings me more joy than overcoming my limits

  • Coach C
    Coach C

    Great job on this one, Coach! 👊🏽👊🏽✌🏾✌🏾

  • jonathan savage
    jonathan savage


  • I am human
    I am human

    You don't have the courage to respond Geoffrey Schofield?

    • beepboop

      He's going for the athleanx route. Just go silent until it dies down

  • Bhavesh Verma
    Bhavesh Verma

    Dislikes are from people who have their pulse but no muscles

  • Puvendran Pillay
    Puvendran Pillay

    At least he saves money not buying hr monitors

  • Ony Origami
    Ony Origami

    Greg you gotta do a video on infinite elgintensity, he is a funny buff lawyer that does reviews on videos. I love your videos and you are sooooo funny. Keep up the good work manlet

  • Ricardo Leonardo
    Ricardo Leonardo

    I'm sorry but I'm not strong enough to watch this....

  • John Lovett
    John Lovett

    This young man should be an inspiration to many ppl

  • Mohammed Hussain
    Mohammed Hussain

    Yeah i remember he had his own UZload channel aswell

  • The Watcher
    The Watcher

    Greg gonna comment on the copyright strike you put on that guy who made a review of your cookbook?

    • beepboop

      He's going to follow athleanx route by being silent about it until it dies down

    • pbkimblee

      @shaun ho go check Enkiri Elite fitness channel. He reacted to a video of Geoffrey. The reaction video is all there is because Greg copyright striked Geoff's video though, so it can't be viewed. It's about Greg's $977 program

    • shaun ho
      shaun ho

      Tell us more

  • Patrick Towey
    Patrick Towey

    You may not enjoy exercising, but it feels good to improve at a particular exercise or routine, and to see results come from your effort.

  • Pablo Leal
    Pablo Leal

    thank you for caring man

  • Christ power
    Christ power

    I went to school with this dude. He was super fit.

  • Brian K
    Brian K

    Holy cow. This dude is a real hero. Thanks for the inspo.

  • Rey Han Solo
    Rey Han Solo

    Greg do a video on kids taking SARMs. I’ve been training since I was 12 on and off, but consistent I’ve last three years, and now, at 19, I’m on the sauzule😎. I need your doctor’s assessment more than last time!

  • Brendan Innes
    Brendan Innes

    Coach Greg you had me from the intro, I needed this video

  • C Everett
    C Everett

    Beautiful inner circle

  • Manny D
    Manny D

    Such an inspiring episode! Thanks Coach!