Intuitive Eating || Getting People FATTER Than Last Time
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  • Frank Logrim
    Frank Logrim

    I did intuitive eating and i got friggin fatter then last time.

  • Henry M.
    Henry M.

    I'm not getting fat, I'm collecting data. 🤣

  • Jaden McDaniel
    Jaden McDaniel

    I’ve tried intuitive eating when i was lifting consistently. I wasn’t trying to lose or gain weight just trying to maintain and overall it worked great for me. However, i don’t think for everyday people this is realistic. I only eat lighter, healthier options rather than the heavy calorie dense options with the occasional indulgence.

  • Žan Gjuveleg
    Žan Gjuveleg

    The last summer I intuitively ate a lot of ice cream and cheeseburgers and I gained 20 kilos 😅

  • nicola newton
    nicola newton

    To be fair tho you are pushing a cookbook with the expectations people will look like you but they wont either ... unless they do steriods too so its kind of hypocritical to call out the pictures used to promote intuitive eating

  • Kamila Zrebiec
    Kamila Zrebiec

    I wish I found your channel sooner, but guess better late than never. The intuitive eating cost me 10 lbs. 😫

  • CluedUp?

    Intuitive eating doesn't mean eating everything in sight. 95% of diets fail, restrictions usually fail. Intuitive eating is more like a recomp rather than cutting weight using cico.

  • bastian Gonzalez
    bastian Gonzalez

    I’m intuitive eater(like I didn’t track calories) and figured out how to stay at 175 all the time but I’m buying Greg’s cookbook so I can use his recipes and track my calories so I can get better than last time 😈

  • Calam Couzens
    Calam Couzens

    My nerves are that damaged that my left arms paralysed I’m not digesting no semen 😂 gay people would have some amazing nerves and looking like hulk if it was true

  • ElectraInglesa

    “Put the fork down, get off your a$$ and move!” I needed that tough love, thanks Greg!!

  • Tracy Sweet
    Tracy Sweet

    Fantastic, I mean Fatastic 😁

  • Christopher-John Bompas
    Christopher-John Bompas

    Following intuitive eating doesn't make you more self aware - it means you are an intuitive idiot!

  • Moose92411

    Intuitive eating is massively different between educated and uneducated people. I intuitively eat within a very narrow calorie range, and within a fairly consistent protein intake. It’s easy and enjoyable, because I’ve been learning how to do it for years. But holy shit, if you tell a chubby teenager to eat WHATEVER HE WANTS, it’s not going to go well.

  • JRO

    I think one way to look at intuitive eating in a productive way for weight management is using it for meal timing or food selection while staying with in your calorie goal range. Example eating when your hungry rather than every 2-3 hours or eating Tuna instead of chicken because that's what your craving/ in the mood for as opposed to what you had cooked that day for your meal plan.

  • Petar Vasilev
    Petar Vasilev

    This is such a great motivational video! I'm literally installing tracking app and starting a calorie deficit!

  • AtoZbodyfitness

    Intuitive eating can be a recipe for disaster. Your supposed to just eat when your hungry and then stop when your full. The problem is people don't know enough about nutrition or even have self control to make that always work. For some it might. But I'd spend more time learning about CICO, a standard daily eating regimen, healthy or low calorie alternatives etc.

  • Jugg Dekaprio
    Jugg Dekaprio

    It's says uploaded 1 minute yet comments 4 days old 🤔 G~Shred Quick with it 😅

  • theinsectnerd Zara Breden
    theinsectnerd Zara Breden

    Intuitive eating is dangerous. I tried it once not gr8. Glad someone is actually telling the truth about it. It's too good to be true for a reason

  • Hyrunnisa

    Ugh....his voice is so high pitch. 😫

  • Melissa Sahagun
    Melissa Sahagun

    Intuitive eating is for people with eating disorders.

  • Bird 1
    Bird 1

    “Well it’s a good thing because that scale is going up” 😭🤣🤣 I lost it and only 1:38 in with this video, Doc never fails to throw the truth out, this is why we appreciate you 😌

  • dorisfashion

    I wonder if everyone's favorite dietitian Abbey is watching this video. I like her, but I don't agree with intuitive eating. That's how I got obese.

  • Metonymy1979

    It's strange that manufactured food that is designed to make people want more doesn't factor into intuitively eating. This is just a grift.

  • ThatOne Guy
    ThatOne Guy

    Intuitive eating leads me to intuitive binging.

  • Sonja Maria Dover
    Sonja Maria Dover

    All this time I was struggling at maths because I ran out of brain space from knowing how many calories were in my banana and scrambled eggs. 😔stupid stupid stupid me!

  • Bright Light
    Bright Light

    Intuitive eating is not for someone below their set point ..if you are shredded your body will go crazy on the highly palatable processed foods and you will binge...being shredded is not where the body wants to be so don’t expect to being able to eat foods engineered to get us to overeat in moderation.

  • SaraphL

    Intuitive eating is a misunderstood term taken out of context. It means you're so experienced in measuring calories that you can get by just by winging everything. It's not supposed to mean "eat whatever you want".

  • ichigohime16

    i thought intuitive eating was too listen to your body if you hungry eat up , and i mean healthy lol like if you need 3 plates of salad go ahead! lol or if you have a craving get the craving but be modarate , but i guess it wasnt that lol

  • FancyCaveGaming

    I intuitively ate homemade biscuits and sausage gravy every morning for a few months, good times. Now I listen to coach Greg, also good times.

  • nos side
    nos side

    Can this guy get a podcast already?

  • Aubrey J
    Aubrey J

    Your body’s habits become shaped by your behaviors. So if you’ve been eating junk food and crap to get you up to 300, your “intuitive eating” habits will continue to crave crap. I think you need to first reset your body and brain with forced healthy habits, and then those bad habits can subside and you can get back to intuitive habits down the road (if you want to). Those bad health habits may take time and deliberate effort to reset.

  • Bro Scientist
    Bro Scientist

    If I eat intuitively will I gain weight intuitively.

  • Leo Ryan
    Leo Ryan

    Seems like all Gregs videos now leads to his cookbook...I like the old Greg more than the new Greg..

  • Bgirl Axe
    Bgirl Axe

    For me, the less I eat it, the less I crave it. I used to be a sugar addict until I full on quit sugar and it was hard at first but eventually stopped craving it all together

  • Jer EE
    Jer EE

    I'm doing intuitive eating and I'm maintaining

  • Alberto Polanco
    Alberto Polanco

    As a former 270 lbs fat ass at 5'6" I can agree that my body liked pizza, ice cream, and garlic fingers more than salad. Why don't they push counter-intuitive eating instead?

  • sinead O'Kane
    sinead O'Kane

    Ally eats more Pizza than last time and doesn’t get sick of it

  • Marie Gonzales, MSc
    Marie Gonzales, MSc

    Question every trend you encounter. Always.

  • Barles Chinston
    Barles Chinston

    Cheeseburgers and cheesecake is my intuitive eating

  • K P
    K P

    I went vegan and decided I’d just eat till I was full. Guys I gained 10lbs and I was like wow ok hang on! I was eating crazy healthy food but I was eating too many calories. Intuitive eating might work for me one day when I can really take a good guess how many calories I’m eating each meal. But till then I count my calories till I loose the 10lbs.

  • Anna

    Intuitive eating will function well IF you're only going to eat natural foods, homemade from scratch, NOT the ones engineered to appeal to us and mess with our 'pleasure' receptors.

  • Runnin_ramen

    Intuitive eating requires good intuition in the first place😂

  • Kornelius

    Intuitive eating is actually easier for me since I've got wheat allergy and lactose intolerance, it's something to do with enzyme processing. So basically I'm left with stuff like meat, vegetables, fruits, legumes, etc even though allergy foods exist they just cost like 3-4x more than normal stuff (so it isn't worth it) but thank fuck I can have eggs, long live eggs.

  • Jared Robb
    Jared Robb

    I calorie counted for 2 years to loose 30 pounds. I now do intuitive eating and I have maintained quite nicely and have a little bit of abs.

  • Tyler

    Those Connor Murphy cuts had me laughing so hard. Good job editor Steve 😂😂😂

  • Holly Nicole
    Holly Nicole

    nutrition student here. Actually... Most people DONT intuitively eat, INCLUDING people who eat whatever they want. Intuitive eating is taking into consideration gentle nutrition and what makes your body feel GOOD and keep you full. You are ONLY supposed to eat when you feel hungry and stop when you are FULL taking into consideration the very SENSITIVE feeling of fullness. Stopping restriction will help get rid of food guilt and help stop over eating as your body will shift from wanting vegetables to wanting a cookie based on what it needs that day. You take into consideration what foods are nutritious and what foods have less nutritional value and determine what you want based on your hunger levels, context of your day, and much more. You won’t always want cookies because they won’t always make you feel good or give you lasting energy your body needs but one day maybe you will want one and your brains satiety signals will make the cookie taste less good as the want for it goes down and you’ll feel like something else. your hunger levels will also decrease based on how many calories you at a meal prior or the day before or how much exercise you have done and you take into consideration what will nutritiously fuel your body properly to keep you satisfied and full.

  • Abbie Amend
    Abbie Amend

    I don’t count calories anymore, and intuitive eating works for me. Not saying it works for everyone, but for me, I can decide if I need food.


    🍕 🍔 🍟 🚫 🥗

  • I Robot
    I Robot

    Cookie down!!! 👇🏽

  • Russell

    Well, it's from Fox News, so there ya go.

  • Quirino Passione
    Quirino Passione

    Body is like SALAD?? Ain't no body go time for that!! LOL

  • Dave

    I want a tank top like that... Merch?

  • xmut3x

    Hello Greg. As a Registered Dietitian I really hate this intuitive eating approach being pushed by other dietitians. Thank you for making me laugh.

  • tooth656

    I hear the reees of Abbey sharp 😂

  • Runey Boy
    Runey Boy

    "You can either gain weight, lose weight or stay the same" Really????????? This level of insight is incredible.

  • Dxddywey -
    Dxddywey -

    Liking the haircut Coach Greg!!!

  • Liam McLeod
    Liam McLeod

    Intuitive works if your knowledge and understanding of food is very good.

  • Lindsay Argo
    Lindsay Argo

    Coach Greg- The goal of intuitive eating is to get you fatter than last time 😆💀

  • Davichi MMO
    Davichi MMO

    "When you practice intuitive eating, one of three things can happen: Your weight can go up, it can go down or it can stay the same" haha well they're not wrong tbh 😂😂

  • Travis Moore
    Travis Moore

    The condescending douchiness from this dude has gone from funny to being kind of annoying.

  • sam Paridon
    sam Paridon

    Not all calories are the same, the 2 scientists argue. A calorie from one food may have different effects on metabolism and appetite than a calorie from another food. For example, a calorie from linoleic acid (omega-6) from sunflower oil promotes inflammation, while a calorie from fish fatty acids (omega-3) has an anti-inflammatory effect. --> this is what is said by dutch researchers, is this true or completely nonsense???


    I'll play 'devils advocate' here. Intuitive eating can work to ween you off the bad food by actively framing it as a punishment. People do this all the time with their biases. Hyperfocusing on the negative feelings you get when eating those tasty foods may make it easier to stop wanting to eat them. Like, pig out on some Popeyes, and meditate on the meat sweats, the knot in your stomach, the lethargy. Granted, it's not something everyone can do, but those who can do it may see some returns from it.

  • D Re
    D Re

    The msm are cancer. Hunt them

  • Andrea Peruzza
    Andrea Peruzza

    "When you intuitively eat three things can happen: your weight goes up, your weight goes down or it stays the same." That's a dietitian?? That's what happens every single day 🤷 Per gli italiani: dottoressa Grazie ar Cazzo

  • Sidak Brbrt
    Sidak Brbrt

    can you do natty or not on benjamin mac05

  • Alex

    The coach raging over the „don‘t worry, be happy“ tune 😂

  • Phillip Welch
    Phillip Welch

    As soon as I saw intuitive eating

  • Negative Flex
    Negative Flex

    G-shred up to his old tricks again.

  • Jab Jab
    Jab Jab

    You can't escape intuitive eating as a fitness-focused woman right now. It's being pushed down our throats EVERYWHERE. It's so bad that if you admit you have fitness goals😲, you're attacked for being a diet-culture-brainwashed-fatphobe.

  • Captain Hands
    Captain Hands

    I feel like a jacked gilbert godfrey is schooling me in the mentality of the obese.

  • Bob Vance, Vance Refrigeration
    Bob Vance, Vance Refrigeration

    Lol I saw a news article about this and thought boy waht would coach Greg think about this and here the video pops up😂

  • Dương Anh Quân
    Dương Anh Quân

    Lol Connor Murphy he's just making up excuses for his weird fetish

  • Kevin Lewis
    Kevin Lewis

    Who is this study even for? For anyone who this would actually work for there already not overweight because they just never wanted to overeat in the first place. For people who are overweight I mean, how do they think they got there? Do they think they didn't WANT to eat more pizza but forced themselves to?? Things like this make me sad because I know people out there will use it as support of there bad eating habits and stay overweight "See, I can just eat what I want" and carry on lying to themselves.

  • Jehan

    Humans only use 5-10% of their brain...and it’s tremendously obvious in some cases.

  • Bob Weissenberg
    Bob Weissenberg

    honestly connor is so far gone he has to be trolling. There's no way he is that deluded

  • Adriano Ramirez
    Adriano Ramirez

    I'd say that intuitive eating is only good if you have the knowledge of which foods are lower in calories and the self discipline to actually eat the amounts necessary to lose or maintain weight. Definitely not a style of eating for everyone, but maybe something good for a very small minority of the population

  • meten90

    Greg I love your content etc. Just after trying your cookbook I need to say. Cut the BS that you are not going to be hungry if you are going to eat low calorie dense foods. Even with your recipes you are going to be hungry if calorie deficit is going to be too low. I know you say to keep deficit low. I'm not saying it's completely wrong what you're saying. Still you say many times that with those foods you are never going to be hungry and stuff like that just to sell it. And this is big BS. Long time calorie deficit equals hunger. That's what ppl need to hear.

  • LiftAholic Fitness
    LiftAholic Fitness

    2:10 ☠☠☠

  • Tangerinka410

    I find it hilarious that virtually everyone who recommends intuitive eating are either "nutritionists" or people with the history of orthorexia, eating disorders, or fitness obsession, i.e. people who have enormous knowledge on the nutritional value of food and calories. So they are actually not eating intuitively, but consciously or even subconsciously - choosing balanced nutrition. People who are obese have often no such knowledge, and intuitive eating is exactly what got them to that miserable state...

  • Meme World
    Meme World

    This response was lazy and inflammatory Greg. Intuitive eating will work for anyone who has reasonable eating cues. Also, intuitive eating doesn't mean "I crave cake so let's eat cake". It's more about responding to hunger cues by eating a volume of food that you feel will satiate that hunger. NOT specific singular food cravings.

    • Szelitzky Erick
      Szelitzky Erick

      So basically if you know how to eat a healthy balanced diet then you should eat a healthy balanced diet. SUCKS THAT MOST PEOPLE HAVE NO IDEA ABOUT THAT.

  • Marshmallowmann

    If I had done the 'intuitive eating' thing i wouldn't have made it to 30. guess what, I'd eat absolute garbage 'intuitively'. this doesn't work for most people because our brain is wired to love sugar because our brain loves sugar and it hasn't been readily available in such large quantities in nature.

  • peepoo

    I think the problem with this entire topic is the disparity in demographics. (Correct me if I'm wrong, but) Intuitive eating seems like its demographic is more for the general population that just wants to be a bit more healthier and for people struggling with eating disorders to cure their issues - people casually looking after their health and fitness. For people who have no problem adhering to a certain diet, and instead is more concerned in knowing what to eat (ie most people that are really involved in health and fitness), intuitive eating doesn't seem that promising. tldr intuitive eating seems like it's more for people struggling with eating disorders and the general population that just wants to get a bit healthier or fitter, not for people dedicated to health and fitness

  • Aguy

    I just got a miracle whip ad on this vid

  • Cup 666
    Cup 666

    I’m sorry I love Greg doy eye but with intuitive eating I was able to lose 40lbs and on the road to lose 20 more

  • Greek_Spartan

    Over the past year it’s become a war between calorie tracking, don’t diet, dieting is bad the whole HAES movement etc which is a topic debatable for another time and misinterpreted missing so much context middle ground Well, “intuitive eating” has grown in popularity as a way to reject “diet culture” and the “diet mentality.” which I can see the light at which tunnel the coming from to a degree. However, while there are a few variations of intuitive eating, the most common version is the one that encourages people to just “listen” and “trust” their bodies instead of tracking food intake which is kinda what you explain here plus the mindful approach which many don’t understand in distinguishing the fine difference which kinda has shades of similarities. . Recently, Grider et al. conducted a systematic review to investigate how intuitive eating and mindful eating affected energy intake or diet quality in adults without an eating disorder. The study was a ‘systematic review’, so researchers looked at all the research on the topic between January 1980 and November 2019. Results as a whole fail to consistently support the hypothesis that IE interventions alter energy intake or diet quality. They concluded that based on the current literature, “little evidence suggests that IE interventions influence energy intake or diet quality” but also acknowledged the quality of the studies was low and “Future research needs to include study designs of high rigor that measure IE in order to determine intervention implementation effects.” Personally Intuition comes from experience Most people lack the experience to know how to eat ‘intuitively’. plus intuitive eating is a weight neutral approach nothing to do with “dieting” for weight loss Can you eat intuitively? Sure, but only after you’ve spent some time tracking your food intake. Which Gregg you know and I know energy balance is what matters most at the top of the table Now, you’ll get the haters on calorie tracking, but I think calorie tracking is ‘training wheels’ for your nutrition. It teaches you about food. You learn what foods are high in carbs, protein, fats; what foods are good sources of micronutrients and fibre; you realise how many calories are in your favourite restaurant foods. You understand what actual portion sizes look like and stop falling victim to mental errors like the health halo effect of food. Calorie tracking leads to a better understanding of food; it provides you with the experience you need to eventually stop tracking (if you wish) and ‘eat intuitively’ Or track like I do for the last 15 years and doesn’t obsess about it and does it more flexibly while listening “intuitive” to your body which I like to term your biofeedback But to get to that point you first need to learn all of this stuff, and that’s what tracking your food intake does. Ironically, the people who are so vehemently against tracking and selling you on the idea of intuitive eating are the same people who’ve spent years tracking their food. And to try and sell beginners on intuitive eating especially for weight loss well, like your video said don’t cry if you 50lbs up --people who don’t have this experience--is an egregious act of ignorance. Trust me can’t rely on your intuition in an obesogenic environment, especially when you have a history of eating disorders and formed maladaptive behaviors as your brain chemistry is different as opposed to non dieters We’re living in an ‘eat more and keep eating’ environment. In this obesogenic environment, high-calorie foods are everywhere and easy to access. These hyper-palatable foods are easy to overeat while concomitantly providing a large number of calories. See a donut, guess what it’s a matter of time before the sight and smell will highlight those reward centers of your brain before you gulp a dozen krispies As long as you reside in this environment, which I hope the intuitive clang understand which isn’t going anywhere, unless you go live with your ancestors. your chances of gaining fat or having trouble losing fat will remain, especially if you relying on your intuition You can’t rely on your “intuition,” or eat according to your natural hunger and satiety cues when food companies spend billions to engineer food to be as tasty as possible, it’s really a slippery slope and it’s contextual of course on the person and their framework Additionally, overweight or obese people have altered appetite cues, making it almost impossible to eat ‘intuitively’ because they don’t receive the same fullness cues from the body as someone of a healthy weight. Especialy if you see the frontal cortex of their brain doesn’t respond to hunger, satiety cues and those brain/gut axis hormones, trying let them eat intuitively will only exacerbate the issue and lead to further weight gain Like I said, you can track your calories and be mindful of hunger and satiety cues. In fact, mindful eating and tracking food go hand in hand actually if you read some of the data on mindful eating. Let’s say you not that hungry, so you should eat as much as you can comfortably instead of forcing-feeding yourself to hit your calories for the day? Hey, some days you might be slightly hungrier, and eating more can help adherence in the long run. Well try eating slowly and intentionally and paying attention to how the food tastes and whether you’re hungry to eat more or satisfied enough to stop eating. Intuitive eating is a skill you cultivate. How you see it from what angle to use it is your choice, but don’t complain why you gain weight because like anything in life you have develop that skill, you need practice and you need guidance, and that’s what tracking your food does. You don’t have to track forever either, but it’s a valuable skill to learn that will stay with you long after and you can practice the learning skills of that every so often when you find those skills get blunt over time

  • Laura Law
    Laura Law

    I really think intuitive eating completely misses the fact the food industry manufactures food to be hyperpalatable and not make you full so its actually almost impossible for most ppl to intuitively eat these types of foods.

  • Bella Tindale
    Bella Tindale

    Intuitive eating definitely works if you don't mind putting on 20 - 30 lbs.

  • Mike OConnell
    Mike OConnell

    Can I drink whiskey? I need a video on alcohol

  • Mike OConnell
    Mike OConnell

    I’m dying! I mean this is the funniest shit ever

  • tijus 26
    tijus 26


  • Dina Salehi
    Dina Salehi

    Coach Greg... giving you the absolute best advice you’ll ever get in your life ... again . Thank you 🙏

  • ZZYZXZ Zidar
    ZZYZXZ Zidar

    I lost 60 lbs from intuitive eating and have kept it off over a decade. He's misunderstanding a lot of things. Like what your body wants doesn't mean cravings, it means what makes you feel healthy. Basically pay attention to that eating a bunch of junk food makes you feel crappy. Pay attention to that healthy foods make you feel good. Then, having paid attention to which food make you feel how chose your foods. He makes it out that eating what your body wants means eating a bunch of junk food, but it means eating food that make you healthy

  • AppleChrisp

    If i intuitively ate, I would lose weight. I'm one of those people that aren't hungry very often. So I would forget to eat.

  • stargazerbird

    It depends on so much. I eat healthy 90% or so. I find if I eat something really fatty and calorie dense it feels sort of yucky. Maybe the first serve is nice but after that I really don’t want it. But if you do that every day you will be back on the slippery slope.

  • Will

    Editing is better than last time!!!

  • Sunset Sunrise
    Sunset Sunrise

    It’s not a diet ✨Gregory✨ maybe learn about the human body ugh

  • J

    Intuitive eating for me means that I eat red velvet cake for breakfast

  • Cahn2126

    What if you can't stop eating anabolic ice cream? What if you overeat using his cookbook?

  • Sai Sri Harsha
    Sai Sri Harsha

    Greg I love you, but please diversify your topics. This fat loss stuff is getting repetitive and boring.

  • Rocky Signorile
    Rocky Signorile