Simeon Panda || Breakfast of the GODS
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  • Cody Brandt
    Cody Brandt

    One of these days, I'm going to buy the freaking cookbook...

  • Heizokai

    I need a Mike O'Hearn and Simeon Panda natty crossover

  • sanket ragade
    sanket ragade

    Dr. Greg d is freaking funny

  • EDDIET G_09
    EDDIET G_09

    I put my shit in the blender. Cup if oats, banana, water, pb fit, and cinnamon

  • luis chavez
    luis chavez

    Been eating this for a month. Taste great and ive lost weight. Probably because im a fat f*ck haha Dont add oil to eggs...

  • Lujez

    Simeon: pours oil at the pan Greg: *visible disgust*

  • Scot Simon
    Scot Simon

    Wtf that voice is annoying my ears cracked after a minute 😬

  • M M
    M M

    Maybe he says have coffee after so it doesn’t suppress appetite

  • Amanuel

    Goddamn this guy is funny af

  • Ricky Rudisill
    Ricky Rudisill

    I run from the boogie man in my nightmares. Coach Greg runs from calories😱 Speaking of time, some of us don’t have time to Eat 5 times a day, so what’s wrong with 3 high calorie meals? That’s what I do and I’m still in a deficit sooooooo...🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Anthony NorCal
    Anthony NorCal

    His chest looks weird and I wouldn't want to look like that

  • Keith Durbin
    Keith Durbin

    Coach you almost made cry ,I am 68

    • Keith Durbin
      Keith Durbin

      To finish, Santa always come to my home 🏡😂😂

  • Keith Durbin
    Keith Durbin

    Lord he is a BEAST

  • Mike Brown
    Mike Brown

    Good save coach Santa is very real

  • askel douglas
    askel douglas

    Bull shit , listen ,I use to live in the bush in Jamaica ,and we would wake up in the morning and eat rost yam and we did not give a fuck we would eat what was there , if it owa me we eat on chicken or fish ,we just ear what we need . And I am still have my muscle at age 57 .💪😱🇬🇧🇺🇸🏋️‍♂️

  • Mike Mauser
    Mike Mauser

    The Winstrol takes care of the excess sugar and calories in his cooking... No problem.

  • Hurp Durp
    Hurp Durp

    Dude is so fucking wide up top it's kinda crazy.

  • Young’s Tv
    Young’s Tv

    The look on Greg’s face when he put that oil in the pan priceless 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Derrick M
    Derrick M

    “No sugar in this house doesn’t exist” 5 seconds later ...half a banana apple honey raisins lmfao wtf

  • jermain perez
    jermain perez

    When you run out of video ideas

  • Kegs

    i stil can't believe simeon is actually natty -- it has changed my life.

  • Daniela Andreea
    Daniela Andreea

    1. Oatmeal is not the best breakfast in the world! 2. 1/2 Apples and 1/2 Banana? WTF.... you're saving calories from fruit and splurging on PB and honey? LOL 3. Oatmeal does not keep me full longer, eggs keeps me longer but peanut butter oatmeal tastes amazing! 4. I give 20 min to breakfast cooking only in the weekend! 5. No matter how many ingredients I put in my oatmeal by lunch time I am starving. 6. I pour the oil in the pan and then throw it out once the pan is oiled...

  • Elias Yazigi
    Elias Yazigi

    my perception of his "need sugar" statement was that you need carbs, not necessarily sweets

  • Alexis Alonso
    Alexis Alonso

    According to homeboy everyone is the world is wrong except him lol Talk about being narcissistic

  • frankenfaq

    He looks natty here not gonna lie.. I think social media and gym lighting is confusing people

  • Nork

    I love you bruh BUT I have to turn down the volume and put on CC

  • Meyo


  • 305PROTEIN


  • Xavier Rivas
    Xavier Rivas

    LMAO! This dude keeps getting funnier and funnier

  • Gabriel Cazares
    Gabriel Cazares

    My go to is eggs, turkey bacon and oranges and banana.

  • Ms. Lovely Morena
    Ms. Lovely Morena

    I find oatmeal not worth it for my breakfast. To much calorie and it can't satisfy me. Banana is also pretty high calorie. I wanf to eat tons for my breakfast. But still learning the calories I can get to each food.

  • What in the Sam Hill
    What in the Sam Hill

    Coach Greg probably taught him how to eat lol

  • Adam El Massaoudi
    Adam El Massaoudi

    Whats your opinion about weightgainers protein powders?

  • king jaybruh
    king jaybruh

    Black dude with great genetics.....nothing new.

  • Jovel Williams
    Jovel Williams

    He is seriously basic as fuck.

  • Supa Fance
    Supa Fance

    quick oats with two scoops of protein

  • Takumi

    Simone Panda, David Laid, Mike O’hearn, Jon Skywalker are king of natties.

  • Robert Nicholas
    Robert Nicholas

    Fun trick blend or mush the banana up

  • Name of The Game
    Name of The Game

    My step bro got stomach ulcers as a result of years of drinking coffee on empty stomach. It's not magic, it's medical science. That being said, I drink about 6 cups of coffee every morning before figuring out what I want to eat XD

  • Patrick bennett`
    Patrick bennett`

    I would have never thought the oil calories would count, like what????? Its not many right???? guess it matters,,, dang

  • Victor Prokop
    Victor Prokop

    React to eric bugenhagens Easy 5000 calories a day video

  • Roberto caires
    Roberto caires

    Dude talks and doesn’t even engage the looking to the audience liar af

  • MrPtrlix

    Fun fact, in Turkish "breakfast" literally means "before coffee."

  • MrPtrlix

    20 minutes sounds pretty good if you include doing the dishes afterwards.

  • Christiaan Burger
    Christiaan Burger

    I love how these guys talk about nutrition like that's the reason why they look like they do

    • Nork

      It is one of the major factors

  • deveousdevil

    I never watched any of Simeon pandas videos. To me it was basically just an ad for nespresso coffee machines. The almond butter industry. And a mish mash of every generic stupid fitness guru breakfast video.

  • Dxddywey -
    Dxddywey -

    I drink a gallon of zero calorie sweet tea a day sometimes 2 gallons lmao

  • Dxddywey -
    Dxddywey -

    when people say low sugar when in fact it's suppose low added sugar lmfao

  • Dxddywey -
    Dxddywey -

    coffee can help digest the food faster. I think drinking coffee before breakfast can help digest food faster as well from the night before.

  • CapnSparky17

    "artificial sweeteners are not going to give you cancer - they're just going to help you get shredded" - put this on a t-shirt please!

  • K Nature
    K Nature

    Just bought a 2 pound bag of raisins after seeing the doctors reaction to raisins they now belong to the chickens.

  • Bro Scientist
    Bro Scientist

    What's up with all the duck egg references? Is there some fit guru claiming that's the answer to everything? I drink 10 to 20 cups of serious coffee daily...likely why I am a spas...

  • I Review Things
    I Review Things

    your body needs glucose. Your brain and RBCs cannot oxidize anything other than glucose. Even in keto, your body will still undergo small amounts of Gluconeogenesis in order to fuel certain types of cells that are glucose dependent. Even ketones get converted to You need sugar Greg. And yes you can add oats to lower your cholesterol, as the fiber, both soluble and insoluble fibers sequester cholesterol in the GI tract. It seems like youre nitpicking things that he said that are absolutely true, and then creating hypothetical situations where it would be false and getting mad about it... If he said "Fish will help you lose weight" and you said "EEEEEEEEHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH,... WEELLLLLL ACKSHUALLY Fish would help you lose weight if you were eating BURGERS, so youre 'technically' correct but you can still do _________________ "

  • non

    this video is crap! greg lost it in every aspect! he is nitpicking shits and turning it around to make some space for critics but it is obvious that yt algortitma is his main goal. simeon is very smart guy with superior physique and strenght compared with greg and it is consistent with his routine, including food. it is nonsensical to listen to greg when simeon is better in every aspect. and he is nice and calm guy, compared to this parrot. and this format is outdated and boring. so convenient for greg. this is vegan gains style videos. parasitic crap! make some own content man, sitting on couch and trolling is not cool and it is not adequate to your age. youtuber with over million subs should be able to create and offer more...


    Dont like his physique his pecs are under developed on the upper part. And over developed on the lover part. Making them look droopy.

  • SK gaming
    SK gaming

    Kids be like: I'm gonna unsubs greg

  • A

    wtf greg? it takes 5 minutes max to make oats and fruit

  • A

    4:58 you completely missed what he was saying. oats increase satiety which helps prevent snacking and so can help with weight loss.

  • Carvi8

    Greg you should link the original videos that you're talking about in your description...

  • billymahonyy

    4 cups of coffee a day? thats a bit much I would say

  • Smooth is Fast!
    Smooth is Fast!

    Love the Videos Greg! but........Oats are terrible for you due to the Gluten content in Oats. Gluten Destroys the lining wall of the small intestines and within time proper absorption of nutrients are merely suspended. Hence why most Americans have digestion issues, large stomach's, gout last but not least Diabetes. Oat's are the last thing you want to put in your body on a daily basis! Yes im a Certified Health Coach and have helped hundreds of clients with digestion issues/celiac disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, heart failure list goes on. All starts with the Gut and having a clean gut will help all stay off the meds and not be aka Mushrooms/Fungi.

  • Ahmed Rashwan
    Ahmed Rashwan

    Come on coach greg as a doctor I 100% percent agree with panda for this one especially in the oatmeal part...

  • Quan Loves Gaming
    Quan Loves Gaming

    Why does Simeon panda's chest look like that?

  • Cosmo Gamer
    Cosmo Gamer

    is simeon on creatine or not?

  • Joan Martín Srz
    Joan Martín Srz

    Coach u a fitness goat fr 🤝‼️

  • Jeff Wolfenson
    Jeff Wolfenson

    Chobani Complete is Lactose Free. I also drink high protein Lactose free milk. Fairlife.

  • Jacob Barrena
    Jacob Barrena

    hes my favorite 100% natural freak vegan crossfitter

  • Najib NEHAL
    Najib NEHAL

    Having a tub of ice cream while watching this.

  • Jay Haynes
    Jay Haynes

    It’s crazy all the people who put stuff on the internet and know nothing about said subject

  • happylarry

    Greg: "don't waste your life cooking" Me: jokes on you! I cook while I'm "working from home!"

  • Shane

    Greg most almond milk is approximately 1% fat at 2 grams per serving. How is this considered “high fat” like you said?

  • Shane

    If Simeon doesn’t pin, then I am Santa Clause..

  • Tom Vargas
    Tom Vargas

    thank you sir, good stuff, going to make my 30 french toasts now! :)

  • Ben Wilkinson
    Ben Wilkinson

    Haha 8grams of sugar in Honey. He just said he doesn't eat sugar. Think steroids have made most people's brain smaller

  • Chrisko Alalo
    Chrisko Alalo

    wtf this is a lame ass breakfast why even make a video about a bowl of oats and fruits

  • PlantainPapi

    Greg was super nit picky in here

  • Dantedijon1

    Coach greg vids are addicting to watch, i learned so much from him.

  • Mark Ryan
    Mark Ryan

    "Artificial sweeteners is not going to give you cancer, it's going to make you shredded". Noted!

  • Tyler McCollum
    Tyler McCollum

    I just about fell out of my bed laughing when Panda said almond milk has the same nutritional value as regular milk. What the hell, man?!

    • Tyler McCollum
      Tyler McCollum

      @Drake Lai almost, man. The stats aren't even close!!!

    • Drake Lai
      Drake Lai

      🤣 u fell out?

  • millenialskillmayo

    My go to breakfast is breakfast burritos cause they are easy to make in bulk and can last a long time if you freeze them. 1 trip to Costco= breakfast for a month.

  • Plato Genova
    Plato Genova

    Are you scraping around for content?

  • Joshua Martin
    Joshua Martin

    Wait Greg.. who grabs 3 pop tarts !? If you do anything besides grabbing them in 2s , you are psychotic

  • Jason Johnson
    Jason Johnson

    Coach Greg: " I call out the BS!" Also Coach Greg: "Santa's real!"

  • Hugh W
    Hugh W

    My almonds milk i use is very low in calories

  • Ryan Ireland
    Ryan Ireland

    Hey Coach or anybody reading this. Does anybody have any knowledge on what a low or normal test level should be in Canadian terms nmol/l please and thanks

  • Red Ram 345
    Red Ram 345

    I mean, I drink coffee and it kills my appetite, so I have it after food too...

  • Ezzo Katkhuda
    Ezzo Katkhuda

    With all my rsepect, this is incorrect. Oats are way superior than veggies because they fill me up for a long time. Where as veggies are like water, after eating them for one hour I become hungry again.

  • Matt Mcgarvin
    Matt Mcgarvin

    i put a scoop of my ice cream sandwich protein in with my brown sugar cinnamon oatmeal.. yeah it sounds disgusting but it's delicious.

  • Dinass

    You lost me when you said that oatmeal has SOME fiber and VERY LOW amount of protein 🤦🏼‍♂️. Love your vids but this claim didn’t make sense.

  • First Last
    First Last

    Kellogg’s company, manufacturer of breakfast foods, came up with the “breakfast is the most important food of the day” slogan as marketing propaganda to sell their products.

  • Kyle uses his brain
    Kyle uses his brain

    Non-stick spray actually ruins your pans...if you use a tiny bit and rub it around with a paper towel you'll barely use any and get the same effect!

  • lightofmylife1

    Animal protein has been shown the cause cancer based on the findings of the China Study. According to the 417 page book, a plant based diet has been shown to not only REVERSE heart disease in 18 patients, but prevents diabetis, various types of cancer, opens up clogged arteries, promotes weight loss, increases physical energy, researchers found that casein, found in milk can actually turn off and turn off cancer cells. Dairy is the WORST food you can possibly put in your body.

  • George Flores
    George Flores

    Your body absolutely needs glucose

  • The VatoPro
    The VatoPro

    Dang, you destroyed that young feller there, and I hope you’re happy. 😂😂😂😂

  • Christof T.
    Christof T.

    Com‘on, you can eat whole eggs, and a little olive oil is also allowed! Yes and even if you wanna be in a caloric deficit. Some healthy fats are great! A diet with too little fats is also not healthy...

  • Moose92411

    I eat oats for breakfast every morning. 1c oats, minced ginger root, protein powder, 1c fresh fruit mixed in, then 1//2c pumpkin, some ready whip, and cinnamon on top. 500 calories, 30g protein, and I’m good to go for hours.



  • stevo1354

    I have a 500 calorie breakfast consisting of porridge, egg whites, protein powder and banana as a topping and it never gets boring xD

  • Abdelhak winston
    Abdelhak winston

    lol i saw simon upload video about food and waited for ur video

  • Itchy Ballsack
    Itchy Ballsack

    7 minutes to make my porridge and throw a load of fruit in it. Job done. No special sauce either...🤣