UFC || Uriah HALL vs Chris WEIDMAN || Shocking Leg Injury!
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  • YYG 1998
    YYG 1998

    It was a compound fracture

  • Brent Marshall
    Brent Marshall

    It was a compound fracture

  • Ciro Piccolo
    Ciro Piccolo

    *Coff coff* Anderson Silva *coff coff*

  • neil g
    neil g

    Like silva does 🤔🤔

  • PifchoBG

    aaaaaaaaaaaaa nooooooooooooo

  • M Shipp
    M Shipp

    " grosser than last time" made me crack up! Omg!😂😂

  • Ryan

    Jesus Greg you are uploading like every 6 hours! I can't keep up! Please don't burn out

  • Dd Dd
    Dd Dd

    Dont you know the video of a power-lifter squatting down and ripping of both of his quadricepses ? THAT was the worst injury that you have ever seen haha, look that vid up!

  • IMightBeWrong

    “He’ll never be the same.” You’re probably right. Same happened to Anderson and pretty much marked the end of his best days. Anderson is still a stud, though.

  • Turk McGirt
    Turk McGirt

    He need to go train in thailand. They kick trees there

  • Myles Phillips
    Myles Phillips

    Lol why Greg look like a cartoon character from the early 90's.😂

  • Ryan Ireland
    Ryan Ireland

    Hey Coach or anybody reading this. Does anybody have any knowledge on what a low or normal test level should be in Canadian terms nmol/l please and thanks

  • Black Shikamaru
    Black Shikamaru

    Yessir cornmeal dumpling did it work

  • Jorik

    People screaming over how gruesome it looked like and here I am imagining the sheer incredible pain that must've went through this guy, that's way more terrifying imo

    • AbsoluteUnit1337

      Well probably not that much, being in shock, adrenaline and all. I bet the day after it’s gonna be worse

  • A-Terrible-Fate

    Have as many people in your house as you want.

  • Liker Basher
    Liker Basher

    Silva will be cringe

  • Lars Miles
    Lars Miles

    I mean, I hope he recovers, but maybe he shouldn't have celebrated and gloated when it happened to Silva. I have so much respect for Hall after that post-fight interview.

  • flow repins666
    flow repins666

    i think his leg broken. not a doctor

  • Cainedbutable

    Grosser than last time 😅

  • Brad Klein
    Brad Klein

    Haha thanks man

  • Anthony Fennell
    Anthony Fennell

    Literally exactly what happened to anderson silva a few years back

  • Matteo Dalessio
    Matteo Dalessio

    The skin ripped how did u not see that lmao

  • groinnoise

    The shins is more important than the bicep!

  • Blankface

    Seen/heard an orbital breaking once, was soo loud, 70-100 feet away and it still sounded like a 2x4 was snapped beside me - was hilarious too, some guy was trying to get this guy to fight em, guy was bigger but still didn't want to fight (could tell wasn't the type to fight ever) each punch thrown at em he ducked and went almost fetal, last time he decided to throw a chuck Liddell style overhand as he turtled up and it just straight connected.. buddy's face was instantly fucked lmao.. had to get surgery and all - lesson is, just cause someone looks like a pussy and is scared of getting hit, doesn't mean they can't and won't break your face if you keep pushing em. An instant Karma type moment. Sadly before the days of everyone recording everything. Woulda went viral overnight

  • flow repins666
    flow repins666

    is the referee whichcradt he was referinf andersons fight

  • Darius Vega
    Darius Vega

    He checked the kick with his knee not his shin. You drop your center of gravity, point your knee toward the kick & you normally have a rear hand counter from there. Uriah did it in a karate stance, checking the kick Kyushunkai style... Weidman telegraphed it, he didn't throw the kick above or below the knee, he aimed for the back of Hall's knee & got caught. This happens a lot in Muay Thai but you don't see it as much in MMA. It's such a shitty injury! Just having a kick land wrong on the shin & charlie horse can give you a limp for a week or two... The pain had to be awful 😔 Thankfully it wasn't compounded & he can start walking in 8 weeks. Best of luck Chris Weidman, you're a true warrior!

  • a_zur_

    I already ad a femur fractur and that s**t hurttt 🔥

  • big shlong
    big shlong


  • Jesper J
    Jesper J

    Playing football my kneecap snapped and only noticed it when i was gonna stand up again and that did not work out. But this is another level holy fk

  • Sunny P
    Sunny P

    All the best to Weidman! Awful injury very unlucky. Injured harder than last time 🙁


    Weidmans leg did not break due to bone on bone contact, that bone that he broke is incredibly weak, what happened was that uriah hall properly checked the kick which means that he turns his leg slightly to turn out his calf muscle, the calf muscle is incredibly hard and when turned correctly and "drive it in" as hall said, it can lead to bone breaking.

  • Ruud Baaij
    Ruud Baaij

    I literally had this injury end off 2019, in the beginning it’s really bad but after a year my leg is honestly stronger than back then. I think he’ll be alright😊

  • Adam Smith
    Adam Smith

    Did he call Dana white joe rogan?

  • BodyBuilding League
    BodyBuilding League

    I watched this at my gym, UFC I'm HB, was intense to watch while benching! More intense than the last time ⏲️ 😳

  • felixG83

    Greg, you can see the skin tear at 3:54 in this video. If it's not flesh there's something on his shin right after the kick.

  • Narrahd

    Having your kicks checked is always a risk.... but I can't imagine this actually happening... from now on no more kicks below the knee 🤢

  • peter Veckmen
    peter Veckmen

    Coach Greg is a casual lmao

  • Lucky Larry
    Lucky Larry

    He will fight again, Anderson was older when it happened to him plus Chris doesn't usually throw leg kicks so he really doesn't have to use them ever again.

  • Lucky Larry
    Lucky Larry

    No UFC 199 was the greatest card of all time, I was there. Look it up and be jealous lol.

  • kin

    U watch a lot of ufc cards, and this was the best?


    the injury you described from volleyball ball. actually happened to me in high school. it was terrible. lmao


    hands down the BEST CARD lol. no 😴 and so fucking fast 1230 done.😩

  • TekConsultant

    Imagine having to say "we only had 5 people in the house". My poor friends to the north...

  • McKaRm3L

    Great card 🔥

  • arm ZILLA
    arm ZILLA

    he needs to kick palm trees like JVC did in the movie Kickboxer

  • filabila

    I cant even watch 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  • Gla3dr11

    It's just crazy to me that the guy who fought Silva when Silva broke his leg the exact same way, just had it happen to him in the same way. It's not like this is a common occurence.

  • John Jacob Lapidez
    John Jacob Lapidez

    Hard Check by Uriah.

  • Bamxz

    I'm glad someone else said this! I've watched a lot of ufc cards, and man this night was (I dont like this word) electrifying, best night of fights.

  • Ruan de Lange
    Ruan de Lange

    More mma content coach

  • Toecutter

    Steroids cause bone loss and can lead to broken bones.

  • MrFuchew

    I wanna know what coach Greg thinks about the 5-20 pound of toxic poop in your body at any given moments. zoo poo

  • Patrol Officer Pena TV
    Patrol Officer Pena TV

    Full i am starting to going to a MMA gym

  • dennis craig
    dennis craig

    He probly should have bought your cookbook.

  • dennis craig
    dennis craig

    O god ouchhhhhhh!!!!!

  • Ronny Morel
    Ronny Morel

    Imagine Hall steps up to a fight years later and hears an unknown voice say “break a leg”...

  • Mr ManjuMac
    Mr ManjuMac

    Glad to see that Coach Greg is an mma fan! Awesome

  • JM Vybz Ent
    JM Vybz Ent

    Big up di Jamaican 🇯🇲🔥🔥💯

  • jason vorhees
    jason vorhees

    How to prevent this ? Drink milk and take calcium ?

  • Typical Meco
    Typical Meco

    He might actually return because the crazy part is when it happened to silva they said that he would be back in less than a month

  • Isha

    Omg 😳 so disturbed after watching this. I had to look away.. poor guy

  • Kody Morrell
    Kody Morrell

    Reminds me of Kevin Ware

  • Luke Jerace
    Luke Jerace

    Same thing happened to me on my motorcycle when I lost control on some leaves. Mine was on the ankle though. 6 months later and I am back into the swing of things.

  • davi_waviixx *
    davi_waviixx *

    Damn jamaicans are tough!

  • Victor G
    Victor G

    That shouldn’t happen he doesn’t condition his legs enough ...

  • K Brooks
    K Brooks

    How are certain martial artist “we have all seen the videos” able to kick metal rods and bamboo trees etc and not snap their leg in two? Is it just the fact that certain people have better bone density?

  • Gunshow

    Coach Greg looking like he hasn't slept for 4 weeks

  • Gila Guy
    Gila Guy

    Definitely was a tib/fib fracture, I have been a nurse for 30 years and floppy limbs still bother me to look at 😂

  • 7moodikiller xx
    7moodikiller xx

    Please more ufc videos gregory

  • Scott Sachau Fitness
    Scott Sachau Fitness

    Never missed a UFC and this was one of the best ones ever!

  • oppermanfitness

    Absolutely horrible accident. What a freak accident.

  • Goku tv
    Goku tv

    Indian TV censored that hole moment

  • Greg Young
    Greg Young

    Weidman reallt dealt it and took it years later sheeeesh

  • Alex Pozos
    Alex Pozos

    He’s gonna come back lol he’s a wrestler not a natural kickboxer

  • Vincent

    Chris Weidman? You mean Josh Brolin.

  • Michal Fornalczyk
    Michal Fornalczyk

    You didnt fall asleep because there was no time ..xd

  • Soul Purpose Gaming
    Soul Purpose Gaming

    So glad I live in Florida. Covid fear has been over for like a year for us.

  • D

    That's why you don't kick people in the legs. A real martial artist knows how to brace for a leg kick. Uriah Hall is the real deal. Leg kick are like face slaps. Ineffective.

  • Kamil Dziedzic
    Kamil Dziedzic

    It is so fucking simple, that you should only be allowed to hit with PROTECTED body part. Really it doesent hurt to wear protection gear on your shin. Why people are such savages they crave to see something like this?!

  • Daan van Rijn
    Daan van Rijn

    2:06 Kinda sad when you have to justify social gatherings with friends. Guys, I know there are people out there who are more vunerable to a virus like this, but is that a reason to throw everyone's social lives, and their mental health with it, out of the window? I think not. It is impossible to be responsible for someone else's health, because it requires complete control over their lives. Obviously you shouldn't purposely endanger others, but you should feel NO GUILT over meeting your friends. Stay happy ❤

  • bluemamba964

    Its crazy because I saw this live with earphones , while I was eating pizza at a restaurant, I hope Chris will be okay. Prayers to him!!

  • Rozrywka Po Pracy
    Rozrywka Po Pracy

    write the ufc number in the title so that I know which one you are talking about

  • Konrad W.
    Konrad W.

    Didn't even know you were a fight fan! Always more likable than last time coach 🥇🥊


    UFC261 was so crazy 😕😕😕🤭🤭 2 broken legs and 2 knockouts lmao 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • peter hale
    peter hale

    This remind of Undisputed when Boyka enemy broke his leg

  • G vibes
    G vibes

    Dont forget doing a legs day

  • Phuc Yutoob
    Phuc Yutoob

    Steroid use weakens the bones.

  • General Specific
    General Specific

    Reminds me of that Scott Atkins movie scene when he fights that crazy tall dude, and the tall dude snaps his leg almost identically to this.

  • Jay M95
    Jay M95

    “es normal” - Silva

  • Tilde Aqium
    Tilde Aqium

    Don't throw low kicks if you don't train to throw low kicks I guess. Stuff of nightmares. Gotta figure out how to condition my shins so it doesn't happen to me

  • Charles Lane
    Charles Lane


  • Tilde Aqium
    Tilde Aqium


  • Sergio Otero
    Sergio Otero

    Canada is lost. 5 ppl per house? Arresting fathers for not calling their sons "girls? "

  • Ryan


  • Matthew Matthew
    Matthew Matthew

    Bro you can get arrested in Canada for having a small get together. Wtf happened to your country?

  • Sara at PPKdotPT
    Sara at PPKdotPT

    I really hope he's going to get better and learn to live with the sequels. I couldn't stop thinking that there are people who suffer worst accidents and don't have his physical preparation so I'm pretty convinced he's going to at least stay stronger in his mind to face the problem. I hope everything will be fine! PPK Insta: pikpakpokcom

  • Mrs. Jackson
    Mrs. Jackson

    An obvious warning * look away if you’re squeamish...me, definitely squeamish and watches said injury 🤢

  • DomPolidori

    **look away if you’re squeamish** Me knowing damn well i’m squeamish: 👁👁

  • Elkin Saravia
    Elkin Saravia

    More mma videos

  • jorgejribarra

    Like elon musk said, often the most ironic outcome is the most likely, like what are the chances that this actually happens to weidman of all people.