Thank YOU! Sister Christine Cancer Updates
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  • Cynthia Estrada
    Cynthia Estrada

    Wishing you a speedy recovery 🙏🏼. My husband got diagnosed with cancer a few days before he planned to propose to me. The diagnosis and being together during his surgery and chemo only strengthened our relationship. 18 years later and our marriage is still going strong and he’s remained cancer free. I wish you the best 🙏🏼


    Praying for you, hope you feel better, and everything works out, god bless you. My dad has been in and out of the hospital, and none of us even my mother can visit him, or be by his side.

  • WhereIsTheBeach

    Sending best wishes and prayers to you Christine and the Doucette family! My mother has survived stage 2 colorectal cancer and my best friend of over 30 years has stage four metastatic breast cancer. I know the hardships to come but you got this! We are all in your corner!! ❤️❤️

  • Evi B
    Evi B

    Hey, sister C! I hope you are doing well and keep fighting strong! Your story has had a profound impact on me. 3 weeks ago I lost my favorite cousin to suicide. Watching your battle is a great encourangement to me, to keep my moral high. I wish my cousin was still alive and could watch your video. I think it would have made a difference. The way you deal with this enormous challenge is such an inspiration! I wish you the most optimal results with your treatment, from the bottom of my heart! You are definetly in my prayers! Heaps of love from Greece!

    • Evi B
      Evi B

      Also, I cant believe how pretty you look, even going through this major hardship! Most important, you seem to have a beautiful soul!

  • Bernadine Davison
    Bernadine Davison

    My sister had inoperable stage 4 brain cancer. I'm sending my best to all and pray her chemo treatments work.. Hugs to all!

  • John Hughes
    John Hughes

    Sending positive thoughts from Australia 🇦🇺 ⭕️💪

  • Mark Siniard
    Mark Siniard

    May God bless you, as well as your family!

  • Carmen Esqalo
    Carmen Esqalo

    Wow. She explained her story so well and detailed. Shocking how doctors dismiss things sometimes esp if you already have a chronic illness. Praying for her short and long term health 🙏

    • Carmen Esqalo
      Carmen Esqalo

      Also, Greg this can run in families. Please keep up with routine testing.🏃🏽‍♀️

  • Athanasius

    Cancer = pain. Will be praying for people suffering with cancer today... Edit: Like Christine, I am also a nurse. I admire her for being so strong.

  • Eléonore de Villenfagne de Vogelsanck
    Eléonore de Villenfagne de Vogelsanck

    She's so brave, I'm really amazed by her courage and I'll pray for her

  • Joshua Lunceford
    Joshua Lunceford

    Been watching your channel for a year now, you’ve changed my life! Not only with the cookbook but getting me into going to the gym. I wish the very best for your sister and pray for her. God bless you and your family! 🙏🙏

  • Ricky Kumar
    Ricky Kumar

    Greg look at rife machine. Spooky2

  • r g
    r g

    is the rumor true that "Night Ranger"'s famous ballad "Sister Christian" is actually based on Coach Greg's Sister Christine?

  • Lynette Ship
    Lynette Ship

    I watched your other video with Christine and loved her from the go. I’m praying for you!

  • Mail Mac
    Mail Mac

    Get well soon sister Christine!

  • James Cipollone
    James Cipollone

    All the best to your sister Christine. She has a fight on her hands but with a supportive wife and a brother like you she has more than a fighting chance to beat this...Damn the torpedoes! Full speed ahead!

  • Yunshin Huang
    Yunshin Huang

    Pray for Christine!!!!!!!

  • Yunshin Huang
    Yunshin Huang

    Love the way Coach look at his sister when she's talking.

  • Meg K OBrien
    Meg K OBrien

    A so happy you did an update about your sister. I have been thinking about her and hoped she was doing well. Prayers and positive vibes!

  • Ghetto Hey
    Ghetto Hey

    Prayers for Christine and your Family. Stay Strong, Stay Positive and Fight and dont ever give up. BeatTheBigC.

  • J M
    J M


  • Ilthuryn El
    Ilthuryn El

    Blessings and my best wishes that everything will work out and you will recover fully.

  • Annie D
    Annie D

    Good on your Sis. I went from training 6 days a week, to NOTHING for a year, no gym for 2 years. Under active thyroid. I was so MISERABLE desperate to train. Sleeping for 16-20 hours a day at my worst. Now EVERY day is a blessing 😁😁😁 I wish her a full recovery

  • KL

    Lots of hug & prayers sent your way Christina. 🙏 My husband had a similar situation with low hemoglobin. It ended up being multiple myeloma. He went through 6 rounds of chemotherapy & a stem cell transplant in 2020. It’s also incurable. He’s now on maintenance chemotherapy. Hanging in there with a great attitude just like you have!! 🙏❤️

  • Indrani Das
    Indrani Das

    This is heavy stuff to deal with. I'm thinking about you, Christine, and your family, hoping you'll remember at 4 am that we all really care about you and are praying for your health.

  • Wesley Porter
    Wesley Porter

    Thank god you don’t have MS. My dad has had it for 21 years and it has ruined his quality of life. Can’t do anything involving moving for more then 2 minutes before his body just shuts down. Colds are like Flu’s. Medicine gave him skin cancer

  • Suzanne Humes
    Suzanne Humes

    Healing thoughts sent to you Christine. Your positivity is inspiring. Wishing you the best. I'm sure having Greg in your corner is a blessing. Congratulations on your marriage! Hugs to you all!

  • Nehll Kaizen
    Nehll Kaizen

    I wish I could get better health care where I live. Alberta Health Services sucks hard core. Im glad to hear she was actually listened to at all. Myself, my Mom and my friend get told there is nothing wrong with us when we have gone in for pretty much everything and get sent home. And that is with very little to no testing.

  • Traceygail Hulak
    Traceygail Hulak


  • paul smith
    paul smith

    You carry on fighting girl. Much love from the UK 🤘

  • Logan Faraday
    Logan Faraday

    You can tell it really affects Greg, I don’t know Greg or his sister at all but I hope Christine can make it through all of this.

  • looney1571

    🤗 hugs

  • Hector Montano
    Hector Montano

    Wow 😣😣 so sorry you are going through that. Stay strong you will get through this sister Christine 💪 sending my prayers 🙏🙏

  • Mary Gets Fit
    Mary Gets Fit

    Sending love to Christine!I just discovered three days ago that a loved one have cancer. Listen to Christine actually gave me hope and filled me up with positivity.

  • Rebecca Muñiz
    Rebecca Muñiz

    So the colon cancer was making her hemoglobin was low, how is that, is it because blood would come out when you poop?

  • Rebecca Muñiz
    Rebecca Muñiz

    Why was her hemoglobin was low?

  • Josh Long
    Josh Long



    I’m praying for the chemo to kick cancers ass.

  • ForeverFitGrl

    She is such a beautiful soul and from what I can tell, very resilient! Christine, you are in my thoughts and prayers girl. Keep fighting ❤️

  • Janet Stear
    Janet Stear

    Christina is a gorgeous person inside and out... thank you for your transparency my friend! This Florida gal has your back...keep your chin up and know that you are LOVED worldwide!

  • Tonya Leddy
    Tonya Leddy

    This video is precious!! Seeing so much support for your sister is amazing. Thanks for posting this. Prayers are sent!!

  • big shlong
    big shlong


  • Johnny Ryerson
    Johnny Ryerson

    Wishing you a full recovery.

  • BurJacked Chronicles
    BurJacked Chronicles

    Thinking of you Christine 💞 I wish we could take the pain away. You’re such a strong person, and I’m rooting for you! So upset COV doesn’t allow loved ones to be by your side during scary things like this. Just know you are loved and so many people are rooting for you ♥️⭕️♥️⭕️

  • AReal CoolGuy
    AReal CoolGuy

    Get well soon ❤

  • Rogelio Alonso
    Rogelio Alonso

    Wish you the best and hope you can beat this! Stay strong! Sending love and prayers from Texas 🙏🏼

  • Mark Cummings
    Mark Cummings

    Respect to Christine, at day 3 since posting to the 27 people who disliked the video take a fucking long hard look at yourselves

  • izzysmart

    My girlfriend had breast cancer stage 3, she doing ok now, use holistic along side pharma. Bless you Christine, try and keep positive, sending love and positive vibes 🥰

  • Darren Jackson
    Darren Jackson

    OMFG.....I can only send you all my best wishes and hope that all goes well with everything you guys have to do going forward.. I find all the positivity quite inspiring!! 💜 and best wishes to you all!! All ⭕ together!!!

  • Manny Nave
    Manny Nave

    Wishing for the best for Sister Christine! Looking forward and be healthier than last time!!

  • Malin

    Sending you all the love and support Christine! ❤🌻

  • Lillith Sternin
    Lillith Sternin

    Sending all the positive fighting vibes to sister Christine. I will pray for her harder than last time. 💞💕 Girl...stay positive 💙💚Praying for the Doucette family as well💜💛

  • Klaus

    Best wishes for your sister and you, Coach.

  • Casey Wassenaar
    Casey Wassenaar

    Or what about Keto?

  • Casey Wassenaar
    Casey Wassenaar

    Month long water only fast...? Crazier things have happened.

  • bob star
    bob star

    God bless your sister and your family bro. Sending love and positivity to your sister🙏🇬🇧🇨🇦

  • Pi

    Take this fkin like and take this fkin sub. Good look Christine! You're amazing!

  • Santiago Salinas Navia
    Santiago Salinas Navia

    I wish Christine the best of the best. You and Greg are remarkable people and deserve well. Hope you get good news ASAP ⭕️

  • M D
    M D

    To the people that disliked this video, I don’t like you.

  • Kidney Stone Diet with Jill Harris
    Kidney Stone Diet with Jill Harris

    day by day, sister. You got this.

  • MrFuchew

    I wanna know what coach Greg thinks about the 5-20 pound of toxic poop in your body at any given moments. zoo poo

  • AndreBX Pritchard
    AndreBX Pritchard

    Stay strong 💪🏼 people do care x

  • Flavius Nucea
    Flavius Nucea

    Get well sis!! You are a fighter!! No doubt about it! Keep safe, feel the love from familly and friends and most important: hopes high! 💪🤗

  • No Big Diehl y’all
    No Big Diehl y’all

    I’m so sorry. This is devastating.

  • Jugg Dekaprio
    Jugg Dekaprio

    Sister Christine Get well soon Babe 🙏🏿

  • Shelley Mac
    Shelley Mac

    ♥️Wishing you all the best Christine! You are loved by all of us ⭕️’s here! ♥️

  • Sunny P
    Sunny P

    Wishing you all the best sister Doucette

  • Amanda McKay
    Amanda McKay

    I am an ostomy nurse specialist! Sending good vibes and healing to christine. Wishing you the best ❤ you can reach out if you have issues or questions!

  • ProjectCoop

    That's real love .. anyone can take care of you while you're in a vulnerable state that's the person you need in your life. Not the person that comes around in a time of comfort. The person that's comes around in a time of difficulty and uncomfort and is a healer, a lover and definitely was born to take care others. Those are the ppl I'll take a bullet for. I'll literally die for people that was born with that gift.

  • Meek Davis
    Meek Davis

    Prayers to Sister Christine 🙏

  • BIG_KevinC

    Thoughts and prayers with u and family Greg , wishing ur sister the best

    • BIG_KevinC

      My dad had his kidney removed 2 years ago then just had cancer removed from his lung in Halifax on the 16 th then we get a call the following wednesday that it was secondary we will not know any more till May 8 th , I dont know what is worst the not knowing what is going on or finding out its the worst possible news , really do wish ur sister the best and hope she can beat this

  • CindyGilmore

    I wanted to also share there is a facebook group for Colorectal Cancer patients/caregivers called Colontown that has a LOT of resources available, including clinical trials and other patients who are going through it. It's really helpful!!

  • TinieMassive

    Bless you Christine, stay strong, your amazing ❤️

  • CindyGilmore

    Praying for you Christine! I'm also going through CRC treatment, and just praying so hard for you to be cured! My friend was stage 4 CRC and less than 5% chance of survival, and she is now 7 years in remission. Praying so hard!

  • T&A Fitness
    T&A Fitness

    God bless you, Sister Christine! May God take away your pain and bless you with a long, happy, and healthy life. Praying for you and your family!

  • WithWingsLike TheNumber9
    WithWingsLike TheNumber9

    Water fasting! Theres a clinic in Ontario a woman was told she had 60 days so she decided to try fasting she recovered fully and they turned their bed and breakfast into a water fasting clinic!

  • 10110001

    So much love for sister Christine, her wife and the rest of the Doucette family.

  • Buck Allison
    Buck Allison

    Circle sister Christine keep get better than last time.

  • Mystic Genetics EDU
    Mystic Genetics EDU

    Hope for the best!🙏🏾

  • The mad mechanic
    The mad mechanic

    Thank you Christine, my problems aren’t so bad, quite trivial, I’ll continue to be the best I can be

  • David Wilson
    David Wilson

    I hope you heal well and quickly Christine!

  • Cystic Fibrosis Fit
    Cystic Fibrosis Fit


  • S q u a d z Z z t t
    S q u a d z Z z t t

    Getwellsoon sister Christine your brother coach Greg really helps a lot of people dealing with their health problems,wish everybody can keep healthy.hope his good deeds flows into you thank you so much

  • CatCrazyGirl

    Christine ❤️ congratulations on your marriage. Also 🙏❤️ prayers and hugs from Kentucky.

  • twisted 999
    twisted 999

    Wishing Sister Christine, her lovely wife, and the whole Doucette family the best of luck and a lot of strength to get through these tough moments. Christine and her positivity are admirable and we should all learn from her way of seeing the good things in life despite so many things looking dark. I love you guys!

  • Dani Claudi van Zyl
    Dani Claudi van Zyl

    Sending love and light Christine and Greg ❤️💙

  • BalloonyManWitch

    Woah. That is terrible. So sorry for you having to go through this. I hope you will recover faster than last time.

  • Jérôme Lang
    Jérôme Lang

    damn thats brutal...

  • Prophet Edwards
    Prophet Edwards

    Sounds like that great Canadian healthcare

  • Freddy GV
    Freddy GV

    Greg’s got the best ⭕️’s in the world! We support Christine’s journey! Stay positive girl! 🙂

  • Julie Smith
    Julie Smith

    What a brave lady you are Christine to open up and be so honest. Love light and happiness to you and your family. Thank you guys🙏 ❤️❤️❤️🍀🇮🇪😻

  • Brandi *click* Bear!
    Brandi *click* Bear!

    The people that go to the beach and are upset that Christine has a colostomy bag are the people that don't deserve her attention. Anybody mad that she has a medical device as people who have opinions that don't matter.

  • postsomethingeh

    Praying for you Christine! May Christ heal that cancer and give you a long and healthy life!

  • Niko Nikov
    Niko Nikov

    What for a human give disslike on this video ? Wtf !

  • Wes s
    Wes s

    It’s amazing that she is so positive while having terminal cancer. Greg should set up a Go Fund Me so that she can go on her dream vacation or whatever she wants.

  • Jenna Fisher
    Jenna Fisher

    Christine, I've had my colon removed as (not for cancer) and have a bag as well. I'm thinking of you and your family

  • Patrick Towey
    Patrick Towey

    PS now I know who in the family got the good hair genes :)

  • Justin Lewis
    Justin Lewis

    Prayers for christine

  • Rennzith

    This was emotional for me to watch. My sister is my best friend, the person I love the most in this world. I’d be so heartbroken if she ever got sick. I’m happy to see Christine is feeling the love, and has the support of a brother like Greg.

  • Rennzith

    When you’re healthy, you don’t realize how much you have. As I’ve gotten older, and my health hasn’t been so great lately, it’s made me realize how true the saying “health is wealth” is. Some things you can control, others you can’t. Live your best, healthiest life, express your love to those you care about.