Sucking up to Jeff Nippard
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  • april bagwell
    april bagwell

    This guy sounds either like he is a total moron or hes thinking that his followers are! In the 1st 2 or 3 clips of him talking is already lied at least twice! Hes doing it to get your attention so you could talk about him so he can get followers.

  • piazzaboy

    Interesting how I was skinny-fat, bloated, and suffering from poor digestion when I was a brainwashed vegan, but healed my gut issues and got really skinny following Doucette’s advice.

  • Unity RothHaas
    Unity RothHaas

    I have found DurianRider weird long time ago and the only reason I knew about him was because he was with Freelee the banana. I don’t really find Durian’s channel that interesting. On another note, Ally carries herself way much better that Durian’s GF, not at the same level to compare. I don’t find sexualizing his GF so much is a way of showing respect to a partner 🙈

  • Ivan Jdrakov
    Ivan Jdrakov

    This is my new favorite channel for sure! Lol...

  • Ivan Jdrakov
    Ivan Jdrakov

    Coach Greg bro, seriously.. Why do you have a girls voice? Was you a girl before and undergoing sex change!? I just don't get why you sound like a girl... New subscriber here, I don't mean to be mean... Just seriously asking... Sweet 😁🇧🇬🛸🙂


    I think it's hilarious how, in most of your natural pics, you look slightly bigger when you hop on gear (not the case at 6:53). Few friends of mine made more progress in just a few months when they started juicing than they did training YEARS natty.

  • Samuel Gonzalez
    Samuel Gonzalez

    I just looked up his channel and each video about coach he has more thumbs down than up lol gotta love it.

  • Brendon Hampton
    Brendon Hampton

    that guy makes me think of the episode South Park where they all drive around in Prius' and sniff their own asses or whatever.

  • Chase Martin
    Chase Martin

    He obviously knows he's saying wrong information, he just wants clout.

  • Jordan Worley
    Jordan Worley

    So basically what we learned here is the best way to get a shoutout from a big channel is make a 10 minute video lying about Doctor Greg.

  • Tony Hancock
    Tony Hancock

    hey duran on yer bike pal you chatting shit. fyi im an expert at not putting on shite weight in the first place,

  • S54

    What does this guy know about muscle; he looks like a #2 Pencil and what’s with the Police hat ....I think he just a little Jealous of your Million plus subs

  • Shaun Reed
    Shaun Reed

    Your always up front and gives respect where it is due. F*** that guy. Keep up the good work Bro!

  • Arthur Mabee Jr
    Arthur Mabee Jr

    It makes no difference what I want to hear, I just want the truth! I think Coach Greg has been more honesty, and realistic than this Rider person. I eat lots of foods that are lower in calories, I'm not jacked! However, over the long haul for years, I eat what I need without cutting anything out,......Well, ok I don't eat pasta and pizza or junk foods. I eat for longevity, so I can still train 6 days a week, so I don't bulk, in fact I cut some not needed calories off my diet, still build some muscle. I'm 59 years old, and thought I heard it all??!! I eat a diet that my body can sustain for long term, without binge eating, what's wrong with that??? The Coach Greg I have watched for quite sometime is not lying, Derek is another one that helps people, I don't care how much someone earns, it's about really being honest!

  • Putives

    you know Greg is steaming when he sweats while speaking :')

  • Mairzy Doats
    Mairzy Doats

    DR is the nuttiest fruitcake on this planet.

  • jeffrey dijkstra
    jeffrey dijkstra

    What is the black spot on his bicep? 🤯

  • titzmageex

    Greg, he’s clearly trolling you and using your name, trying to trigger you to get views off you. Stop replying to him.

  • LFC91

    Can’t watch this guy anymore

  • Pat Mehan
    Pat Mehan

    He doesnt look healthy. Must be the epo ;)

  • shay **
    shay **

    This guy sounds just like Gilbert Gottfried. 2 minutes in and my ears are bleeding.

  • Jorge Caballero Castillo
    Jorge Caballero Castillo

    High quality content.

  • Gabi Lauben
    Gabi Lauben

    @durianrider must have been trolling. Did he even look at coach Greg’s channel?

  • Natural Disaster
    Natural Disaster

    What an idoit😂😂. Does he not watch greg

  • ItsPyron

    Sounds like he's describing bizarro world Coach Greg

  • medico kannadiga
    medico kannadiga

    honestly speaking , I literally stopped wat watching all other fitness channels ( including athlene x) the day I watched coach's video for the first time

  • Anthony Moreno
    Anthony Moreno

    "More Dates More Plates," he pulled the ol' Palumbo on 'em.

  • Kris Sensat
    Kris Sensat

    This guy greg is making the video about is an idiot

  • Traceygail Hulak
    Traceygail Hulak

    Us Aussies try to forget him....

  • Nehll Kaizen
    Nehll Kaizen

    Ignore what Durian Rider says. He seems be just like f-ing with people’s heads and saying whatever he wants whatever is true. He started a cult as well.

  • ldoubleg2006

    That vegan twig looking guy is what we call a hater.

  • Krane

    Don't take DR too seriously. Pushing people's buttons is what he does. That's his stick. Take it as a compliment.

  • kansastour

    wow unreal people like this are out there and posting BS about people. I can't even stand hearing any more of that guy's voice making stuff up and false accusations..

  • Luca

    I love the idea of his parents calling him little coach greg when he was ten 😆

  • S K R R T
    S K R R T

    Channel is going down hill

  • George Shaw
    George Shaw

    Haha you been trolled

  • M Thugtai
    M Thugtai

    Its been documented that durainrider is Anemic, and there is a video of him on youtube admitting to using and injecting EPO that he posted himself, and it is why he doesn't compete in organized competition.

  • Alex Gattelaro
    Alex Gattelaro

    Is your arm okay? That bruise looks awful

  • Delphoene Evenhuis
    Delphoene Evenhuis

    I'm sure the fact that vegan diets totally suck for building muscle might also be a reason for Durian's lack of jack! He has accused quite a few natties of being on gear, they take it as a compliment! He's also claimed to be 2%bf in the past, more like 100% BS!

  • miloice74

    A total joker. My genetics probably aren't pretty average but have been training natty since teens. Thanks to greg receipes and knowledge on volumetric diet, i broke my plateau of going below 18% bodyfat and keeping it at around 10% bodyfat and below 160 pounds. Having a physique looking way better than durianrider. At his bodyfat, his lack of muscles are showing. Does he even lift? What does he know to be critical abt bodybuilders. He has shit genetics for musclebuilding and zero knowledge on it judging from his physique alone. We are all around the same age.

  • Bledsoe Bluvd Music
    Bledsoe Bluvd Music

    The fact he had a list of things to compare himself to coach Greg tells so much.

  • Lauren Hey
    Lauren Hey

    This is REALLY hard to watch, because this Durian guy is spewing LIES 😡 👎🏼 He seriously does NOT know a thing about Coach Greg.

    • Berfin Hacyusuf
      Berfin Hacyusuf

      You coach is lying to you you don’t know that

  • Billy Boulton
    Billy Boulton

    Durian Rider = he’s natty, a Natural Psychopath

  • william stadelmann
    william stadelmann

    I feel like the cannon gets alittle more loose ever video 😂

  • Vera Togobickij
    Vera Togobickij

    OMG, what's that huge dark spot on your right arm?

  • Jordan Setacci
    Jordan Setacci

    The only good thing is that bike riding guy is gonna get more views and maybe subscribers... The BAD thing is that he is a dink done and needs to stay in his own lane.

  • nomercy

    greg... they are just exploiting you for views... lol.

  • Tony the Tiger
    Tony the Tiger

    this guy is a moron he just wanted clout and you gave it to him Greg people like that u leave alone so their incompetence doesnt reproduce and it stays with him

  • Danny wallace
    Danny wallace

    The guy looks like a KITE FRAME...

  • irotic finger
    irotic finger

    He's clearly making videos of you to try get extra views. The guys knowledge is crap

  • Viennabart Simpson
    Viennabart Simpson

    man, the doctor is a legend. this one of the funiest videos. 🤣🤣🤣

  • GabrielAKAFinn

    Didn't this bozo pick a fight with the Traplord

  • Pulkit Jain
    Pulkit Jain

    Parents called him too "Little Coach Greg" that's how good a coach he is!

  • Porter

    Advice to all You Tubers...make a BS video about Coach Graig and trigger him...boom your channel will explode with views.

  • Porter

    Guy made the video about Graig knowing he would respond so he would get more views on his own channel....You Tube troll

  • Brenton Amyx
    Brenton Amyx

    that guy looks like he hasnt touched a weight in his life, not saying its a bad thing hes in good shape but he does not look like someone anyone should be taking advice from, i lost brain cells listening to him trying to roast greg because hes jealous, "calories dont matter" wtf do you burn when youre doing your bike races and whatever else you do

  • Caleb Funderburk
    Caleb Funderburk

    Low key I think this guy is in love with you Coach Greg👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀

  • - glossy
    - glossy

    Your whinny

  • Swagsuke Uchiha
    Swagsuke Uchiha

    Dudes in good shape tho

  • Bruce Nichol
    Bruce Nichol

    Durian is the name of a pungent, foul-smelling fruit that leaves a bad taste in your mouth. Coincidence?🤔

  • Cadnea Gaming
    Cadnea Gaming

    this video was cool somehow. Only thing that made me annoyed is the fookin durian. Macros....not cico...what is his problem? And he is on PEDs? Wow. He doesnt look like at all

  • Greg Trombly
    Greg Trombly

    Haha even when the guy talks he sound like a tool .. no gump or energy life sucker 😤 great video my man

  • 米国の英語先生

    did I see a potbelly pig at the beginning of this video

  • Bob Foster
    Bob Foster

    I don't know anything about cycling but this guy's IG is full of terrible takes on general life stuff.

  • Txiiqo

    I blocked Durian on my youtube a year or so ago! I think he is the only people i done that until today , he is so annoying

    • Krane

      That's his style.

  • Rownan

    This guy has absolutely zero idea what he’s talking about, “calories don’t matter” I’ve never heard such Shit in my life 😂

  • Steven Damian
    Steven Damian

    Damn, I'm disappointed. I though this video title said "sucking on Jeff's nippers" what a letdown, no nipple sucking at all

  • James Mitson
    James Mitson

    He hardly looks like he lifts, at least Greg looks somewhat aesthetic

  • MightyBull Fitness
    MightyBull Fitness

    I think this dude thinks macros are calorie free 😂

  • Human Comedy
    Human Comedy

    Last time I watched your channel was 4 months ago and it was about a reaction to durian rider... I came back and durianrider still makes videos about him

  • Z P
    Z P

    He is a vegan. That says all. They all a bit cuckoo in their heads

  • Jonatan Röllin
    Jonatan Röllin

    "We both have attractive girlfriends". Oh, he better not be comparing that trash in bikini on the bike to Ally?! Great body, sure. But attractive? Hell no. Ally is beautiful, look at her eyes, look at her face. That is beauty. Allys smile makes me happy. If that thing on the bike smiled I'd probably run away.

    • Berfin Hacyusuf
      Berfin Hacyusuf

      Too jealous of natasha

  • 321naturalTV

    Lazy junk food vegans can be extremely unhealthy. Other factors include eating healthy whole foods, exercise, stress, sleep and DNA (I'm plant based BTW).

  • Atomic Knight
    Atomic Knight

    I hated that vegan cyclist guy, he's pissing everyone off on the internet since he got called out by an Australian comedian Isaac Butterfield

  • Matt Patterson
    Matt Patterson

    He is a toller. This is waist of time

  • waterwong12

    1:24 "he looks natural"...what an insult from coach Greg! Anyway, his cycling/running advice is solid, and some of the natty or not vids are okay, but other than that he spews nonsense 99.8% of the time.

    • Krane

      Listen to his tone and observe his micro expressions. Aka, sarcasm. Some people get it, some people don't.

  • Jessen VVS
    Jessen VVS

    Have just see som of his vids about you, and....... hes not that intelligent not better to argument than last time 😆

  • Jessen VVS
    Jessen VVS

    What is wrong about my boy Jeff Nipper

  • Abhijith Unnikrishnan
    Abhijith Unnikrishnan

    Man this dude is a fuckin tool.

  • Ginseng.

    You see that guys hat? Can’t trust him anyway

  • felixG83

    Watched a lot of Greg's videos; knows absolutely zeeeeerrrrrroooooo about Coach and can't pronounce his last name for Christ's sake!

  • Tiffini J
    Tiffini J

    There's a reason this guy has fewer than 300K subs.

  • Eric

    Honestly why even respond to this lol

    • Berfin Hacyusuf
      Berfin Hacyusuf

      He’s triggered because he knows Harley talks the truth, otherwise he wouldn’t take him seriously and even make a response vid

  • Vincent Kennedy Mcmahon
    Vincent Kennedy Mcmahon

    Typical Ozzie windup 😀😀

  • Vana Markarian
    Vana Markarian

    I love how ur doing a video and ur gf is in the background going by her day.. lol

  • emma rowett
    emma rowett

    How did Ally keep calm like that when she dropped her phone... Greg doesn't even look around lol


    Thanks for the laugh you gave me doing this video about another uninformed moron that doesn't know what he is talking about because he didn't do the necessary background research😅🤣😂😆........ignorance is bliss...I

  • Danny Wood
    Danny Wood

    LOL ... Beer, French Fries and Ketchup are vegan.... pure cane sugar is vegan!!! Vegetable oil is vegan aaaaand bread is vegan. A HUMAN CAN GET FAT ON A VEGAN DIET!!!! Omg!

  • Renata V
    Renata V

    Pay him no attention, he's a clout chaser and a big time scammer. All projections, more projections than last time!

  • My Lord and Master McAlpine
    My Lord and Master McAlpine


  • Yanuario Arias
    Yanuario Arias

    now just imagine some time in the past you looked up to that vegan asshole. lol you even wanted to be like him a bit. durian is a vegan vagina.

  • Tony Stark
    Tony Stark

    God damn it, that accent is SO annoying

  • chillenmillen

    It’s amaZing how he has 200k subs bruh lol

  • Realshi

    What's thay are talking about? Russians?

  • Zfootball96

    When you just got owned by a muscular parrot

  • Chereches Andrei
    Chereches Andrei

    I'm thinking he is best buddies with vshred 🤔

  • Andrej Tajhman
    Andrej Tajhman

    What are you jealling so much are you deaft or something

  • JoyAnn Gitau
    JoyAnn Gitau

    😂😂just came here from Greg's comment on Jeff Nippard's channel and i did think he's sucking up to Jeff but he says he's not

  • Brizi 7
    Brizi 7

    Mate don't assume that couch's audience is teenagers. Most of them are adults you idiot.

  • Goldy

    Ethered 🔥