More Fridges Than Last Time || What's In My Fridge?
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  • hanma baki
    hanma baki

    that many diet cokes mr greg its called addiction too much of anything becomes harmfull at one point

  • funk master22
    funk master22

    Real butter is your friend. I keep my peptides in the butter compartment. Oh no , leave the bagels alone they require butter. Lotsa carbs with butyrate.

  • taylor kawali
    taylor kawali

    He’s cleaning out this fridges while showing us what’s in it.


    the most realistic fridge tour

  • Smarre

    This man has more food at his home right now than I have seen in my whole life

    • Smarre

      Also I wish Sweden had the diversity of products that America has

  • joseph A-rt
    joseph A-rt

    We're hoarding pop😂😂 is hoarding bagles

  • Purecast 9
    Purecast 9

    Ah the joys of living in a first world country. 🙄

  • paulhuse

    Love the zoom mic in the garage frig… lol

  • Who You Calling Pinhead
    Who You Calling Pinhead

    Honestly, Greg’s fridge is much more better to look at than Arnold’s, Kevin hart , and the rock. Shows the fridge along with advice and recommendations. Imagine if Greg would coach a mr Olympia competitor

  • Who You Calling Pinhead
    Who You Calling Pinhead

    Honestly how much harder can you look through the fridge? I think you reached the limit of how hard someone can throw stuff away. You throwing high fats, not food haha. I can imagine ally going the fridge babe where is my stuff at and your like try harder than last time to hide them 👮‍♂️

  • OhHelloThere...

    This is what too much money and too little heart and brains looks like. All this food and material crap but I would put my money on this guy be a douche.

  • OhHelloThere...

    Holy moly this guy is annoying. The world is headed for disaster if this is what’s popular.

  • UndercoverDoc

    PED comment was gold lol. Dude is super entertaining + great info

  • Elise Bohn
    Elise Bohn


  • Jessica Raewood
    Jessica Raewood

    ok..... I've seen the pig in one other video and thought it was for effect.... ummm at the end here, I just realized all of the "Gertie" references and when he was talking about Gertie loving lettuce and stuff I thought he was jokingly calling Ally the gertie. Now I see the pig walking around the kitchen and the lightbulb went off. Holy shit, he means a literal pig named Gertie!!!! hahahahah I'm shook.

  • Jessica Raewood
    Jessica Raewood

    so basically you are your own Walmart Freezer section? Sweet!!!!! would expect nothing less from Coach Greg who could feed a small country for the next year. haha

  • Yokes

    Why so much food? Dont they have expirations?

  • Eric

    That would last me a whole year seriously holy crap.

  • pork pork
    pork pork

    i know now why greg stocks up so heavy. when you run and walk as much as i do, you gotta have the food already made. i had to up my calorie intake and it helps to keep the shit on deck

  • Anthony Tondi
    Anthony Tondi

    Coach Greg, dropping more food than last time!

  • A

    Thank You Coach Greg!

  • TheBobby_Dotson

    I really NEED to know where Greg buys his romaine lettuce and how he preps the leaves? Mine NEVER look that good or that big

    • KOS Bebot
      KOS Bebot

      Put something to absorb the moisture in the container.

  • Travis Moore
    Travis Moore

    Never eats bagels 😂 dude has obviously never been an actual endurance athlete.

  • Carmen Fanous
    Carmen Fanous

    Oh wow thats a lot of food

  • alejandro cintora
    alejandro cintora

    There’s more weed and gear in there then last time lol jk

  • Gustav L
    Gustav L

    Real POV: Greg showing you what you get if you jump into his car Guys, never jump into strangers cars ty

  • Dio brando.n
    Dio brando.n

    honestly wasn't expecting the peptides.

  • Rod Hurst
    Rod Hurst

    Wow, I take you have a back up generator for power outages.

  • oka musubi
    oka musubi

    I literally said the title in his voice LMAO

  • Dark Star King
    Dark Star King

    Two large fridges....weird flex but ok!

  • Sydney Angel
    Sydney Angel


  • Chris

    Anyone else make the groan when bending over and picking something up?

  • Robert MacKie
    Robert MacKie

    OMFG I was laughing my ass off harder than last time. Very fun video.

  • Daniel Menzinger
    Daniel Menzinger

    I like the music !

  • mayank yuvne Gaming
    mayank yuvne Gaming

    He got my one year grocery

  • Miss NYC
    Miss NYC

    Holy moly! That’s more than plenty of food to open up a Greg’s Anabolic Grocery Store lolll

  • Alistair Thomas
    Alistair Thomas

    I'll start doing this when I'm richer than last time

  • Jarella

    My husband has lots of junk food staring me in the face too. 😫😖

  • HYnixo

    more drinks than last time

  • Ben Dover
    Ben Dover

    We need a house tour

  • Brandon R
    Brandon R

    Dang, u have so much food. Do you just shop in bulk?

  • RealDeel73

    I dont have the JOYYA milk in my area but there is Fairlife milk. It's a fat free high protein milk. Pretty similar. Have you heard of it?

  • Smitty C
    Smitty C

    The Gilbert Godfried of anabolic eating.

  • bigshake

    why you dissing your gf lmao life isnt about chicken rice broccoli no1 gives a toot

  • Tindra johansson
    Tindra johansson

    my fridge and freezer together is as big as his pop fridge🥲

  • Angel Giurov
    Angel Giurov

    HOLY SHIT GREG. How much do you pay for electricity

  • Georgi Iliev
    Georgi Iliev

    Yeah half the world doesn’t have a slice of bread to split between them and here is Greg yeeting half his fridge in the garbadge

  • Ismael Ahmad
    Ismael Ahmad

    Greg Started to sound like Mrs. Doubtfire reacting to 20 lbs of cupcakes

  • Romello Naidoo
    Romello Naidoo

    Why do you eat RAW mushrooms?

  • Amit Verma
    Amit Verma

    Old Greg : train harder than the last time New Greg : 12:01

  • mr.dragon emperor
    mr.dragon emperor

    Couch you have gotten shredded you don't need a knife

  • Shadi Deir
    Shadi Deir

    Holy this man is amazing ,each video more than last time

  • netmo53

    Why is he throwing her stuff away like that? Isn't that disrespectfull? Is she paying the price for still being ''his girlfriend''? Why arent they married yet? lack of money? lack of health? he is treating her like one of his stuff. ''This is my fridge, this is my hiuse, those are my pets and this is the girl I am spending time with...''

  • King Yellowman
    King Yellowman

    The nutritional info on low fat salami doesn't look too much worse than low fat turkey What's wrong with it?

  • Steven Neice
    Steven Neice

    Better video then last time.

  • DalveX

    Aren't some of them gonna expire?

  • TOP 1%
    TOP 1%

    Tossing away more high calorie dense food than last time!

  • Resistant Jeans
    Resistant Jeans

    i just have 2-3 meals of normal food a day and still eat a deficit. its not that hard to eat without going high protein low calorie lol

  • Chris M
    Chris M

    That might be too many muffins

  • Jeff_loses2win

    I'm grocery shopping at coach's house🤣🤣🤣

  • Una Bruja
    Una Bruja

    so you're saying if I eat like a pig I'll eat healthier than last time huh. It's the Gertie diet.

  • Leah Brigman
    Leah Brigman

    You should try western bagels. They are probably half the calories as regular and they're actually really good.

  • ChachiRCola

    Hoarding pop...intervention time Doc lol ⭕️❤️

  • J K
    J K

    my fridge is just empty thats how i do my diet

  • Josey Wales
    Josey Wales

    can't keep diet pop w aspartame too long it breaks down and tastes horrible

  • Tone Chaser
    Tone Chaser

    Awesome looks like my fridge haha oh chicken bacon has better macros if that helps anyone ;)

  • Big Savage G
    Big Savage G

    Greg, duplicate yourself to have more Gregs than last time

  • Liam Watson-Barber
    Liam Watson-Barber

    Thanks for the quality content

  • Supa Fance
    Supa Fance

    Elmind milk

  • R U
    R U


  • boo_justine

    The only thing in sight is low calorie yummies

  • Angiu Cozma
    Angiu Cozma

    YOOO GREG POWER SAVER VACUME SEALER no more freezer burn!! I vacume seal all left overs and all things I open or freeze it makes them last 500% longer and WAYYYY LONGER then last time

  • Alex Gianos
    Alex Gianos

    All I can think of is the Electricity bill

  • ruby leopard
    ruby leopard

    pro bodybuilder bullies his gf while she records him picking apart everything she eats

  • Ami Who
    Ami Who


  • Rajesh Kumar
    Rajesh Kumar

    He's got food in this video that will cost at least two months of my salary.

  • Poison Jarl
    Poison Jarl

    Tell me Ally is not holding the camera...I can only imagine her smiling and shrugging when Greg yells about her snacks

  • Longie_long

    Watching Greg's descent into madness by the end of this video is 🔥

  • ZeroToEverything

    can we have the response to alan roberts?

  • Atranii

    The Music fits perfectly

  • Jordan J.
    Jordan J.

    Greg, you Canadian?!

  • Aaron M
    Aaron M

    I want a coach Greg giveaway contest where he stocks your fridge like this as the prize

  • James Newport
    James Newport

    Greg, lemme buy a few cases of mugs off you my dude... no wonder i can't find it

  • James Newport
    James Newport

    how the hell are you getting diet crush.. dang man we are so limited in ontario with pepsi and coke. sad

  • CupOfEscargot

    So you're the reason I can't ever find Joseph's Lavish bread in stock...

  • Jonny Rich Music
    Jonny Rich Music

    Ultimate Prepper with the POP

  • Im Twistedk
    Im Twistedk

    Lmfao 🤣

  • FreakshowFapper

    Damn, and I feel shit when I drink 3 coke zeros in a day

  • Jay

    Wonder how much of that food gets thrown out?

  • Allink3dup

    When is the Greg doucette pre-workout dropping?

  • mia b
    mia b

    Finally!! a fridge tout

  • DeadlyGrouse

    Greg has more sq ft in fridges than I have in my house.

  • Jason Reynolds
    Jason Reynolds

    Soda addiction much?

  • Jason Reynolds
    Jason Reynolds

    Did he say condoms, or condiments?

  • notice me
    notice me

    Greg's house or a mini grocery store?? Can't tell

  • aryan bhanushali
    aryan bhanushali

    How are the 8 calorie proteinsikles made?

  • Abrasive Atom305
    Abrasive Atom305

    ewww all those sodas...more farts than last time

  • Manca Kavšek
    Manca Kavšek

    When he pulled out that giant muffin box☠️☠️ muffin apocalypse 😂😂

  • Bright Light
    Bright Light

    Minnesota starvation experiment: Participants started to horde food as their body fat percentage decreased....more shredded than last time.

  • Kamil Dziedzic
    Kamil Dziedzic

    Please keep in mind, if there is meat or milk in it, somebody had to die to make it. So it's not very nice to throw it away that easily.