Her Leg Is 3x The Size Of The Other - What's your excuse?
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  • Cheese Police
    Cheese Police

    I have a prosthetic leg and have lost about 15 pounds and put on a great amount of muscle since starting to watch your videos in about 6 months. I DO CARDIO TOO! no purpose to the comment but maybe help motivate!! and a huge thank you to Greg for the help he doesn't even know he gave me lol!

    • Omar Nashaat
      Omar Nashaat

      so proud of you keep on going you’re doing amazing!

    • Cheese Police
      Cheese Police

      @Sexy Raiders Fan well ya I did say I have a prosthetic lol and elliptical is usually what I use. I try too stay off the treadmill it usually hurts.

    • David Lloyd
      David Lloyd

      @Sexy Raiders Fan - the only person on Earth who hasn’t heard of prosthetic legs, or seen the Paralympic Games. 🙄

    • Sexy Raiders Fan
      Sexy Raiders Fan

      What kind of cardio do you do without a leg?...Not to be mean but I’m just curious.

    • Cheese Police
      Cheese Police

      this means the world to me! :')

  • Last Minute Heroics
    Last Minute Heroics

    EVA !!!!!

  • Last Minute Heroics
    Last Minute Heroics

    I go to clubs and dance in the middle of the dance floor....alone. Women come up to me dancing, because other dweebs are holding up the wall and NOT asking them to dance. That's the benefit of NOT giving a sh*t.

  • Joseph Miller
    Joseph Miller

    She very attractive her one leg doesn't define the rest BB of her when I was young I had a huge scar down the middle of my chest from heart surgery and skinny as legs now I workout and I don't care and keep building muscle and I don't really notice the scar but this young lady is a fox

  • Jewell Austin
    Jewell Austin

    Love the message she's sending. Lots of people who are insecure about their body (like myself), can definitely learn to love themselves and their flaws. It's not easy to do, but it's a powerful lesson to learn.

  • George Tsitsiani
    George Tsitsiani

    And you wonder why I am an Absurdist/Atheist

  • Sally

    I am just learning about coach Greg and I must admit, you are way better than some have led me to believe. Thanks for calling people out on the BS.

  • Everett Hancock
    Everett Hancock

    Ok, I actually think she's gorgeous, or maybe its just her attitude shining through. But I would love to land a date with her!

  • Shadrach Hayward
    Shadrach Hayward

    Amazing woman

  • Lauren Hey
    Lauren Hey

    LOVE this! Such a great message & props to this chick 💪🏼♥️ Would love to chill with her. GO GIRL 💕

  • Bill Fergus
    Bill Fergus

    Her attitude is very attractive

  • Crab Kebab
    Crab Kebab

    He said while shaving his whole body 😁

  • denis s
    denis s

    But is she natty or not?

  • Wanda Hart
    Wanda Hart

    Beautiful Message. Tfs.

  • Aidan R
    Aidan R

    Bro where do you get ur jeans!?!? Because I don’t fit in any I’ve tried

  • David Taylor
    David Taylor

    She so strong beutiful to fuck the haters

  • Staring Into Your Soul
    Staring Into Your Soul

    Her leg can work as a great table tho

  • dead poinsettia
    dead poinsettia

    My forehead is a fivehead. It's so huge when the sun is in my eyes all I have to do is tilt my head a little forward and it blocks the sun. I had a hard time dealing with my giant caveman head and what others think...then I realized IT DOESN'T MATTER WHAT THEY THINK! :)

  • DAM251983

    Shes already stronger than you just by putting her socks on lol

  • Steffano Fumo
    Steffano Fumo

    I have degenerative neuropathy that severely attacks my legs, for the longest time I wouldn’t train my legs at the gym because they are incredibly weak, but recently I’ve started and I feel so much better mentally 👍👍👍

  • Arfes Exzit
    Arfes Exzit

    Truth is random people dont care half as much as you think they do, if at all.

  • Devon Larratts Genetics
    Devon Larratts Genetics

    Greg you have provided more health care than any institutionalized doctor I've ever heard. You don't push drugs and give mercury filled vaccines.

  • Devon Larratts Genetics
    Devon Larratts Genetics

    You want to find a beautiful woman wait til you see a bunch that still look beautiful even without makeup or anything. There's many.

  • kazzuo The Great
    kazzuo The Great

    My cousin have both her legs like this girl.

  • Tyler Santana
    Tyler Santana

    Hell yeah make the most out of your situation

  • Cody D
    Cody D

    I get the point of the video. Greg has the right attitude and I feel like he's coming from a good place. That being said, just because some random person has an illness/disease/disorder and is okay with it, does not invalidate issues other people have on a personal level. Kudos to this lady for having a positive outlook on life, but some people have their own issues that can't easily be brushed off. It's like telling a depressed person to just be happy. Doesn't work like that all the time. Just my 2 cents that nobody asked for.

  • rjmessence

    The ones who disliked this video are absolute MORONS

  • Alex R
    Alex R

    Love this message!! I’m too self conscious to wear shorts due to spider veins on my legs so I really suffer in the summer heat. I don’t know how to find the self confidence to wear cute shorts and skirts.

  • turfoid

    What a great story. Very inspiring

  • The Dean
    The Dean

    Um, have a problem? Do something about it. Isn't that something you preach? I don't disagree with the things you say but since there is a problem here, wouldn't it be better to deal with it than live with it? It's easier for sure.

    • The Dean
      The Dean

      Modern medicine tends to disagree here.

    • Szelitzky Erick
      Szelitzky Erick

      Some problems aren't fixable

  • R I O
    R I O

    Confidence comes from within! It doesn't matter how you look on the outside, it's about how you feel inside that truly matters💪😎 amazing video coach!❤

  • Sefedin Sefedini
    Sefedin Sefedini

    Hey Greg Thanks for all the Messages and Motivation you always send us.I have a great idea and I believe You can do it.If her condition can be fixed or even make her life easier just a little bit with a surgery.I believe it is the time to get all together and make a pool where everyone of us will give like 10-20 bucks and collect the money nessesery for Our Dear Mahogany .Being Human is the greatest thing in this Word,but being Human for other Humans is miraculous.

  • Joshua Robielos
    Joshua Robielos

    If you're having a bad hair day, at least you have hair. Some people are bald, but they never have a bad hair day

  • Zerox

    I love your positive message. You re a good man.

  • Jobri

    Dr. Greg, the wokest meathead. Good on you Greg

  • Jonathan Tyson
    Jonathan Tyson

    Love it Greg ❤️ bring some reality to these people.

  • Bogdan Paunescu
    Bogdan Paunescu

    Happiness is relative and temporary. Once you achieve of state of happiness, you'll eventually find something else which makes you unhappy. Telling everyone they should be happy because they only have to deal with zits while others deal with lipoedema is wrong. You're trying to invalidate people's issues just because they are not as bad in relation to other people's issues. Be better than yourself, don't compare to others.

  • Brijan B
    Brijan B

    Coach Greg has been watching a lot of TLC😅

  • raul serrano
    raul serrano

    Inspirational, wish we could all be more like this brave young woman , god bless her


    The message the coach has set… is very good. But from other ppls perspective… yes, “big deal Yoire bloated, your hair, etc” I think ppl do overthink these things too much, but I guess this woman’s condition has helped her to gain the confidence she has, because she realises she’s different, so she’s very unique, and she owns that… other ppl, don’t see themselves as unique, yet less than that. It’s not even thinking about what other think of you, it’s what you think of yourself… I just hope that one day, insecurities aren’t as severe as they are now.

  • Skankhunt 42
    Skankhunt 42


  • maria syngrou
    maria syngrou

    Thank you for this video !! 🙏🏻🙏🏻💜💜

  • Random

    My excuse? I'm lazy.

  • Whydasofanny

    You give a crap to the point where it comes to a full circle and you don’t give a crap anymore

  • theGameMonk

    No excuses

  • Alex Greene
    Alex Greene

    This is ACTUAL body positivity! Go her!

  • Tristan Carrera4
    Tristan Carrera4

    Respect tf outta this girl

  • Clownsof Youtoobz
    Clownsof Youtoobz

    Her leg swells up "bigger than last time"? ...wtf 😂

  • Sean RMC
    Sean RMC

    😠😡🤬 Jeff Nippard waking up seeing G-Shred isn't actually cancelled 🤣

  • DNAsGhostzHouze

    I love her attitude, she's a real queen, but I hope medical science can find some way to fix her leg.

  • Mark Dana
    Mark Dana

    What body positivity actually means

  • Ken Carroll
    Ken Carroll

    Who the heck is giving a thumbs down?! What was bad in this video. Maaaan quit hating

  • Z.Doane

    I loved the message behind the video! Good stuff 💪🏼💪🏼

  • theinsectnerd Zara Breden
    theinsectnerd Zara Breden

    This woman is inspiring 😍😍

  • Furious Gains
    Furious Gains

    I’m here later than last time

  • Jack Doan
    Jack Doan

    Coach Greg has taught me to be more confident than last time!

  • Horacia Summers
    Horacia Summers

    One of the best advice my therapist ever told me was “someone else’s opinion of you is none of YOUR business” (it was from a book from an amazing author name Rachel from the book Girl Wash Your Face)

  • Duncan More
    Duncan More

    Damn he really went off on Ally at 0:38

  • Mistah Miggy
    Mistah Miggy

    Guess I shouldn't complain about my lack of free time today 😅

  • Humble and Grateful
    Humble and Grateful

    Real awesome message. Thanks Coach Greg.

  • Smdn Snnd
    Smdn Snnd

    Why aren't you all saying the same thing to those guys with gyno?

    • Darth Debaucherous
      Darth Debaucherous

      Because if you haven’t already figured it out .. he’s just another narcissistic hypocritical bodybuilder that thinks he’s the best and everyone else is a bag of milk

  • Anna

    Cleavage bigger than last time!

  • PifchoBG


  • Viktor Zeman
    Viktor Zeman

    A lot of people like to argument like that, but human psyche doesn't work that way and never will. Yes, i agree, if you have some troubles in your life, trust that there are people who has bigger problems than yours, but if people started to feel fine or even happy just by knowing that, no one in the world would ever complain about anything and everyone would be happy. But that isn't the case and that's normal. We are humans. Problems are relative for us. People complain when their glasses falls on the ground and breaks. And this girl is fine and happy with her giant leg. Why? Because we are people. So for example, when you tell me that i should not complain about my small problems, because this girl is happy with her giant leg, what effect should that have on me? I should suddenly be happy? To me, this is like using the other person's worse problem to make myself fell better. These arguments has opposite effect on me. It makes me feel even more sad. I don't wanna people to have worse problems than i have. To be honest, i don't understand why this mentality exist in society. It doesn't make sense.

  • manal tabet
    manal tabet

    So much respect ❤️

  • Drunk Wizard
    Drunk Wizard

    Yet another reason to love Coach Greg, and this woman is the epitome of confidence, i hope to some day be as half as comfortable with myself as she is

  • iPayne

    The ability to not care about the negative shits people say about you is comparable to flying man...I used to care sooooo fuckin much about things that don't mean nothing that I became so darn shy I couldn't walk with my head up high....Took me years of reading books, watching UZload videos and actually trying to not care to get to where I'm today...It's hard work,but it's worth it man.

  • Land Shark
    Land Shark

    Wow, "She's already stronger than you, from putting on her socks". lolololol Good on Her. Go Get'm.

  • area51r

    1:58 Coach Greg to the words out of my mouth.

  • Grayson Doss
    Grayson Doss

    “Her leg is bigger than last time” I lost it Greg 😂

  • Monica

    Imagine how strong she is

  • Alpha G
    Alpha G

    Man ... Please stop yelling about everything ... can't you have a simple conversation with sounding feminine?

  • Shanda Gregory
    Shanda Gregory

    This is what body positivity is supposed to be about

    • oppermanfitness

      Exactly! Not this fat acceptance bullshit!

  • viktor barsukov
    viktor barsukov

    I have a very similar problem but I struggle to find underwear that fit.

  • boo_justine

    Great content coach!

  • Clarence Choy
    Clarence Choy

    Thanks Coach Greg. Even though it’s much harder than saying it, I’ve become more confident since watching your vids :)

  • Kellz B
    Kellz B

    You had some acne’s come out today 🤣 lmao Greg

  • Kellz B
    Kellz B

    Here louder than yesterday

  • Marvin21z

    I guess bigger is better

  • Cute Pumpkin
    Cute Pumpkin

    “If you want to scream like a screaming parrot, scream like a screaming parrot!” Lmao

  • Donovan McCormick
    Donovan McCormick

    This poor woman. Love her attitude, a winner. May God bless her every day.

  • Holypikemanz

    Total freak show says "shake my beauty"

  • Kdub916

    Great perspective video man, we do have a lot to be grateful for.

  • Jordy 229
    Jordy 229

    She looks like she can run as fast as an automobile

  • Brooke S
    Brooke S

    Great vid, Doc 👏

  • Susan Reynolds
    Susan Reynolds

    ladies if you have cankles don't let it get you down.

  • king baadshah
    king baadshah

    you can see the tears in this mans eyes he really cares

  • floreo1


  • P.Tibor

    the doctors cant heal that leg?

  • Luke Harris
    Luke Harris

    I want your opinions. I’m a 13 year old that wants muscle and to be lean. I can’t lose weight though or else I’ll be rly small and b in trouble with my dad. When I flex my abs a little they are visible. I’m 5 foot 2. I also want muscle and I want your opinion on what to do. I’m also 90lbs I’m also lifting rn with 2500 cals and over 175 grams of protein a day. I’m also doing cardio through sports walking and running every day. I want to know if I should keep doing what I’m doing or something different

  • Alpha Omega
    Alpha Omega

    I have a big third leg 🦵and I never give up. The ladies love it. 😶

  • grassy climer
    grassy climer

    edema is no joke I got it from a bone infection and it weighed about 70 pounds. I went from regular legs to having watermelon legs to regular legs in 5 months. no way I wouldve been able to lift my legs it was like I was wearing 70 pounds wet clothes.


    Nice video!

  • TrueBagel

    She kinda cute tho

  • DT117

    Greg looks like a overcooked noodle sitting out in the sun

  • TrueBagel

    Yeah! My "third leg" is oversized and I still make it to the gym... Mad respect to her in all seriousness tho.

  • Ryan Ireland
    Ryan Ireland

    I’m a bodybuilder and can’t find jeans that fit for cuz I’m 6 ft and 175 pounds lmao classic Greg

  • Holly Ryan
    Holly Ryan

    Puts things in perspective

  • Nil Nor
    Nil Nor

    Greg looks more muscular than last time 💪🙂

  • Kayak Angler
    Kayak Angler

    You do you