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  • Stefi Cohen
    Stefi Cohen

    Hey, my name gets clicks, can’t blame you for making this video. Some misinterpretations here for sure, can’t wait to make a rebuttal.

    • bb singh
      bb singh

      Big Clitoris

    • AC

      @Greg Doucette common W

    • sean

      Stefi was respectable when she wasn’t focused on being ig model and influencer. She’s pushed everyone out of hybrid and her narcissistic husband and her only focus on photo shoots and fashion now.

    • Daniel J. Rodriguez
      Daniel J. Rodriguez

      You gonna get more clicks because I never heard of you till now. Coach agreed with most of what you said so that says alot in my opinion. It means you are really trying to help people and that's what this is all about. Love the sincerity.

    • brandon causey
      brandon causey

      Stefi Cohen you are my favorite male unnatural bodybuilder

  • bb singh
    bb singh

    Coach greg resting on couch harder than last time....

  • Wild and Free Alchemy
    Wild and Free Alchemy

    His face at the very beginning of the video 🤣🤣🤣

  • Blake G
    Blake G

    Dido on stoned Coach Greg! Love it.

  • Blake G
    Blake G

    People believe covid is fake, that climate change is fake, that trump is a good president.. ect.. so nothing surprises me what people will believe, cults are a thing

  • J a
    J a

    That's apply for beginners.... after a while, the body doesn't need a rest after cardio training.... (not talking about a marathon here)... so if you lose 700 cal doing it, you wont need to eat +350cal or spend an hour laying on the cough... it usually takes few weeks and the body is used to it....

  • brandon causey
    brandon causey

    Stefi Cohen is my favorite male natural bodybuilder

  • roneytwinturbo

    I think the only cardio machine thats more accurate is the bike, then the treadmill. Id rather run outside instead though

  • YaBoi Josh
    YaBoi Josh

    why do ppl listen to anything this pro juicer has to say lol

  • mspazmino

    Lmaoo 🤣 “ the ones you swallow, right babe” 🤣🤣🤣

  • Rod Munch
    Rod Munch

    She cute and has a South Park picture in the background, but she isn’t too bright...

  • Joshua Pirolo
    Joshua Pirolo

    im only 2 weeks into proper nutrition and exercise. Even now I'm way more energetic after a workout then at any point before proper nutrition.

  • I Have No Idea
    I Have No Idea

    Still I eat 1500-2000 calories a day and walk about 5-10 kilometres a day (depending on how active I have to be) and I gain weight. Is it bad genetics or the calorie deficit system is broken? I should add that I'm 21 and I try to eat healthy and eat less carbs but still I can gain several pounds of fat in a month..... please help

  • I Have No Idea
    I Have No Idea

    09:07 👀

  • Prod. 3StriX
    Prod. 3StriX


  • Branz Factor
    Branz Factor

    It can’t be ineffective, it’s affective!

  • RJAY

    More BS than the last time, hate these influencers

  • zeake13

    I don't consider walking cardio....... She might not consider that cardio either.

    • CJ Zanders
      CJ Zanders

      Walking is aerobic exercise no matter how you see it. That’s cardio.

  • zeake13

    I stopped killing myself with cardio to lose weight years ago. Now my HRT does it for me. LOL


    Calories in versus calories out is the foundation of weight loss.........but it doesn’t tell the whole story, if you get most of your calories from carbs you will be constantly hungry and eventually overeat.

    • CJ Zanders
      CJ Zanders

      Agreed. Insulin resistance is a big factor! It’s the fat storing hormone and hunger hormone.

  • Mya Emma Jade
    Mya Emma Jade

    Fat burning zone = alve

  • John Watt
    John Watt

    Leg day?

  • John Watt
    John Watt

    Coach is spending so much time saving us from the internet that he doesn't even have time to shave anymore.

  • Huncho’s Real Fitness
    Huncho’s Real Fitness

    I’m only here for the reactions🤣🤣💯



  • Kegs

    South park was in the background --- obv troll is obv.

  • Tony Crabtree
    Tony Crabtree

    My understanding of fat burning zone only comes from cycling and it requires riding in a zone that doesn’t require extensive recovery. Say riding at 120 heart rate for two hours compared to 150 average heart rate.

  • Manar E
    Manar E

    Damn, the way he got hot when spoke without yelling lmao

    • Sophie Scott
      Sophie Scott

      Right, wasn’t ready for that 🤣

  • Ishtiaq ahmad
    Ishtiaq ahmad

    Her voice is more annoying then Greg

  • Patrick bennett`
    Patrick bennett`

    Yep, i totally thought i burned a sh!t ton of calories lifting,, buy coach Greg taught me otherwise, i now know i actually need cardio,, no im not fat and eat a fridge a day, but i also have 0 definition,, so also my light walking isnt enough to fix it Greg says,,, so now i do intenser cardio.. more than last time amount. il see soon what happens..

  • Stephen

    You've really fallen off the wagon Greg, your videos for the last 6-8 months have just gone downhill. Click bait trash and it's just long videos of your annoying voice screaming at the camera. And you're like some little old house wife/circle, nagging nagging nagging about any little thing you can find. You take people's words and cherry pick them so you can screech and nag about it, while ignoring the intent of their videos. Anyone can take a person's message out of context and nag about it to try and tare them down. Her video was geared towards beginnings so all the times you ask if anyone "actually didn't know this", the answer is yes they didn't know it and her advice is good for them. And her choice of words are what they will understand, but yes easy for you to nit pick them for how they're wrong when taken out of context. Context is important.

  • Johan Jönsson
    Johan Jönsson

    9:09 :o

  • FarFromTheTrees

    I do all my cardio in the aerobic zone and save my glycogen for bouldering and lifting. Long distance running at a lower HR is so enjoyable and revitalizing. Look up the Maffetone Method. It changed my entire relationship with distance running.

  • Stephen Armitage
    Stephen Armitage

    coach greg lies. He actually in fact DID train abs during this video at 6 minutes. Fake natty confirmed.

  • Armando Moreno
    Armando Moreno

    Pls Stefi don’t take this guy seriously he’s got a mil subs now and that shit had gone above and beyond his head Now he’s just making videos out of everybody and everything to keep pushing his numbers up even if it means being a piece of shit.

  • king jaybruh
    king jaybruh

    I don't do cardio at all i just lift weights for high reps and i'm pretty jacked💯

  • Snopple Wopple
    Snopple Wopple

    Damn legit? Thought Greg was saying that, nvm.

  • zukodude487987

    Gregs mouth is always sloshing saliva, it makes me look away from the screen, ewww.

  • Bruce

    But she's HOT though.

  • גל שדה
    גל שדה

    Hey Greg, do you ever get a headaches from making this voice?

  • Ben Barzman
    Ben Barzman

    Stop saying "LIES" and start using "misinformation" ok Greg? I have been watching you videos from the very begining and i dont like your hyperbolic aproach, you are cattering to the dumb down idiot youtube viewer, go back to your helpfull knowlegable humble aproach that i used to warch your videos for please

  • Abby T
    Abby T

    Why are you yelling? Stressed much?

  • luccatube08

    I love low energy Greg !

  • Daniel Villafane
    Daniel Villafane



    this is the same stefi thats natural lol do not listen to her. shit you would be better off listening to me bc I am a coach greg sexual and i got that 2.0

  • Ian Theis
    Ian Theis

    Unlike Steffi, GREG IS A DOCTOR. I think I'm going to have to agree with the medical professional on this one.

  • boo_justine

    Yes coach!

  • Jared Hicks
    Jared Hicks

    MORE NITPICKS THAN LAST TIME. Greg it is possible to cut several minutes out of your videos once you stop nitpicking just because you like to engage in the narcissism of small differences.

  • DutchMastermind

    Pretty sure Greg burns atleast 1000 calories when making a 15 minute video.

  • VintageGamerNorway

    One of the best things with Greg's videos is Ally doing her thing in the background. "dont mind me, i gots to feed the animals"❤️🥰😂

  • suki2011

    Do a natty video on 4 time world 🌎 fittest man Rich Froning Jr.

  • wor575

    I feel like after you reach level of fitness your brain just automatically stops recognizing walking and other low intensity activity as cardio, so she gets a pass for that intro

  • Joelthailand2

    Can't deny she looks good & has some remarkable strength achievements but i think because she loves the look & the strength a little to much, she is addicted to PED's...

  • CalmSouls

    9:09 is it just me or does he seem like he could take swallowing lessons from his wife? Dudes mouth is half full of goo already.

  • Outlawbeazt

    This vid was pointless delete this baby helium voice 😂😂

  • 5*Updates

    Greg Frothing at the mouth. Take a sip of water bro.

  • Roxine e
    Roxine e


  • Nikki Soger
    Nikki Soger

    CICO ❤ I'm trying to burn over 15,000 calories per week. I track EVERY BITE, but I love it so it's 👌

  • A.F.S.

    It is much easier to not EAT the 1000 calories than try and burn it off....

  • Jacob Taylor
    Jacob Taylor

    Stefi....was wondering her "weight loss saunas" gonna be called out.

  • D P
    D P

    Cardio burns fat.... nooo. 😂

  • Andy Walsh
    Andy Walsh

    Coach Greg's vocal cords burned 1000 calories in 13 minutes..

  • vikki acosta
    vikki acosta

    ....sooo she’s not lying because they basically just agreed on the same thing. 👀

  • Lucas Littmarck
    Lucas Littmarck

    I subscribed at @9.20.. perfect timing.

  • Lucas Littmarck
    Lucas Littmarck

    Came here from more plates more dates pin... Haha super funny video.

    • Lucas Littmarck
      Lucas Littmarck

      Extremely amusing

  • Bad Max
    Bad Max

    lifting weights faster is also cardio

  • Jason Maggard
    Jason Maggard

    NEAT is NON-EXERCISE Activity Thermogenesis - so for fairly healthy people, walking does not get a person into a “cardio” heart rate zone, i.e. over approximately 65% VO2 Max. Walking hills, briskly, or if deconditioned, does elevate to cardio zone. So Stefi was correct talking about NEAT, as General NON-Exercise movements throughout the day, and standing, light walking, etc, would count as NEAT as she mentions, not “cardio”.

  • peacefitnesspassion

    I mean......there’s also steroids which literally no one ever admits to that’s high up in the fitness world... honesty would be much better

  • Tim T
    Tim T

    Shut up greg you loud mouth loser . Always the dram queen now the victim who can’t take criticism but can only dish it out . Maybe you should copyright strike her channel too ? What a baby

  • SublimeMelancholy

    Stefi is right tho! I used to do hours of cardio ( eliptical, stairmaster)and never had body composition i wanted. I lost 50lb doing 0 cardio lifting heavy 5-6 times a week. 10k steps movement throughout the day. Although i still have another 20-30lb to go my body composition is completely different. Cardio is unnecessary stress on body and only burns off your muslce while in calorie deficit

  • Hiking Viking
    Hiking Viking

    That face hahahaha

  • Biff

    I like how her comment starts with "Hey my name gets clicks, can't blame you" what a big shot. 1/10th of the subs of Greg, and doesn't know who he is? Okay.

  • treasure the time
    treasure the time

    It's so creepy when Greg reverts back to his normal voice. Haha

  • Devil666v2

    I miss the low energy Greg....

    • Biff

      I miss angry energy Greg.

  • Mr T
    Mr T

    She insulted him in the response video by saying she doesn’t know who he is and is mocked for his high pitch voice. She then twisted few facts about “doing cardio by not doing cardio” and then justified it by saying she is doing this to educate “real” people, as if all the 1million people following Greg are martians. And in the end, after the insult in the intro, she says how she appreciates his contents on UZload and how she respects him and there is no hate. God, I’m just waiting for the response from Greg.

  • WeyDae806

    Big fan! but I can’t stand when you don’t spit that slobber out.. keep up the good work! I’m down 50lbs cause of your tips! 💪🏽

  • Tony Stark
    Tony Stark

    I'm doing 150 min of walking every day..

  • Piotr Walter
    Piotr Walter

    "Your Will Tennyson willpower - it goes away" - Greg Doucette, 2021

  • david seney
    david seney

    I think Greg. Takes training the same way I do. Its all basic math.

  • Ajith James
    Ajith James


  • marcos haydar
    marcos haydar

    😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 this dude is something diferent

  • Warri Gal
    Warri Gal

    That's not Steffi cohen3.. that's actually Jason genova

  • For Health
    For Health

    No more videos about Ryan Humiston since pretty much 80% of Greg's followers disagreed with him.

  • marleymusic217

    You picked on the wrong girl Greg

  • Tom Cripps
    Tom Cripps

    Only Cardio definitely works to lose weight i started running everyday since the 1st of jan Iv lost over 10kg I haven’t dieted at all eat what ever I want could probably EAT MORE THAT LAST TIME but I don’t just eat the same

  • Unixxx X
    Unixxx X

    Pro tip:1. don’t do fasted cardio 2.When I first got into cardio and cutting I’d force myself to do my cardio at the end of the day rather than the start so my neat would stay up through the day

  • disasterblast

    I will absolutely simp for Stefi Cohen so let’s hope you don’t go too heavy on her XD

  • Skankhunt 42
    Skankhunt 42


  • The Reviewer
    The Reviewer

    Fight! Fight! Fight!

  • Notatheist

    9:08 - 9:14 I need that clipped.

  • Shawn Hinzman
    Shawn Hinzman

    Her statement would make more sense if she had said “High Intensity cardio”.

  • santaslayer

    Why is gilbert gottfried so angry?

  • Loïc Muller
    Loïc Muller

    Hi greg, are you trying to review the Infinity method from beachbody? Thats the most popular fitness video maybe ever, thats something you dont like so you will scream harder than last time, however it as given many results. So?

  • Kevin Gest
    Kevin Gest

    1000 calories/hour... Criterium or cyclocross race, no problem

  • Daybis Tencio
    Daybis Tencio

    I guess Greg did that video just to get some content, but duuuudeee if you just do a proper research of all topics that Stefi covers, this video wouldn’t be needed. Making her wasting her time in “out of context mumbo jumbo” and not actually putting more knowledge out there.

  • Neural Tech
    Neural Tech

    Don’t buy the cook book.

  • Unathletic Guard
    Unathletic Guard

    “Fat will melt off magically.” Like an hour of cardio is nothing.

  • Royalty Sanchez
    Royalty Sanchez

    People who have 1% body fat or more are disgusting!

  • Michael Whittaker
    Michael Whittaker

    I walk 63 miles a week and it seems to be working pretty frickin good for me

  • Phillip leak
    Phillip leak

    Coach Greg i use a speed jump rope and a weighted jump rope along with wooden paralette bars. I also use calisthenics and weights. Im 185lbs 8 percent bodyfat. If i gained 40 more lbs would i be bigger since i look bigger than some guys that are 200lbs. If i went to 5 percent or lower i would be show ready for a bodybuilding competition. Overall good video with informative tips and strategies. As a mesomorph body type what would u recommend i eat to gain 40lbs the healthy way. No processed junk etc. Like a clean bulk. I also come from a family of athletes.