POWER 13 Cookbook || Caramel Rice Cake Sandwich
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  • Martin is god
    Martin is god

    Ally using a fork made me feel angry inside because she was still touching it

  • Martin is god
    Martin is god

    Greg cookie Doucette

  • Robert Lederer
    Robert Lederer

    What types of protien do you use for cooking and baking?

  • 1

    My protein powder and syrup stayed looking dry, help

  • Shaun Reed
    Shaun Reed

    Awesome video, Ally is a great personality for your channel. That looks good gonna give it a try. Keep up the good work 💪

  • Bonnie Bertucci
    Bonnie Bertucci

    Hey Greg and ally! Bonnie bertucci here in Mississippi! I just want to say thanks Greg so much for making me see how easy dieting CAN BE! I’ve done everything and finally you’ve made me understand. Now for the first time in a LONG TIME I can enjoy food I’ve been refusing afraid of to eat for fear of weight gain!! Ugh! The relief to know calories are ALL that matters geez who knew right? Thanks to you I will be your biggest fan for the rest of my life!!

  • Unity RothHaas
    Unity RothHaas

    I like the video when you both are in together, you both have such nice compatibility. What I like the most about you two is the love you both have for your pets ❤️

  • Steven Green
    Steven Green

    Looks like Greg has been kissing his bicep again. Knock it off coach....

  • Aayam Bhandari
    Aayam Bhandari

    Me watching this while eating chicken, broccoli and rice.

  • Christian Draayer
    Christian Draayer

    Everytime I see you I just want to start sobbing until I dont see you.

  • AstroBaby91

    Somebody write out the recipe lol this too chaotic

  • BrookeFoy

    Love you guys :) you guys need to do more cooking videos together. Need to add the animals to the video. can hear gurty in the back ground

  • Casey Gallardo
    Casey Gallardo

    Got the book, loving life more than last time. Made the Scones!!!!!!

  • Dr.Monkey-Kong

    Mine is 330 calories why is it 566 for you I don't get it, the skor bits destroyed the calorie count lol. I mean 100-120cals for one would be awesome but 566 for 3 I mean it's even more than my delicious peanut butter ice cream. Oh you probably have higher calorie rice cake since it has stuff in it, mine is like any cereal 370cals/100gr.

  • Manas Vegi
    Manas Vegi

    I couldn't find the descrition

  • A

    More mMnmm's than last time?

  • Raymakers Calisthenics
    Raymakers Calisthenics

    6:43 Pig 🐖 right as Greg smiles has me hollering.

  • Raymakers Calisthenics
    Raymakers Calisthenics

    This is insane. I must try

  • Ratatouille2017

    doesnt even put the recipe in the description, talk about lazy

  • Arun Ballie
    Arun Ballie

    Hi. Does your protein powder have a whey / casein blend? I like to have a fast and slow digesting protein in my protein powder. Also, how many grams of protein does it have? I trust you and I would love to become one of your customers when your protein powder comes out. Best of luck to you with your new product, sir.

  • Devon Larratts Genetics
    Devon Larratts Genetics

    Think the piggy made enough moaning noises for you. Lol

  • Rudra

    cooking rice cakes is the dumbest thing i’ve heard in a while.

  • Tiago Silva
    Tiago Silva

    What a crap.. looks like recipe made by 5th graders

  • josh flanigan
    josh flanigan

    More artificial sweeteners than last time!

  • DKSDG1

    The production quality has gotten better than last time doc

  • Annabel Apurva-madhuri
    Annabel Apurva-madhuri

    Greg and Ally cooking shows are the best

  • Steven Kelly Frank
    Steven Kelly Frank

    Coach is naked AF under that apron FYI.

  • Leo Ryan
    Leo Ryan

    i'm sure Gregs protein powder and bars will be expensive...

  • Khalid Ch.
    Khalid Ch.

    Yo is that a hickey on coach's bicep ? Damn Ally 😂😂😂

  • Judit Papp
    Judit Papp

    -Just divide it evenly. -Yeah, but how many evenlies? Had me🤣

  • Scaddan Productions
    Scaddan Productions

    i literally discovered the caramel filling a year ago now, this is crazy!

  • Ryan Ireland
    Ryan Ireland

    Hey Coach or anybody reading this. Does anybody have any knowledge on what a low or normal test level should be in Canadian terms nmol/l please and thanks

  • Bashing and Baking
    Bashing and Baking

    Have you tried using stivia? It is 0 calorie but is not artificial

  • phillip trepczynski
    phillip trepczynski

    rice crispy craving killer right there.

  • LiveFit&Prosper

    Puri puri prisoner more than last time

  • skiesgg

    Its so much more enjoyable watching this type of Greg's videos. The yelling is getting too much at this point.

  • Jugg Dekaprio
    Jugg Dekaprio

    I didn’t know you cooked rice cakes lol 😂

  • primecyber1

    5:00 looks like ally is hell on his bicep in the bedroom, no wonder he eats that big bowl of popcorn "before bed", probably needs the carbs just to survive lol

  • Lauren Hey
    Lauren Hey

    OMG 🤤 I must make these!!

  • Zxavier Miller
    Zxavier Miller

    I accidentally put too much maple extract and tasted like I was eating like cinnamon rum except stronger. Gave me a horrible headache off 1 bite, lessoned learned, actually I'm scarred.

  • Amin

    I can still remember how coach Greg talked about wacky elevator background music in videos, but I guess that's what the majority wants if he has to play it. I also remember about a lot of great advise for supplements but wait a minute, most of his old videos got deleted and there are no more new videos about it. This channel did change a lot, but nevermind I'm just one of the subscribers before 100k followers and a huge moron.

  • Teena4RL

    Allie s so pretty and fun. I love when she makes an appearance.

  • guardian_da_gamer

    I wonder how many people watch your videos but don’t try the food or workout 🤣 I do intend to add more of your meals in to my mix. 🔥

  • Mike

    Could you make a cookbook that’s not all processed food.. but still low calorie and tastes great.. that’s be.. better than last time

  • Josef Schilling
    Josef Schilling

    Uhhh no measurements?

  • area51r

    Ally is such a rad girl.

  • big shlong
    big shlong


  • Nathan

    Greg "don't skimp on the spray" doucette

  • Dontrip1904

    Have to buy this ASAP

  • Alejandro Arango
    Alejandro Arango

    Greg, will your products be on Amazon too?

  • TheSalvaDoorian

    Rem sprays for like 10 seconds though 😂

  • Latoya Middleton
    Latoya Middleton

    Are their any vegan recipes or options to change it up?

  • Tara Bresnihan
    Tara Bresnihan

    Hearing that little piggy in the background is everything 🥰🤣🐷

  • James Plummer
    James Plummer

    what is happening with the animals in the background???

  • Kory Pratt
    Kory Pratt

    I can't stop thinking that when Greg releases his sups, my jaw will hit the floor looking at their prices. Want whey Isolate protein? That will be, "125 bucks and your fist born child".

  • M M
    M M

    No one watches these videos

  • Tammy Dore
    Tammy Dore

    I miss the cooking videos

  • big shlong
    big shlong


  • Bartłomiej Jaskólski
    Bartłomiej Jaskólski

    What happened to his bicep?

  • MemeAstuto

    What's with the elevator music?

  • Classic Chris
    Classic Chris

    Is coach Gregs protein powder going to ship international :D

  • Charles Miller
    Charles Miller

    5:00 mins in Greg sounds like sideshow bob after he does the step on the rake bit.

  • Ramz

    Yo I tried this today and yo my god this was so amazing, Greg you a certified genius, how the hell you come up with these stuff is beyond me. I tip my hat to you sir, it was amazing!

  • AKA Flix
    AKA Flix

    This book is considered the coach greg bible

  • boo_justine


  • useriutub1

    9:50 You should learn from Kaly Muscle .. best reactions when tasting own food :))

  • Annadad71

    I am definitely trying this!

  • raghi99

    I’m noticing that viewings are getting lesser than last time, while moron UZloadrs are getting more than last time.

  • peter tuviken
    peter tuviken


  • Romoto v
    Romoto v

    I like that new tattoo on your bicep greg

  • Joseph Figueroa
    Joseph Figueroa

    566 calories for 43g of protein. Nah I think I'll stick to chicken and fish for my protein sources and have a Twix.

  • Michael R
    Michael R

    I was just eating some rice cakes and this came along. Love the idea Doc. Will be going for a savory version tomorrow.

  • Yash Prakash /1-LLB
    Yash Prakash /1-LLB

    *eats artificial sweeteners* World - 3:52 Me - 3:55

  • Mike Morrison
    Mike Morrison

    I always get vanilla flavor protein because then I can make it into any other flavor, strawberry 🍓 boom, blueberry 🫐 boom add powdered peanut butter boom add low cal zero sugar chocolate syrup boom it can be made into anything that’s why ya always go with the vanilla 🤷‍♂️💪🫐🍓🍌🍎🥝

  • Whydasofanny

    Coach Greg’s hair is a representative of what the current crypto charts look like

  • Alexander Salgado
    Alexander Salgado

    Greg you should make a good push pull leg routine !

  • kassem haydar
    kassem haydar

    It’s like impossible to get those rice cakes in Australia unless you pay $100 for shipping 😂

    • Vinny XD
      Vinny XD

      :'( facts.

  • Esteban Arjona
    Esteban Arjona

    Greg starting to look like 2015 The Weeknd over here damn bro like do something with it please 🤣

  • dyderich

    cooking math with Allie and Greg.

  • Violet Moon
    Violet Moon

    Crossing my fingers that the protein powder is vegan 🤞🥰

  • David Ellis
    David Ellis

    What is this non-shouting quiet voice? I feel like I haven't learned anything. Please dub over with the more energetic voice😁

  • Kristen Gilliam-Coomber
    Kristen Gilliam-Coomber

    Alley is looking more beautiful than ever;)

  • Become OP
    Become OP

    Get Ally a beer! 😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Scott Murray
    Scott Murray

    Eagerly awaiting the name of the protein powder....... I’m thinking “The GD circle whey” 😂⭕️

  • lEOCH707

    9:50 Anabolic mukbang when?!?

  • Katherine Chapman
    Katherine Chapman

    Ally is absolutely stunning!

  • Sky


  • Chel

    I love you guys 😂😂💞

  • Michael Stewart
    Michael Stewart

    Does anyone know if we buy the cookbook”s” can they be printed out?

  • hungry4more1

    Someone give Greg a proper haircut Lmaoo

  • Ugly boi floppy
    Ugly boi floppy

    I made this and it came out like scrambled eggs but tasted delicious

  • DWA Consulting
    DWA Consulting

    1. where did Alli get those caramel chocolate chips rice cakes from? 2. Greg what happened to your arm?! 3. Do I hear the piggy in the background?

  • Luke Harris
    Luke Harris

    I want your opinions. I’m a 13 year old that wants muscle and to be lean. I can’t lose weight though or else I’ll be rly small and b in trouble with my dad. When I flex my abs a little they are visible. I’m 5 foot 2. I also want muscle and I want your opinion on what to do. I’m also 90lbs I’m also lifting rn with 2500 cals and over 175 grams of protein a day. I’m also doing cardio through sports walking and running every day. I want to know if I should keep doing what I’m doing or something different

    • Ho Lee Fuk
      Ho Lee Fuk

      I'm 16, been lifting for 3 years now. You're probably a skinny guy and your dad thinks you need to bulk to gain muscle. My family also thinks this way and they literally force fed me for 6 months when i started to have a death face because i was getting shredded. My family won't listen to reason, but your dad might. Try explaning him why bulking doesn't makes you gain actual muscle. It only made me miserable and i got into a yoyo diet for months when trying to cut. If being lean means a lot to you because you want to achieve your goals and your father won't listen to reason, them i think you should stand up for yourself and not listen to your father. I bowed down to my parents and i got very depressed for not being able to see any progress for months, i think the consequences of not achieving your goals are way worse than not listening to your father, considering i've suffered both of them. If you decide to loose wheight you for sure doesn't need this many calories. Just eat 1g of protein per pound of bodywheight and stay in a 200-300 calories deficit. If you do 150 minutes of moderate cardio a week idk you would be in a deficit by eating this much calories, so if you want to maintain or bulk u should probably keep doing what you're doing.

  • Fran the Man
    Fran the Man

    Videos are getting better and funnier than last time !! Keep it up

  • Eddie Boi-SS
    Eddie Boi-SS

    With this new cookbook, Coach Greg is officially sending a message to the illuminati that he is ready to sell out..."13" n "42"....super obvious to the woken people.... people who are sleep have no clue

  • Youreactuallygood


  • Muhammad Robbani Ilham
    Muhammad Robbani Ilham

    Coach Greg hair become more and more wild 🤣 I mean yes long hair do make you looks god but please style it 🤣

  • Jordan Singer
    Jordan Singer

    Cant wait to buy Coach Greg's supplement line harder and faster than last time! Time to make me more broke than last time! But more shredded than last time!

  • Derrick Scott
    Derrick Scott

    Rice cake sandwich? Must be Will's recipe 😂 my vote goes to Ally

  • Gowrish Vaka
    Gowrish Vaka

    Greg, after watching your vidoes I learned what youtubers were full of shit. Just from watching one video and reading their titles. You’ve taught me so much. You’re like the uncle I’ve never had.