Is Jeff Nippard Wrong? It Depends || How To Know If You're Training Hard Enough
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  • Ferdie Gains
    Ferdie Gains

    Conclusion? Ask the Rock ;)

  • Jeremy Rhodes
    Jeremy Rhodes

    Are you higher than last time

  • Eric Swanson
    Eric Swanson

    Jeff VS Greg: They're both right! Cool! It is pretty funny when he calls Jeff a 🐱

  • Steve Fredrick
    Steve Fredrick

    Is this guy's voice exaggerated? Or does he actually sound like that? It's annoying as fuck...

  • Ryan

    Why do I feel like Greg is just repeating what Jeff has said in the past but in a higher octave XD

  • Daniel Lundstrom
    Daniel Lundstrom

    2 most anoying voices I have ever heard

  • Andy Green
    Andy Green

    you would have been better to show the whole video rather than butt in and miss out the points that Jeff goes on to make.

  • John Person
    John Person

    I’m pretty sure Jeff hasn’t improved much in years? He trains half ass IMO.

  • Huncho’s Real Fitness
    Huncho’s Real Fitness

    Working out n training are see Goku now that’s training💯

  • Brendan

    You wanna get technical on hypertrophy? Watch Dr. Mike on Renaissance Periodization. Wanna cut the BS and get down and dirty? Watch coach Greg.

  • Andrew D
    Andrew D

    Do I have to listen to the 5-10 sets a week when 10 sets 2x a week leaves me feeling almost 100% the next day? Or should I go harder? Is it hurting me more than taking it until I am just barely sore or should I be sore for 2 days and recover just in time for my next day?

    • Szelitzky Erick
      Szelitzky Erick

      @Andrew D every workout is a good workout if you make sure you progressive overload and balance your volume/intensity based on your training experience. Aka do 10-20 sets per muscle group per week, preferably split into 2 different sessions per week , and always do your best to progressive overload.

    • Szelitzky Erick
      Szelitzky Erick

      @Andrew D by following the basic principles of training?

    • Andrew D
      Andrew D

      @Szelitzky Erick but then how do you know you really got a good workout? I’m not trying to be sarcastic, but I know it prolly sounds like I am. Just don’t know.

    • Szelitzky Erick
      Szelitzky Erick

      Soreness isn't something you should base your volume and intensity ob

  • groinnoise

    🤔Hmmm... are some of the best bodybuilders training hard enough to make gains?

  • Martin Cruz
    Martin Cruz

    3:44 This line = HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  • Darkout Productions
    Darkout Productions

    Jeff nippard destroyed once again, screw that midget

  • braydon mccormack
    braydon mccormack

    Greg's and Jeff's content is so different but there both so good !

  • Akagi Senpai
    Akagi Senpai

    9:18 is that a lipstick on his biceps 😅🤣✌️

  • do al
    do al

    Use to train at a gym where the owner (former pro bodybuilder) used to say to just train harder for gains. Took me several years and videos of coach greg to realise what training harder means.. thanks Greg!

  • Nick N
    Nick N

    how can you train HARDER than last time if you go to LEGITIMATE functional failure on the last couple sets of each exercise every workout? By definition you went as hard as possible the last workout

    • Nick N
      Nick N

      @Szelitzky Erick you're probably right... but I'll still go hard reaching for that one more ounce of muscle :-)

    • Szelitzky Erick
      Szelitzky Erick

      @Nick N tbh if you're 56 with many years of training you probably should just aim to mentain what u got as much as possible while father time slowly gets to ya

    • Nick N
      Nick N

      @Szelitzky Erick Thanks Erick....but you can't add a rep or a pound if you are already going to failure. The drops sets and getting assistance makes sense though. But again, if you do that, how do you make it harder the next time if you are already going max effort? Maybe it's just me plateauing at 56 after many, many years of training

    • Szelitzky Erick
      Szelitzky Erick

      You can slow down the reps, add a rep, add a pound, do drop sets, do past failure with help, rest less. Just do a littlebit more of something so your muscles are more challenged than last time

  • SW

    I love how he cut the video in a way that does not show his failed rep.

  • Herma 1
    Herma 1

    If I’m sore, i trained harder than last time.

  • Kratos 370
    Kratos 370

    Great video doc! Let's deeeeestroy Jeff Nippulse and then his girlfriend Stephanie extra butter and build a great channel 👍

  • Ged0

    eating your own words. and copyrighting others videos.... from hero to zero...

  • Richard Trass
    Richard Trass

    Great value add GShred. Why can’t you come up with your own content rather than piggy backing off other more intelligent creators and add nothing in the process? As usual you are dumber than last time

  • Smalltownbrewer1

    The most important thing a person can do is learn how their body feels whether that's good or bad. There's normal soreness and not normal. If you have sore tendons and joints that's not good. Learn your body get good at mind muscle connection and just work hard!

  • Robert Mcintire
    Robert Mcintire

    I'm always sore. Am I training hard enough?

    • Szelitzky Erick
      Szelitzky Erick

      Probably too hard

  • Zdzisiek Woźnicki
    Zdzisiek Woźnicki

    is this video good to watch? It depends. Do you learn antyhing form this vid? It depends? Do i need to get some sleep? It depends, now i need to pee, cheers

  • Tim T
    Tim T

    And curlean x just made a video that shows how contradictory g-shred aka Douchette is as per usual. greg sees a Jeff Nippard video and responds just because he doesn’t like Jeff , who btw is nowhere near the narcissistic loser greg is . Jeff will always be the better person and UZloadr

  • W J
    W J

    Ik if I’m training hard enough because the next day I feel like I got washed ashore

  • Jeffrey Culley
    Jeffrey Culley

    This whole video strawmans Jeff's video. Greg taking the L on this one just because he ignored what Jeff's video was actually about.

  • TheRealBandito

    Jay Cutler doing high volume with less intensity on a bench press with 4 plates on each side when that's my 1 rep max. Beast gotta beast😂

  • TikiorTaka

    I think Coach kind of missed the point of Jeff's video.

  • Cumming Reviews
    Cumming Reviews

    Coach Greg's Hair is crazier looking than last time.

  • mrliljosh93

    If you slow down the rate of putting Coach Greg’s cookbook in your cart to checking out, are you not buying the cookbook hard enough? NO! Not if your buying the cookbook harder than last time.

  • Jon Duke
    Jon Duke

    IMHO RPE/RIR is a bunch of mental masturbation. Just go harder than last time.

  • Mike Z
    Mike Z

    Jeff means well, but at the end of the day bodybuilding is simple. Genetics > diet > training. Eat at a surplus get your macros and train hard thats it. All these fancy programs or rep schemes etc is over ly complex for little benefit

  • Jacob vickery
    Jacob vickery

    Hey Greg, I think you should make a video on training a beginner, intermediate, and experienced lifter so everyone knows exactly how hard to train!

  • Shin Gozira
    Shin Gozira

    I've gotten stronger but my body hasn't changed much but I also know it's because im trying to get more disciplined with my diet.

  • Nick Falzone
    Nick Falzone

    Why does Greg sound normal at 1.25 speed but Jeff sounds like a munchkin on adderall?

  • LEWD

    I didn't expect this but this was one of the most motivational videos you've done 💪🏽

  • Kenny C
    Kenny C

    At hypertrophy

  • Mr. X. Dietitian
    Mr. X. Dietitian

    If i was jeff, i'll delete the video after this responsed...

  • Nabeel Mamar
    Nabeel Mamar

    I've seen so maybe newbies talking about rpe it's so funny. Like just train

  • K C
    K C

    Doctor Circle spilling the truth

  • StoicTrader

    volume & your progress on the same weight / same lift are the two most important factors that determine if you're training hard enough...

  • Corporate Camilo
    Corporate Camilo

    "5 more reps left in the tank" Me being a powerlifter: *does 2 reps at most on each exercise*

  • C Sanchez
    C Sanchez

    Had stop watching this one. The froth collecting in his mouth was too much 😂

  • Justin L
    Justin L

    i think he is just referring to training hard enough during that set, not the entire workout..... which is what greg is talking about during this video. Jeff is more looking at the individual set , if you are working hard enough.

  • Hải Phạm
    Hải Phạm

    Now everytime i think i have trained hard enough i will think of Greg face saying I'm not training hard enough and do a couple rep more.

  • Hewesy

    "Most people train like pussies." Coach Greg. Can't argue that. I can't emphasise enough just how much I hate this new wave of people referring the the literature but they have a shit physique and everyone involved in the stufy has a shit physique. Science has been chasing the anecdote. Not the other way round.

  • carl hey
    carl hey

    coach greg everytime i workout i almost puke myself is that hard enough?

  • Fredy Castro
    Fredy Castro

    I do not listen to music while working out anymore, I just listen to coach Greg telling me I train like a pu$$y to motivate me.

  • rockmanman

    Loved this video!

  • Michael Bach
    Michael Bach

    Can you tell by looking at people? Hell no. But for yourself, you can tell. If you do a set and every set is with proper form and you feel like you're slowing down, it's a pretty good sign that you're coming close to failure. At least within that 10-20 rep range. I've filmed myself during exercises (going to failure because I mostly train each part once per week) and looking at the footage, I can make a pretty good guess when I'm about to fail. For me, the last 2 reps always get disproportionally slower. Going from something 1-1.5 seconds on the eccentric part of the bench press to grinding for 4-5 seconds.

    • العقيد معمر القذافي
      العقيد معمر القذافي

      i do exactly the same man, no matter how hard i work the muscle, youtube makes me feel like once a week aint enough

  • Adonay Munoz
    Adonay Munoz

    You can't train harder then last time that impossible unless your on PEDs 👀

    • Adonay Munoz
      Adonay Munoz

      I would love to squat 405 for reps every other week but my body can't take it and that's just one exercise see where I'm going with this ,the train harder then last time doesn't really work for you average joe

  • George Franklin
    George Franklin

    You smell

  • C Hartnett
    C Hartnett

    If you’re nearly passing out after a hard set.

  • ridhuan sazuki
    ridhuan sazuki

    coach greg: that's extra inch can make a difference, trust me ask the guys me : daring aren't we

  • Remingtin

    Getting huge: if it was easy, everyone would do it.

  • blayes

    Gregs getting a bit picky just so he can debate jeffs video. I think he knows where jeff was getting at, but greg went overboard so he can clapback.

  • Pierce Curry
    Pierce Curry

    Greg man, I needed to hear that about not going harder every single workout. I started wrestling again after being out cuz of Covid for over a year, and it’s been very tough on my body to practice 2 hours a day, and lift. My gym performance has been dropping and I’ve been angry with myself for not being able to train harder then last time every time, but I’m glad to hear my efforts are still good enough

  • Blank

    Ask any girl how much the extra inch matters actually

  • tijus 26
    tijus 26



    Woah new cam is ridiculous

  • K

    If your sore and tired lol

  • Mura

    I took a harder dump than the last time. Whatever it takes baby.

  • Ryan Ireland
    Ryan Ireland

    Hey Coach or anybody reading this. Does anybody have any knowledge on what a low or normal test level should be in Canadian terms nmol/l please and thanks

  • Romeo F
    Romeo F

    Coach Greg looks tired

  • Nadeemius

    Greg metions Facepulls not on the compound movement Lvl Jeff Cavalier: 😳

  • Redgey05

    I used Jeff Nipards "Neck Strengthening Workout Programme" last year. Im sure I'm on a fail video somewhere.

  • Son Shawnzy
    Son Shawnzy

    Does he ever respond to these ?

  • Joshua Zinsser
    Joshua Zinsser

    I mean as someone who has lifted weights since 8th grade I can say that it’s very easy to tell if you are getting close to your limit or not, training harder and harder than last time really just comes down to being honest with yourself. Stop making excuses to call it quits early. And if you simply can’t do it that session that’s fine just like Greg said, everyone has ups and downs but as long as you are being your best and pushing your self every time you can you are doing great.

  • boo_justine

    Yes coach

  • theanwseris cocaine
    theanwseris cocaine

    I always get that extra inch by taking a run up.

  • skyler lankford
    skyler lankford

    Everytime I watch the coach I question if I'm training like a pussy or not...probably lol

  • Joe Joey
    Joe Joey

    you are starting to sound like the Gilbert Gottfried of fitness


    Greg, I have a little question. On periods I work consistently I am rarely sore. Is that a problem? I am working hard but it seems that each time I get to a certain fitness level I don't get sore anymore. Now if I'd change a program I am sure I'll get sore as I've already done that multiple times

  • chrisman B
    chrisman B

    When I go to the gym i do 1 set of 2 reps of index finger curls then go to McDonald’s eat 20k calories and sleep the rest of the day, can’t wait for my 6 pack

  • Anteneh Ayele
    Anteneh Ayele

    GREG : ‘It depends it varies on a number of different factors’ . Also Greg : ‘ Just train harder than last time’

  • Peter Romaskiewicz
    Peter Romaskiewicz

    "Training harder than last time" is only meaningful if you have metrics (one more set, one more rep, more depth, whatever). Jeff is providing one very insightful avenue for metrics. Not sure why Coach Greg can't just give some straight up praise to Jeff here. Important unspoken context: Jeff is defending the use of RPE/RIR against folks who have claimed in the past that its a way to justify not "going hard" in the gym, when in actuality they don't really know how to use RPE/RIR.

  • Raphael deSouza
    Raphael deSouza

    more lockdowns then the last time? move to the usa

  • J Mo 3212
    J Mo 3212

    Start of this vid is actually dumb. Of course Jeff is assuming that is not the only set for the day.

  • Raphael deSouza
    Raphael deSouza


  • Simple Complexity
    Simple Complexity

    This is honestly the kind of content I like best from this channel.



  • Salvadorized

    No PAIN NO GAIN. Besides, the pain feels good, why are Nerds like Nippard looking for "data" to eek out of that? That pain is making you grow in every way. Mentally, physically and spiritually.

  • Sam Arland
    Sam Arland

    "More depends than last time"

  • Aimee Dacosta
    Aimee Dacosta

    I am using my new air pods and it scared me hearing a cat 🐈 I actually thought I had a cat in the house for a moment😆

  • what, me worry ?
    what, me worry ?

    Greg these are the type of videos i was hoping for from you. as a smaller sized guy i need tips like these, i'm sorry i talked s**t about the Natty or not vids, response vids, and said the weight loss vids were repetitive please forgive me Uncle Greg, i'm on board again...i'm making gains at 35 and i owe some of it to you!, you're my morning video choice with my coffee, keep inspiring us little guys too! thanks again.

  • boj boj
    boj boj

    Why is the left part of his chest looks more muscular

  • torn314

    Sometimes it feels like Greg is saying to train every set to failure I do a program I do advanced programming with periodization I know my one rep max is I use percentages on my list I use a 531 variation I know how many reps I should be doing for each set it is difficult I have tweaked my routine for years and I know how to make the numbers difficult I don't need to go to failure mentally I just need a complete the reps that are programmed and are already difficult due to the percentages being close to my one rep max

  • Salvadorized

    Jeff Nippard sounds like Doogie Houser M.D.

  • Squnja Lele
    Squnja Lele

    Totally agree with you coach Greg. I posted a comment on Jeff's video. Its utter nonsense and taking science to extreme levels of ridiculousness when it comes to training. Just train harder than last time. Rest days when body is sore and cannot go any harder...then cycle starts again

  • veritasrex66

    Science + Zen = Harder than last time.

  • Silky Sausage
    Silky Sausage

    Think that's Sunny Andrews

  • papaspaulding

    Ive always liked to keep it simple, Train hard as possible everytime /harder than last time. push to failure on every working set and even beyond on some, if you start to get overtraining symptoms over time then reduce volume never intensity. Of course there are other ways to approach it but that's how I've always done it with good result and has been the easiest way to ensure im training hard as possible

  • dj red hare aus
    dj red hare aus

    Most people have to do stuff after the gym

  • Muhammad Usman
    Muhammad Usman

    I am Waiting for response of jeff. Great learning in this debate

    • Carlos Seroya
      Carlos Seroya

      Jeff is above this bullshit. Jeff easily the best fitness UZloadr

  • Scott Meech
    Scott Meech

    Jeff's form on those tricep pulldowns is pretty shitty.

  • Corporate Camilo
    Corporate Camilo

    I hate Jeff nippard so much. Absolute king of tiktok beta pussbois. Such a punchable face and voice. Whining lil girlfriend. How does he even have the audacity to question 4x Mr Olympia (imo the best Mr. O ever, competed and defeated both 8x Mr. O Ronnie Coleman and 7x Mr. O Phil heath) Jay cutler. What the f is he on about man. Also, you don't have to he a fk expert to know that you can't judge the level of intensity based off one set you're seeing. What if they're warming up, Jeff's gonna be like: "*in squeaky beta voice* Ow see, he didn't Trai hard enough cuz bladiebladiebla. What's going with these Jeff's being such whining pussbois taking over the fitness industry with their whining and nonsense. Is this what the wolrd has become hence they're so popular?????

  • Keku

    Coach Greg what do you think of the claims that calorie expenditure is not linear. Meaning a person that has a BMR of 1500 cals and burnt 500 cals extra through exercise will end up burning less than 2000 calories at the end of the day due to metabolic adaptation? I hope you can make a video of this 🙏