He Called Out Derek More Plates More Dates || Durian "Defamation" Rider
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  • MrChris7582

    durian rider was a fake natty till he ended up getting caught. durian rider looks like a 12 year old girl with his body. even though he ended up admitting he took some cycles of testosterone.

  • Nathan Duburguet
    Nathan Duburguet

    Durian is a FUCK'N poster boy for morons

  • Chaos Inception
    Chaos Inception

    I can't handle his voice. It's just unbearable.

  • Jose Luis Palacios
    Jose Luis Palacios

    Oh I’m buying your cook book bro plus using your personal training methods

  • Infamous Red
    Infamous Red

    I usually dont post on youtube vids...but Coach Greg is the real deal. Brutally honest and very upfront! 💪🏻✊🏻👊🏻

  • Andrew White
    Andrew White

    Durian Rider is a MORON.

  • Ray Woods
    Ray Woods

    Coach Greg content is really becoming jerseyshore

  • scott d
    scott d

    Who cares?

  • Shlong Term Investing
    Shlong Term Investing

    Is it just me or does Greg sound like jafars bird Iago from Aladdin

  • Ryan Ferte
    Ryan Ferte

    Greg posting a video of a lambo and 2 Mercedes (at the time he “only” had 2 Mercedes) and he thinks he needs money for Natty or Not videos😂

  • tungsten toothpick
    tungsten toothpick

    Durian rider has over 200k subscribers and usually under 10k views. Bought subscribers, good example of integrity

  • K. M.
    K. M.

    D Rider looks like he's anorexic. He should just shut up.


    Gregs a liar Durian is telling the truth about him

  • Creative Films
    Creative Films

    The dog in the back😂 thinking, here we go again with my owners ranting 😅😂🤣

  • Brian Herald
    Brian Herald

    Greg relax your gonna have a heart attack bro

  • Alpha Male
    Alpha Male

    I love you coach Greg we needed you on the internet.

  • inzer0

    His voice is cracking like he's still in puberty. Wow big mad

  • funk master22
    funk master22

    I couldnt give a fk if it was roids. If he had 1/4 mill worth of gear im just jealous. Who the fk does he think your audience is ? I say we all blast his fuckin chanel.

  • Ricardo Benin
    Ricardo Benin

    Greg has been completely honest

  • Swift Currents
    Swift Currents

    When someone says “just saying” you know they’re hating. It’s like when your friend goes “yo your mom is fat” and you’re like “yo! What the fuck!?” And he goes “just saying bro!” Also. I’m pretty sure the “Greg” that legit got caught with a shit ton of gear was Gregg Valentino. Lol.

  • This Guy
    This Guy

    Dunno how I landed here with Puri Puri Prisoner but I learned quite a bit about Durian the 'Defamator' Rider.

  • Daniel Stephens
    Daniel Stephens

    im an aussie and am actually ashamed he is as well sue him man set a precedence as you say you cant just say what you want with 'zero' facts sue sue sue

  • William Charles
    William Charles

    That poor dog has to have hearing loss in the "Doucette" audio range.

  • Heath Foreman
    Heath Foreman

    If you’ve juiced to get where you are, you don’t get to claim you’re natural. If you’re on TRT, you don’t get to claim you’re natural.

  • Forrest Evans
    Forrest Evans

    Fuck that Durian dude!

  • Alex

    That old fart just wants attention. You literally mentioned in your other videos to ignore people like him. I guess I'll recommend the same :D

  • Joe cosentino
    Joe cosentino

    D R is a joke and always will be

  • Paul Emil Levasseur
    Paul Emil Levasseur

    Isn't a Durian a fruit that smells bad?

  • stromgol8888

    Please stop crying and cut your hair

  • OhHelloThere...

    This guy Greg needs help he might have a brain issue. Dude is wack. Does he have integrity or just yell about it? What a cry baby. Now that’s not made up lol. Makes fun of 800 views when he used to have 800 as well lol. Wtf UZload is dumb.

  • Matthew Wagner
    Matthew Wagner

    Calling him out is more attention than he deserves

  • Adam Harris
    Adam Harris

    Greg he's a troll.

    • Adam Harris
      Adam Harris

      He's openly a troll. He's an ass for views.

  • mrrmunden5163

    Hate the voice, love the facts and enthusiasm. Never change coach.

  • D Refuel Studio
    D Refuel Studio

    Am surprised he didn't have a heart attacked when he got so mad and turned red. I've noticed amongst "these fitness guys" that they bash each other. It's fucking drama. get more views and more subs.

  • Travis Benecke
    Travis Benecke

    Funny how the dog shows up soon as he starts speaking about claims of being a natty can tell this really peaked its interest 😂

  • Sorry Förlåt mig
    Sorry Förlåt mig

    I got a meditation ad in the middle of his yelling. So beautiful!!!

  • Jaxon Hamamura
    Jaxon Hamamura

    Sounds like a nagging fucking bird

  • Jaxon Hamamura
    Jaxon Hamamura

    Yes is a lyer

  • Garrad Lester
    Garrad Lester

    Coach Greg, this guy is the “laughing stock of Australia “. Save your energy and lower your blood pressure because all of his here down under know this guy is a complete tool, his not even worth mentioning. We all know who the real Coach is !

  • D G
    D G

    Didn’t know this guy still existed on UZload LOL came across him a decade ago when I was getting into cycling, he’s an “almost-went-pro” cyclist who built a UZload following talking about doping in cycling and telling people to eat nothing but bananas...clearly he just wants attention again.

  • Brian Keenan
    Brian Keenan

    Greg needs a haircut!! 😅🤣🤣

  • OneHourShower

    Coach whatchya doin with your hair bud? You have a wonderful head of hair kid.

  • David Donally
    David Donally

    Lmao if a 13 year old can afford Greg’s program then I’d like to know whos paying children

  • Joe Woody
    Joe Woody

    Eff that guy coach Greg!! Love your work, I think you're as honest as the day is long my friend

  • Sandy Cooper
    Sandy Cooper

    Very Jealousy, they are. Keep it up, Greg. Love your honesty. Few and far between these days.

  • Chris Clee
    Chris Clee

    Oh calm down you drama queen

  • jason bourne
    jason bourne

    In case you guys have forgotten durian rider got into some drama with his 50 bananas a day diet back in the day

  • Erick Ferini
    Erick Ferini

    Greg buddy ,,, why do you even give s ..t about this dud ?? you should only give 10% energy on this freak lol ,))

  • Double A
    Double A

    Durian rider is an idiot. Don’t give him airtime please. If people are dumb enough to follow him let them go.

  • Sean Currlin
    Sean Currlin

    Do the haters realize that these videos just make Greg stronger?? My man gets a legit PUMP every time he sets them straight 💪🏻💪🏻

  • Michael Maxwell
    Michael Maxwell

    Durian Rider has always been a troll and he loves confrontation. I wouldn't take him seriously, he just likes competition.

  • Carlos Torres-Rivera
    Carlos Torres-Rivera

    Anyone else wondering what happened to Greg's bicep? Is that a hickie?


    Durian should worry about his rounding forward shoulders and no chest more than other people. Durians got the body of a 80 yr old marathon runner wtf, where tf is he coaching? a old folks home? Those old people actually think he’s Arnold himself. I noticed he had a Vegan shirt on… that Vegan shirt just makes me think he’s just targeting people who eat meat and that are bigger than him.

  • chendo jamin
    chendo jamin

    i think the dog is deaf, how can u chill next to that?

  • hk

    Shouldn't give him publicity like this. He WANTS this.....


    I'm pretty educated in all these subjects discussed in most of these videos. And from everything I've seen Derek and Greg know their stuff very well. Matter of fact Derek is the only person I've ever even seen on UZload that is more well read on pharmacology then I am. My masters is in nutrition and I also have a factors in psychology. I'm very grateful to Greg and Derek because they've discussed things that have helped my training and been able to advance my knowledge without me having to do all the legwork. I hope one of these days I get the chance to tell both of them in person thank you

  • Jason Vectrex
    Jason Vectrex

    He's a moron that obviously hasn't watched your videos. Trying to just get attention.

  • BWecology _scotland
    BWecology _scotland

    It makes no sense!!!

  • Gary Hubbard
    Gary Hubbard

    Gilbert Gottfried on riods love your show man listen to you advice you admit you are on stuff er have been true I'm on sarms they work I'm 53 no point work out with weights if nit

  • Malik Garrett
    Malik Garrett

    Coach Greg never claimed to be natural so why would he lie about the amount of compounds he takes. And calories in and calories is facts. Durian Rider is full of it.

  • Pierce Counter
    Pierce Counter

    Buy my friken cook book

  • Supa Fance
    Supa Fance

    Giga chad douchette

  • Supa Fance
    Supa Fance

    Oh durianrider, the reply girl of the fitness community.

  • Koalition Jim
    Koalition Jim

    I'm hating that squirrel on your head

  • Jaco ehlers
    Jaco ehlers

    This idiot is making Craig pissed off is an asshole

  • Just Some Clown
    Just Some Clown

    The clout chaser has become the chased

  • KiwiM3P

    What have you done with your bicep buddy?

  • Deven Kingman
    Deven Kingman

    Hey coach, just wondering wat that bruise on ur right bicep is? no idea wat it could be but it kind of stuck out to me, hope everything is alright!

  • Troy Fiss
    Troy Fiss

    The first video I saw of Greg's ... "I'm not natural." Other YTers... "He claims he's natural." What where how what


    Philion is a fucking turd

  • Kurt Gencheff
    Kurt Gencheff

    If greg had 250k in gear he wouldnt need to do vids

  • WT

    Durianrider is a bit of a troll for views. Always has been. He's also pretty much banned from the vegan community for numerous transgressions of the legal sort. . . as well as for being a not so great human. Honestly, it's best just to ignore him. Everyone in the comments who side with Durianrider are most likely his fake trolling accounts. Don't get sucked it!!!

  • Eternals Victor
    Eternals Victor

    Why is the light off in the video with Durian? why does he look so sweaty? Gollum??? is that you!!

  • Last Minute Heroics
    Last Minute Heroics

    The reason I start watching Greg because he admitted shit and the truth. So I trust Greg. And buy the damn cookbook!!

  • Luis Zapien
    Luis Zapien

    Genetics dictate how much juice you take and look. Greg hasn’t bullshit anyone he is open about taking gear and what to eat. If I had the financial means to afford Coach Greg I would definitely hire him.

  • Kevin Byars
    Kevin Byars

    Don’t even know why you are making a video of DR who became irrelevant when his banana girlfriend left him for another dude and then she moved to the bush! DR complete irrelevant, useless twat!

  • SQ_TierHog

    ... and, hasn't Durian boy been at a couple thousand subs for a long time now?

  • SQ_TierHog

    I really hate to see Coach so upset. Oh, he's justified in being pissed. When he busts his ass to be so transparent, encourages people everyday day to become their best (not someone else's best), he gains popularity (congratulations on 1 million, Coach!). Now the attention seeking vultures appear and attack him with absolute BS! These +uckers make me sick. The only way they can get views is by BS'ing on someone who has truly earned their views. We love you Coach, hang in there!

  • J Money
    J Money

    Greg thats one nasty bicep pop you got there :s

  • Luke Jerace
    Luke Jerace

    Lol why do you care?

  • James Perocillo
    James Perocillo

    hmmm lets settle this on a bike race HAHAHA

  • Joe Edwards
    Joe Edwards

    Isn't a Durian that weird fruit that looks delicious, but tastes and stinks like a bad Onion...? Sounds legit... Lots of fishy facts from that guy

  • krischanBleibtNormal

    he's a weirdo in his basement, totally creeping me out

  • T Odriscoll
    T Odriscoll

    All this from a stick insect...😂

  • Johnny Brook
    Johnny Brook

    More spews, more views

  • Premium Sauce
    Premium Sauce

    Lol “he lied for 802 views”

  • David Worden
    David Worden

    I'm with you greg the only way people can get ahead is by tearing you down fuck him keep fighting the good fight I'm adding you to my subscription

  • Hans Müller
    Hans Müller

    "calories in calories out which is complete nonsense." bruh what?

  • Drunk Wizard
    Drunk Wizard

    It really makes me sad when people choose to spew lies about a man who tells us the truth and has our best interests in mind.

  • OG -10
    OG -10

    His dogs in the back like.... damn is he’s angry

  • yourmom705

    The dog at 5:48 ight ima head out

  • Apollosungod

    hilarious that someone who is scamming people is accusing Greg of scamming people when Greg has been transparent af. Keep up the good work Coach Greg!

  • Kyle Pinpin
    Kyle Pinpin

    We love you Coach Greg. Just wanna give you my support despite all this drama and slander.

  • Marc Kerkvliet
    Marc Kerkvliet

    Greg fan for a long time! and a circle myself.. only why lower yourself to a nobody... Greg keep up the good work!!

  • Mindtrix

    Greg telling lies in this vid... his recipes are easily just as good as the real thing.. only 80%? Stop lying to people Greg 😉

  • Salem Mouchref
    Salem Mouchref

    don’t pay attention to this guy, You’re making him more famous by talking about him and exactly what he wants

  • Power Up Guy
    Power Up Guy

    Dorian is another Vegan Gains

  • ArchRotor

    Durian trying to put the fitness community on blast about a decade too late. You have to be ahead of the trends to grow a channel. Something Greg understands.