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  • La Guardia Cross
    La Guardia Cross

    You've basically become the pastor of my imaginary fitness church. I've swapped all the sauces, butter, and toppings in my house with the low-calorie versions not recommended by Bobby Parrish. I got a scale to see the inaccuracy of food labels and egg white french toast is my new communion. I dropped 40lbs over 2 years and your videos helped me drop another 10 in the past few months. I never understood why my weight would randomly increase after eating so many "organic" and "whole" foods, but I understand now. I also understand that I had a hidden 6 pack. Thanks, Pastor Greg.

    • Clownsof Youtoobz
      Clownsof Youtoobz

      @Superset Everything Don't waste time in the echo chamber preaching to the sycophants. Let Screech get the 100 dollar bills out of their wallets for his ridiculous "cookbook"....oh ya, and drink more diet soda 🤦🏿‍♂️ How anyone takes Screech seriously is both sad and hilarious at the same time.

    • Falhawk73

      Don't forget regular sugars PLUS added sugars as well. So it is more sugars in low fat stuff than we think. Remember some people are prediabetes and need to watch sugar intake as well.


      the 6pack has always been there, you only need to belive... and sub to coach greg

    • Jack

      There is only one God the messiah Jesus Christ not Greg Amen.

    • Jack

      Love God and your neighbor

  • Steve Senger
    Steve Senger

    This is one of the dumbest and easiest videos for Coach Greg to critique that I've SEEN! CICO (calories in calories out) Pretty basic....Too much sugar and/or fats/protein (Calories) is bad for your health. 1g Fat = 9 cal, 1g Carb = 4 cal, 1g Protein = 4 cal. Pretty freakin' basic! Nicely done Coach Greg! I generally eat the Light option (mayo, cottage cheese, 1% milk etc) Still getting some healthy fats but not all of them, while keeping my slight calorie deficit in check :)

  • softinix

    I think you missed a point here. Not everyone will lower BP when losing weight. I'm a live example of that within my optimum weight range and couldn't lower my BP until I quit sugar and bread and went into hight fat intake. It just depends on your body type and how your body processes sugar and not everyone is same when it comes to that. I think we should try to find what works best for our body type and stick to that for the most part. For me even high fat doesn't work long term. My body doesn't process starchy foods in a good way unfortunately and I stick mostly to beans and some fruits in limited quantities and I'm at 14% fat approximately right now. I think you can both be right depending on what body type is fit your way of eating. Please everyone reading this take your glucose and BP levels and take a base blood test a week or so before and after trying any diet and see if it's better or worse. the blood test may be taken like a month after. BP and insulin can get up and up gradually without you noticing it. Just own your knowledge and take these diet recommendation with a grain of salt.

  • kevin motley
    kevin motley

    I here Greg talk about Powdered Peanut Butter?? What kind is the best to use?? Any thoughts??? thanks !! Be blessed

  • Dave Rowe
    Dave Rowe

    I think you should start to push the importance of Fat for healthy hormone balance especially for natural lifters who can see a severe drop in testosterone production if they dont get enough. At the very least give advise on the minimum requirements we need. Your current advice makes people think they should cut as much fat out of their diet so they can feel fully for longer.

  • John Castellanos
    John Castellanos

    Ah yes I think we're all familiar with "mole milk" 🤔🤔🤔😂😂😂😂

  • Hayley Simpson
    Hayley Simpson

    Hey Coach Greg, you know I love your videos when I substitute yours for Wendy Williams 😁😁

  • Adrianna Morgan
    Adrianna Morgan

    I honestly love Bobby and his Costco videos! Bobby is about health, Greg is about being fit. Being “fit” and being “healthy” are not always the same, I appreciate both guys!

  • Alexander Harley Newell
    Alexander Harley Newell

    Where is our analysis/roast of a Bobby Parish "Full Day of Eating" video?

  • Kate

    thanks coach Greg - wise as always - i stopped following bobby P a while ago - he says alot of stuff that sounds off to me.

  • J R
    J R

    Clearly Mr. Coach Greg, this man you.made the video on is an idiot. To him 4+4=5 🧐

  • Paige Souza
    Paige Souza

    I agree.. but can’t stand the powdered peanut butter though. It tastes terrible to me except for maybe when it’s blended into a smoothie or something. Otherwise I’d just rather eat half the amount of normal peanut butter and be satisfied with that. Sometimes the lower calorie option sucks.

  • CFABN267

    I became lactose intolerant a few years ago and cut dairy out of my as much as I could and lost 10 pounds. Didn't change anything else.

  • DrChimRichalds

    I do love a nice fresh glass of "Mole" Milk

  • Joe Beck
    Joe Beck

    Your low fat diet contributed to my low test levels and now im struggling to recover.

  • 305PROTEIN


  • Debra Metzger
    Debra Metzger

    Gteg, you probably already knew this, but it's only his "click bait" that's about weight gain. He then switched and goes into his narrative more along the lines of "health food" or healthier ingredients (not that butter, whole milk, mayonnaise, etc. is health food lol, ridiculous). You both make cogeant points, but yeah, first weight loss his products are...wrong! LOL

  • Debra Metzger
    Debra Metzger


  • Anneke Schat
    Anneke Schat

    Dairy in general is garbage for your body. We are not cows we are people. Give up the dairy people! So many great alternatives without added hormones. Also meat is killing us! Meat now is garbage and unless your raising your own meat don’t waste your time. Everyone wonders why we all have health issues. It’s from the meat and dairy products!!! Eat veggies, nuts seeds and fruits! 👍

  • OsculatingPlane

    After seeing Coach Greg use sugar free syrup on his salads, which was a bit much for me, I started using sugar free bbq sauce and I've basically stopped using salad dressings at all. My primary condiments are bbq sauce, mustard, and salsa (always no added sugar and/or low sodium if I can find it).

  • Albert Pálfi
    Albert Pálfi

    I changed my diet a year ago, swapping cheese and milk and all that stuff with high fat for low-fat alternatives. Dropped 8 kilograms in 5 months while gaining muscle. I guess unhealthy fats are, you know, unhealthy and full of calories at the end of the decade...

  • Natty Bushdoctor
    Natty Bushdoctor

    Who remembers the word "FATTENING" ?? My mother still uses that word. " avocados are so fattening" ... LOL.

  • ldoubleg2006

    Following Bobby Parrish advice will make you fat, unhealthy amd eventually you'll pe(a)rrish.

  • shiv mirani
    shiv mirani

    What works for me is a high fat low carb diet 2 meals a day. I feel sick to my stomach if I eat multiple times especially high carb foods. Combine that with a deficit and I’ve lost 55 lbs. different things work for different people one just needs to figure it out

  • Mike Radka
    Mike Radka

    "You're literally heating your body" - so true. I only noticed this when I went high-protein. The thermic effect of protein is one you can FEEL.

  • Andrea Marie
    Andrea Marie

    Coach Greg's way of eating has helped me begin to lose weight and feel healthier overall. Between dressings, sauces, syrups, sodas, and so many 'extras' that the average person dumps all over their food and into their bodies- just switching those out for the no sugar or lower calorie versions of it all is what helps.

  • James Watson
    James Watson

    are we going to ignore the fact low fat or lighter versions of food/drink taste like fucking garbage?

  • Ato Mix
    Ato Mix

    Doc: ... gummy bears for snack ... *Jessie from Athlean-X has joined the chat*

  • Rafał Rafalski
    Rafał Rafalski

    Ally is some kind of Angel, not trigered by screems in living room just focused on Animals and being happy 🤣

  • BillandMel Pat everysinglechanceIget
    BillandMel Pat everysinglechanceIget

    Hey Greg , Thank you for clarifying all this for us . People like this Guy can make things confusing but thankfully well educated people like your self explain things and make sense . I have been following your advice and have lest 12 kilos over the last 6 months !!!

  • Jack

    Love God and your neighbor

  • Who You Calling Pinhead
    Who You Calling Pinhead

    Has too much sugar for 2g sugar and 6g of sugar is the right amount 🤔 skeletor: WHAT?!!!! Power to you Greg for making this video I couldn’t finish harder than last time because parish is just literally spewing things out of his ass 😱

  • Cameron James
    Cameron James

    Mmm still gonna try keto for a while

  • Philip Hansson
    Philip Hansson

    im sure hes right about some of his points, those points are barely, if at all, rleveant when it comes to fatloss

  • Toni Robledo
    Toni Robledo

    This is incorrect. I've tried keto diet, 3000kal a day and had to stop because i was losing too much weight! Calores in out isn't that easy.

  • timbay

    He’s also wearing a mask. Another point for coach Greg.

  • Superman Steve
    Superman Steve

    This is so false fat can give u satiety like a lean steak with some fat and avacado can make u full I think a balance of moderate fats help with nutrients

  • Chelsea Lorio
    Chelsea Lorio

    I love watching Bobby’s videos cause I can find “cleaner” products. But wow..... Thanks Coach G. for speaking truth! 💗

  • Ben Miller
    Ben Miller

    Do a video on PROBIOTICS!!!! Study’s I read say it’s snake oil basically but every guru swears by them! Help us out coach!

  • Jeff Schultz
    Jeff Schultz

    When I eat higher carb I am just constantly hungry all the time. I just rotate days where I eat higher carb and then higher fat. So I can try and keep my hunger in check. Fats are goo...carbs are good... EAT BOTH

  • Frankie Lopez
    Frankie Lopez

    Coach Greg needs to update the food pyramid for all the circles.

  • Me and my bois
    Me and my bois

    Mom why dad's shouting *Honey he is just working*

  • Frank Logrim
    Frank Logrim

    I agree with the calories in vs calories out ofc chef, but saying lower fat alternatives with vegetable oils doesn't cause inflammation is ignorant when you just argued for healthy omega 3 fats from salmon, high omega 6 fats (vegetable oils) are sky high with omega 6 that we do not need more of in our diets.

  • Joseph Brown
    Joseph Brown

    More beard than last time! Keep growing it ! Haha

  • Lucy

    I've lost 25kg in the past year. I've never paid attention to the amount of fat or carbs in things. I just counted calories while eating healthy, whole foods. Nowadays I eat a lot more protein and I've noticed that I lose more weight when I up my intake, but I still don't pay attention to fats. Unless I go over my calorie intake I don't gain weight just because I've consumed more fat in my diet. I'm frankly fed up of people villifying specific macros or food groups and telling people you'll get fat from them. Theres no such thing, unless you're eating enough of it to go over your maintenance calories. It's really that simple. Just use common sense when it comes to your food choices and choose healthy options.

  • Erin Chisum
    Erin Chisum

    So this dude literally didn’t mention calories. Does it seem like he was hired by the dairy and meat companies to purposefully tell people what they want to hear??? Companies: “hire that non-threatening skinny dude to tell people to buy our worst shit... yes that’ll work!”

  • idioticmetsfan

    I watched his video. I think he is talking more from an ingredient perspective, then weight loss or calorie perspective.

  • Young Natty Music
    Young Natty Music

    Greg your face and eyes looks different here 🤔

  • Cole Duffy
    Cole Duffy

    It always bothers me when people say the bread I eat or the milk I drink is going to make a difference🤦🏻‍♂️

  • WorldNomad

    These Bobby Parrish types are all over the internet spreading misinformation. Keep after them Greg

  • Oreo-San

    the real answer is - low calorie dense foods and calories in vs calories out!

  • Squaleboy14

    I do agree with you that this guy is full of shit.. but I don’t agree that fats don’t feel you up lool. Eat a high fat meal and if you’ve had enough in it trust me it’s hard to even want to eat a meal for the rest of the day. Else keto dieters wouldn’t always have such amazing results

  • Patrick Rollins
    Patrick Rollins

    Love your videos Coach Greg but I guess everybody's different. I've been dieting and I bought your first cookbook last year. I went from 166lbs to 184lbs using your cookbook. The cravings just started coming all the time. Realized that the diet soda was triggering me. Cut those out and it got a little better but I was still getting these uncontrollable binges and waking up hungry in the middle of the night. Eventually realized how low my fat intake was after examining the macros I was getting from your cookbook (I was only watching my calories and protein). As soon as I stopped using your recipes and upped my fat intake the binges went away. In my experience, I can cut out most of my fat intake and eat vegetables until I look pregnant but wake up hungry two hours later, or eat a reasonable meal with fat in it and sleep through the night. Thank you for all the good content!

  • Ricky Fit
    Ricky Fit

    Coach pb2 93-95% less fat

  • Samuel Hernandez
    Samuel Hernandez

    Iam a nutrition student and i would love to debate you on higher fat diet.

  • Samuel Hernandez
    Samuel Hernandez

    A diet higher n fa and meat promote leptin it satiates you for longer. Sugar don’t have satiate you. that’s how

  • Jonathan Arroyo
    Jonathan Arroyo

    Is not the fat is not the sugar is not the carbs is not dairy is not the oils is the freaking calories your eating

  • Jimmy Hagg
    Jimmy Hagg

    Coach Greg is a FUCKING DUMBASS!

    • Drake Lai
      Drake Lai

      And yet he has 1 million suscribers and is much richer than you

  • Jordbær

    G-shred strikes again

  • Kathy Seitz
    Kathy Seitz

    The only way to not get fat from full fat food is if you track macros and follow serving sizes to be in a caloric deficit 🤦🏻‍♀️ Bobby is way off!

  • suki2011

    Do a natty video on 4 time world 🌎 fittest man Rich Froning Jr.

  • Adambrightmore

    Don't worry Coach Greg, I'll make sure he gets a link to your cookbooks 🤣

  • Angela Roberts
    Angela Roberts

    Before I even watch the video I’m confused because Greg talks about eating salmon even though it’s not his favourite for it’s healthy fats... I’m guessing the video is about to be about B A L A N C E ⚖️ and how we only need a little fat in our diet

    • Angela Roberts
      Angela Roberts

      *presses play*: don’t drink milk, eat salmon Well...

  • Daniel Gallant
    Daniel Gallant

    Greg here's math you need to learn. Sugar 4.2 cal/g Starch 4.4 cal FAT depends on he fat! Saturated 6 cal/g (wait that's not 9). MCT 8.2 cal/g Vegetable oil 11-13 cal/g And 100% of sugar and starch is absorbed with basically no energy used to digest. Protein, as you said, is vert far from 4 cal net. The same goes for fat, though less than protein, it's a lot more than carbs. You also completely ignore the effect if insulin on metabolism, you know that thing that burns more calories than everything else? Yeah, carbs maximize your insulin release, slowing your metabolism. This is why fasting (when calories are even) works better than caloric restriction, it suppresses insulin.

  • Wes Gunton
    Wes Gunton

    I know i believe the body builder with years of experience with the right diet to Bobby Parrish. But each persons body works differently to which diet works for them. Then you got those on UZload with muscles who give their advice to the younger generation but don't reveal their tricks of the trade.

  • Daniel Gallant
    Daniel Gallant

    Sometimes I wonder if Greg's ignorance is intentional. He knows nothing about the relationship between inflammation and fat gain/loss. Nor the satiation factor. Yes, full fat milk has more calories per by volume, but you use less of it.

  • 02stampede

    This was the kindest, savage roast I have seen in a while.

  • Tennille Terry
    Tennille Terry

    My weight started to drop again after I cut out the spray oils. Thanks for the tip Coach.

  • TRT For Warriors by DMC-Productions
    TRT For Warriors by DMC-Productions

    We cannot compare those with metabolic illness to those who are healthy. Sure those who are sick can just be in a calorie deficit. But unless we solve the underlying metabolic illness, t2 diabetes, insulin resistance, hypogonadism and traumatic brain injury. You cant just exercise and be in a calorie deficit. Actually this a great video to do coach. Please talk about Traumatic Brain Injury and Hormones. We need to get this information out there.

  • McFarvo

    Greg, please stop Gshred from attacking Geoffrey V.S. on UZload. ♡

  • a Lisa
    a Lisa

    Most of your videos just say the same thing, but I keep clicking on them

  • Beast ManX
    Beast ManX

    read my mind with this video. I needed something to show my friend who insisted on eating more fats

  • KöLöVRäT

    Amazing how stupid you are.

  • Leo Ryan
    Leo Ryan

    Greg is just doing videos now to promote his cookbook, his overpriced cookbook...

  • Ueda Yuji
    Ueda Yuji

    I'm always surprised by how many "doctors" and "health gurus" don't believe or understand CICO. It's like being a flat-earther astronomer.

  • boo_justine

    Yes coach!

  • clipinqueen

    I don't know...a lot of what Coach Greg is saying sounds 'old-school' in terms of low-calorie and calories-in, calories-out. I would love for you to review a Jason Fung video (already done?) on his theory of calories-in, calories-out. Not so simple. Foods can affect you differently, despite the calories. Sounds like you don't care about the deeper science.

  • PatsNation 12
    PatsNation 12


  • ornate hammer
    ornate hammer

    Fuk pork!

  • kittycallsross

    Greg I really wish you would do a video on reverse dieting. I see a lot of posts saying on how people have become leaner by upping their calorie intake. I wish you would call this out.

  • Prince Joseph
    Prince Joseph

    I disagree with Greg in that we should always go for high volume low calorie foods. It depends on person to person. For me personally, I find that fat containing foods even though high calorie is also more sacciating. Means I could eat a whole egg with a bacon and maybe go not getting hungry for like 8 hours while a big salad with the same calorie might get me hungry after like 5 hours. But I agree with Greg that it is all about calories. If you could get your calories in calories out such that you are in a small deficit, you are going to lose weight in any diet. But the challenge is doing this, while getting your optimal macro and micro intake (this is for longer health not for weight loss)

  • 9Mercury48

    Jesus. He just doesn't get it. The guy in the video was right in almost every word he said. Greg just yells "CALORIES" by himself for about 18 minutes, gets happy with himself since he has no opposition IN HIS OWN VIDEO, and then declares himself the winner of his imaginary debate, and basically that's it. (Also, he has done that again before) Yes, fat is 9 cal/g while carbs are 4 cal/g. That doesn't take into account the satiation caused by the food. If a food is fatty and satiates you fully with 500 calories (like a good omelette), while a low fat food may have only 300 calories but you need doubles to get the same level of satiation... then you end up eating more calories even when you are low fat (in this example, 600 instead of 500). And fat IS more satiating. Try it! That's what the other guy is trying to say. As far as eating healthy goes, just saying arbitrary bullshit like "High fat dairy products are not good for you" should not be taken seriously and demands serious scientific proof (which, in the case of yogurt/cheese/kefir, it has pretty much none). Fatty foods are nourishing (possibly the most nourishing) and necessary for many MANY reasons (if you care, do some basic research, maybe starting with the criticised video). Whoever cares to look into it, should listen to dietary experts (like Dr. Rhonda Patrick, who is actually general health and longevity focused) or at least somebody with Dr. Mike's knowledge (less general health and more fitness focused). And for the love of Almighty, cut it out with the saturated fats and the Cholesterol fear. It is all based on Ancel Keys' Twenty One Countries Study (OOPS!!! I mean Seven! Seven Countries Study) which has been criticised and invalidated again and again for years and years now. It's a BS myth and it better die soon because it did more harm than good and apparently it still does.

  • Brandon Wingo
    Brandon Wingo

    I just wanted to say THANK YOU Coach Greg for your videos!!! I recently discovered you and have so thoroughly enjoyed your content. I especially enjoyed this particular video because as someone who about 8 years ago lost in excess of 100lbs and I did it with Calories in Calories out. As just a regular guy of 40 years old I knew I had to make a change to be able to continue to go, go, go the way I always had. So with a healthy diet and exercise was able to lose the weight and successfully keep it off for over 8 years now. Certainly wish I had done more strength training than cardio, but nonetheless, a successfu effort. So basically I say thank you for preaching the TRUTH with regards to eating in general and in weight loss itself. It is so refreshing to see someone of your ilk keeping it real and putting information out there that can actually help people. It's also nice that while you educate and inform people, you do it such an entertaining and funny way. Thanks again for being so honest😎✌️

  • Sean Bennet
    Sean Bennet

    When I started working out, my two main mistakes were lack of sleep and not eating enough (not being in a caloric surplus). I always thought I was eating enough and was disappointed because my weight stagnated. Then I got my first diet plan created (I think it was from website called Dietarize). I realised that my previous food intake was way below my needs, although I thought I'm good. At the beginning it was hard to eat 3500 kcal in a day, but I got used to it. I started noticing real gains and it felt amazing. Thing is that it doesn't mean you would get fat if you eat more, it's about what you eat... I wish I'd understood the importance of diet earlier.

    • David Kamski
      David Kamski

      The last part of your comment completely contradicted the first part of the comment. First part: it's about more calories. Last part: it's not about the calories, its about what you eat

    • T&A Fitness
      T&A Fitness

      don't understand this comment--most people would get fat if they eat more than they burn off regardless of the type of foods that they take in. most people cannot eat 3500 cals...maybe you have a fast metabolism but you dont need much of a surplus to gain muscle.

  • Katie Soussi
    Katie Soussi

    What do you recommend for diabetics?

  • circle turtles
    circle turtles

    you look fuckin baked lmao

  • Nesler Nesler
    Nesler Nesler

    41 and still struggling to gain weight LOL the “struggles” of an ectomorph

  • V Rapture V
    V Rapture V

    Skinny girl ranch op! Love that shit!

  • Sano _
    Sano _

    G Shread

  • William Church
    William Church

    Coach Greg looks like he just came off a bender 😂💪

  • Wellness Path For Me
    Wellness Path For Me

    Unsubbed, and you know why. Greg doesn't understand anti-inflammatory nutrition. If you want to learn about anti-inflammatory nutrition, search out "Morley Robbins" and "Dr. Barry Sears." Metallic iron filings are toxic, and Greg could be the marketing director for the iron filing industry. Nina Teikholts (sp?) addresses why seed oils are crap. Greg comes off as a super lifter who has massive inflammation. His hips gave out on him already. I saw a video where just getting on the floor looked like it hurt him.

  • Jacob Meyer
    Jacob Meyer

    Schnacks! Imagine how scared he'd be if he found out people had schnacks!

  • Evan Barcellos
    Evan Barcellos

    how much fat should we be having?

  • Benjamin Wandzilak
    Benjamin Wandzilak

    I watch Bobby’s videos for food informations but take coach Greg’s advice for my general health .

  • Jānis Jansons
    Jānis Jansons

    Why does Protein has colories if it isnt used for energy but building cells.?

  • 4D bullshit Patroll
    4D bullshit Patroll

    Fake foods like canola oil, GMOs and sugar is bad, really bad. But fatty products are not the answer to avoiding these fake foods either. Don't go to the super market. Go to the fresh food market and load up on tons of veges and meat from the butcher. Not sausages or mince either. Real meat. Rice is good. In short, go cave man or go home.

  • 4D bullshit Patroll
    4D bullshit Patroll

    Greg gets a workout just talking

  • bzes10

    I think what confuses people myself included, is obviously calories in calories out for weight loss, but is eating too much saturated fat “bad” for your health (arteries, heart attack, etc) if you are consistently in a calorie deficit?

  • Fabian Musat
    Fabian Musat

    Bobby just tryna make others get the full fat “healthy” stuff so he gets more of the fat free .

  • Shawna Marie
    Shawna Marie

    Idk... I went keto and I could barely eat anything and I was always satiated on 1550 calories a day. I ate full fat everything... but that was keto. You have to cut everything else out for it to work. I was also diagnosed T2 diabetic, did the lose weight by only counting calories and it did ZERO for my blood sugar. It all depends on the person. I don't advocate for anything specific other than a deficit. How you achieve that is individual.