DEMI LOVATO || Spoiled & Crying Over Ice Cream
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  • jj t
    jj t

    this is by far the most entertaining video!!! Thanks coach Greg!

  • Samantha Harrington
    Samantha Harrington

    Also people who have eating disorders often dont feel safe going into any places to eat... I am 8 years in recovery and still have issues with some places but I don't blame it on the store and want them to change... I understand it's my own issue...

  • Samantha Harrington
    Samantha Harrington

    So I was anorexic for 4 years and I dont agree with anything that Demi is saying... Her apology was utterly horrible...

  • Vicky OH
    Vicky OH

    So, according to Demi, the clothing sections for womens, should say “Obese section or morbidly obese people” instead of plus size??? Ok, not triggering at all, Demi.

  • *A Google Account*
    *A Google Account*

    How can she be so weak that a trip to a yoghurt shop ruins her week?

  • jon nuanez
    jon nuanez

    She made an apology video about this but she basically said the same thing. She also gave this place invaluable publicity that commercials can't buy.

  • Lifesucks! Sodoesgoogle
    Lifesucks! Sodoesgoogle

    Yes yes she is. She thinks she a diva too.

  • Denisa

    Her "I'm sorry" sounded like me when I HAD to say sorry to my brother for taking his toys 🤣


    Thought it was a dude from the picture

  • pktheviking

    Brittany Dawn had a better apology video.

  • Octopus Guy
    Octopus Guy

    That thing should change its name to karen

  • Najeeb Khan
    Najeeb Khan

    I am more confused than last time

  • Marcus Aurelius
    Marcus Aurelius

    I hate all these stupid liberals

  • Nikolai Andreyevich
    Nikolai Andreyevich

    Western liberals are absolutely revolting creatures. This USA bimbo is hilarious proof.

  • Nikolai Andreyevich
    Nikolai Andreyevich

    Western liberals are absolutely revolting creatures. This bimbo is excellent proof.

  • Greta Elisabeth
    Greta Elisabeth

    I think that she’s so used to having this UZload documentary and people constantly catering to her that she think she’s some sort of hero or something. I really don’t understand why somebody would behave this way other than being surrounded by Yes men

  • Losalini B.
    Losalini B.

    "Being a celebrity is exhausting sometimes." You have a mass following, the internet has thousands of resources. You're in control of how things go within/around you. She could've done her research first, asked someone by reaching out privately to the organistion. Not everything has to be quickly publicized online. It's good to be passionate but if she wants to bring awareness she can sit down with a registered dietitian (& other medical professionals) & have a discussion where she can ask questions, etc. to educate those who are going thru what she undergone as a child. A tip - "...let every man be swift to hear, slow to speak, slow to wrath:" -James 1:19 I've been there and boy i looked foolish. I'm glad she at least learned something from this.

  • Alex G.
    Alex G.

    This planet is long overdue for another "asteroid reset"

  • Maria Albarracin
    Maria Albarracin

    3:46 just made me subbed LMFAO

  • John White
    John White

    She said "my struggles" hahahahahahaha. She wants to feel safe

  • John White
    John White

    Out of touch spoiled brat. Your standing up for no one. You've never lived in reality little girl

  • Thomas Williams
    Thomas Williams

    Coach Greg making more sense then last time.

  • Tiny Wrasher
    Tiny Wrasher

    The best person alive

  • Snoop Doge
    Snoop Doge

    Hmm than maybe don’t go into the yogurt shop....

  • Ivan Jdrakov
    Ivan Jdrakov

    Hahahaha, this one got me too subscribe hey!!

  • Yanalicious87

    She’s still doing drugs, a sober mind would never speak a crackish language.

  • Yanalicious87

    Her new name is Karen !!!!

  • Yanalicious87

    I am somebody who had a medical procedure which doesn’t allow me to eat sugars , because my body will dump it and causes me GREAT distress , WTF IS SHE TO TELL ANYONE WHO CAN SELL WHAT??? She needs to stfu and go sit down - that lady speaking is causing me a lot of distress !!!!

  • Yanalicious87

    She’s a genuine idiot

  • IFBB Pro Yeo
    IFBB Pro Yeo

    Holy crap a different Greg voice! Great vid!!!

  • SusanScrapPassion

    She’s going to save the world? Now, if that is not a manic statement, what is? I hope she has been taking her medication.

  • cough eebean
    cough eebean

    Let me tell you a joke, a snowflake walks into a froyo shop.....

  • Maymay

    Wait wait, the world needs to stop and the stars need to be aligned by what Ms Demi Lovato want!

  • Carl Gordon
    Carl Gordon

    Demi Lovato needs an ID 10 T label.

  • Gengar

    Spoiled brat 🤦🏼‍♂️

  • queenofswordz_

    Lmao is she serious

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    Coach, that is what we call a Karen!!

  • JamesB

    i legit just got an ad about Palestinian and Syrian kids crying, sick, laying inside a tent with no food, and not having money to go to the pharmacy

  • Judy FromWales
    Judy FromWales

    "I MEAN. GET A LIFE PEOPLE!". Greg is so on point and frankly, hysterical. X

  • J

    America: Home of the coddled, Land of the victims😌

  • Samuel Gonzalez
    Samuel Gonzalez

    She annoys me so much, she is just trying to stay relevant she needs to go away.

  • BrickHouse Jesus
    BrickHouse Jesus


  • Trippy Siren
    Trippy Siren

    "I'm in recovery, so let me go to this place that has my one safe food, and complain about it"

  • Chilling_Steel

    Ahahahahaha fucking people. What's scary is the quantity of people that actually look up to people like her. Fucking scary....

  • Peaceful Hermit
    Peaceful Hermit

    Rich Privilege.

  • Karina Luu
    Karina Luu

    I never thought she is such a moron 🤯

  • Nicole Elisa
    Nicole Elisa

    You are hilarious 😂

  • GT V
    GT V

    She's just another self absorbed spoilt brat entitled celeb.

  • Sara Croughan
    Sara Croughan

    4:16 "If you can't handle it stay out of the damn store!" FACTS 💯! 😂 Damn Demi just sing your songs stop with the mess. Also and this is off the subject, stop saying all the stuff against bullying when you turn right around and start bullying people. It just does not work like that. Extremely hypocritical Demi Lovato

  • Sara Croughan
    Sara Croughan

    I can't with the voice I just can't

  • Gemma Burling
    Gemma Burling

    'I kinda got in the middle of something with this ice cream shop....' .....WUT? She started the something!! 🤣🤣

  • Mico

    I had to lower my volume more than usual for this one.

  • J

    5:11 The Big Chill Monthly board meeting: ... Well sales are down in Q1. What should we do? CEO: Let’s start putting sugar free labels on all of our popular flavors. Just to piss Demi Lovato off. That should boost earnings 10 fold Higher-ups: ... CEO: ... Higher-ups: ...You’re promoted

  • Rosie

    Does Miss Lovato know that the world doesn't revolve around her? "I'm willing to work with them so they do everything as I say and I get it my way" basically that's what she's saying and it's incredible the fact that she fails to notice how entitled that is??

  • Donna Ryan
    Donna Ryan


  • Donna Ryan
    Donna Ryan

    She is so stupid!

  • 574zebra

    12:26 your face so cute lol

  • Chew Her
    Chew Her

    What a big baby, she got too much time on her hands. At the very least she gave you content to make a video about. So Shameless. She is the center of the universe.

  • Christopher Kemm
    Christopher Kemm

    What a joke 😂😂 When did everyone get so sensitive

  • Mattheus Peter
    Mattheus Peter

    hmmmm so now if i have diabetes i have to play russian roulette everytime i buy ice cream, well i guess that should be fun

  • Natalie Fonsi
    Natalie Fonsi

    Her apology has the same energy as I’m sorry I punched you but you made me mad.

  • Asen Spasov
    Asen Spasov

    And somefuckinghow she is a victim and an empowering woman at that same damn time. how the f*ck

  • Brandon Shabani
    Brandon Shabani

    Zero accountability. Wtf!

  • Cristina LN
    Cristina LN

    The world is going through so much shit right now and she cries because ice cream....

  • Joseph Griffin
    Joseph Griffin

    I keep looking at all that spit In his mouth.

  • Iliya Badev
    Iliya Badev

    This guy is a lot to take

  • Jeff Jeff 2
    Jeff Jeff 2

    Liberals are cancer

  • Laura Court
    Laura Court

    Having also watched Michelle Mcdaniel's video on this, Demi's followers also went to the yoghurt shop's page on a review website (don't know which one, we have trustpilot in the UK) and left intentionally negative and 1star reviews when they haven't even been there. All because of this self entitled brat. I used to respect Demi for her openess about mental health and addiction, but now she's just like all the other entitled snowflakes out there to be offended by everything.

  • K L
    K L

    Demi doesn't know her high horse is really a Shetland pony...get over yourself girl 🙄

  • RichterScaleMuscle TM
    RichterScaleMuscle TM

    Democratic for sure

  • Marissa McHugh
    Marissa McHugh

    More like Karen Lovato.

  • RichterScaleMuscle TM
    RichterScaleMuscle TM

    If someone is a circle why should I have to except the circle ?

  • primaltone

    Calling you out Greg, for lack of trigger warning for content containing narcissistic, pretentious, entitled brats. Now I'm triggered. My diabetic dad has been giving himself insulin injections and pricking his fingers daily for over 30 years, but she can eat whatever she wants without fear of losing appendages. Because she got her fee-fee's hurt, she'd rather food suited for diabetics (or anyone, really) be labeled, maybe even kept separate from food for the "normal" people. And to pick on a small shop with all of her influence... she needs help, no one is seriously that way on purpose.

  • K. Ø
    K. Ø

    Fat girls are always looking for every excuse instead of trying to lead a healthier life. Fat girls will demand society to change. They will demand people to completely change their speech. They will demand doctors to redefine health. They will do everything but star moving and working on their issues. Everyone has to do things for them and change just so they can feel less bad for being lardasses. No wonder the whole "healthy at every size", "vegan", etc movements are 99.99% female. And because she is a fat girl she gets to be a hypocrite and promote detox slimming teas while crying about "diet-culture".

  • Zoe Pineau
    Zoe Pineau

    Lol that whole situation is so insane


    Spot on. Couldn’t have said it better myself, even as someone who also had food issues.

  • Eleanor Addy
    Eleanor Addy

    I know I'm a bitch but I'm loving all the backlash this mega Karen is getting👍💜

  • Marni

    Demi is everything boomers think mellenials and gen Z are

  • Ryan Hodde
    Ryan Hodde

    This is unbelievable. The world doesn’t cater to snow flakes. Toughen up

  • Jomain asdf
    Jomain asdf

    This is why some people and more and more people hate the liberal.

  • Sweet Wanderer
    Sweet Wanderer

    She's entitled and selfish. She can only see in her perspective and can't put herself in other's shoes. Total selfishness imo.

  • Bee Malvi
    Bee Malvi

    I dislike her since an artist drew a gorgeous portrait and she complained about it, because "that's not her body". Ungrateful.

  • Linus Ji
    Linus Ji

    I don't understand, she went to frozen yogurt because it's low in calorie and got triggered because it's diet aka low in calorie?

  • Caroline Smith
    Caroline Smith

    Tell me you’re privileged and completely disconnected with the struggles of the common man without telling me you’re privileged and completely disconnected with the struggles of the common man

  • dark

    Sees a diet soda at the cash register while checking out. Has melt down. Runs out of store crying. Creates video on how stores need to better label their diet products.

  • Armando Moreno
    Armando Moreno

    This guy is now being a paparazzi stick to natty or not or the same bulls hit drama you ask for

  • david M
    david M

    Couch Greg has a much better hair cut than demi

  • A D
    A D

    Im a recovered serious eating disorder and this girl has got it all wrong and with a huge ego -leave it alone Demi and get the help you need -the help you need is not relableing foods, its within and with a therapist

  • pork pork
    pork pork

    other thing is, demi expects a store owner to know about bullshit politically correct internet groups that even bernie sanders probably doesnt know about. demi the only people who know about your weird anti diet culture are idiots on the internet, not shop owners with real jobs. long story short, demi get a real job

  • David

    SPOILED BRAT. Not in touch with reality. Victim culture at it's finest.

  • David

    The main concern here is her choice of wallpaper and curtains.........looks like a bad trip.....

  • David

    The main concern here is her choice of wallpaper and curtains.........looks like a bad trip.....

  • Immersive Comics
    Immersive Comics

    It’s not like it’s called “Froyo for skinny people” it’s called “Sugar-free” because that is the ingredient that is not in it. In no way is that body shaming. People project insecurities onto everything. It’s not just diabetic friendly, it’s also for people who don’t want sugar because that’s their preference 🤡

  • Sylvia M
    Sylvia M

    Everyone brings up diabetics and people with celiac disease and while that is great that they're catering to them, there are those of us who have neither of those things and we still want sugar free! Some people just dont want sugar, it's our prerogative. FU Demi

  • Maryem Sencar
    Maryem Sencar

    How does she feel about DIET soda 🥤? Lol

  • Manuelle Stpierre
    Manuelle Stpierre

    Oh yes he made this video 😂😂😂😂 say it Greg! 😂 uno!!!! Don’t go in there!

  • pamela scott
    pamela scott

    Karen Lovato

  • Sincerely, Yours, [SlowLiving]
    Sincerely, Yours, [SlowLiving]

    I think Demi herself is the actual 'DietCultureVulture' lmao.

  • Lauren Angelet
    Lauren Angelet

    OK, I literally want to start my UZload right now to tag this complete idiot of a woman in it! I can’t believe that this privileged little brat is sitting here complaining about misrepresentation in a damn yogurt shop that she feels unsafe to go into now when we have a literal people living on the street that can’t eat on a daily basis. I don’t see her feeling a palled about that shit! This is the very problem with our society. it’s self-centered, self-absorbed celebrities pretending like they actually give a shit about the common people. Let’s be honest here dummy you only give a shit about yourself clearly because you were willing to smear the name of a business simply because you can’t exhibit self-control. I’m a mom of three that was well over 200 pounds for 10 years of my life and never once did I feel the need to blame others as to why I was in the condition I was in. Super grossed out by privileged little brats like this girl! I don’t subscribe to diet culture either and as a nutrition coach that specifically works with women I find people like her to be deplorable. Everything is about cancel culture. I wish we could cancel the stupid celebrities already.