Elijah Martinez || Natty or Not
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  • Jay Fitness81
    Jay Fitness81

    Your videos are so amusuing

  • Jacob Elbert
    Jacob Elbert

    Ok I’m sorry those pics weren’t accurate at 16 he was bigger then Chris that pic of him at 16 and 15 weren’t accurate he was definitely older 100% tell me you guy don’t believe that

  • Ryan Johnson
    Ryan Johnson

    Natty or not: Tyler 1

  • Nick Collins
    Nick Collins

    Def possible he's natty Im 5'10 211lbs and 14% body fat so an inch shorter, a few pounds heavier and not as lean. Im 20yo. Completely androgen and growth factor free. No sarms or steroids or mk677 or peptides. Been lifting since 17 seriously and Ive taken creatine and some natural anabolics like laxognenin from time to time as well as a host of other sups. I don't count ephedrine and dmaa to be not natty bc their stims and WADA only tests for them in competition lmao. I have a 26ffmi so Im considered suspicious but still attainable natty lmao.

  • Blastbeat Apologist
    Blastbeat Apologist

    Hell yea Greg ROASTED this dude’s absolutely awful dad!!! Nice!!!

  • fenrirgg

    I'm sure the guy in the photo is his biological dad, it's in the face. The natty part is what I'm not sure...

  • Kookie Saum
    Kookie Saum

    Well me but i m 180 much heavier than him

  • cash carti
    cash carti

    This is sad this channel goin downhill

  • PCMasterRaceTechGod

    Mostly agree, and think he COULD be natty, but lets not act like kids don't get on some form of PEDs. We've seen it at ages way younger than 12. Is it super rare? Yes, but so is looking this way natty. So I'd say it's 50/50, but as always who cares if he is or not.

  • Yussef Cheaitou
    Yussef Cheaitou

    Was hoping dor a natty or not on this one

  • Daniela Ruffin
    Daniela Ruffin

    OMG...I fell out laughing when toward the end doggy was jumping up and down trying to get on the couch in the background. 🤣🤣🤣

  • 1234 •
    1234 •

    bro greg could you stop exaggerating your voice its getting old

  • Tanya Maria
    Tanya Maria

    JONATHAN CLARKE is worth a gander..not sure if he is Natty or Not 🤔 his anabolic low calorie recipes could have maybe possible made the new cookbook 14

  • Dave Smith
    Dave Smith

    Honestly unless you come in with a d rug test from a governing body youre not natty that's just the way it is.

  • Rudy Acosta
    Rudy Acosta

    Do Joe Andrews next

  • LoganRags13

    Natty or not on shulk or jackeditalian

  • theGameMonk

    Great video Greg

  • Joe Garza
    Joe Garza

    Natty or Not: John Petrucci

  • Raphael deSouza
    Raphael deSouza

    can we talk about kiwis?

  • Aaron O'Brien
    Aaron O'Brien

    Hold up . . . Spider man isn't natural?

  • Grrakkh

    "it`s genetics" yeah I`m sure his mom looks like the freaking Hulk! it`s hilarious Greg thinks this is natural! his 200lbs at 17 pics, I mean come on :D

  • Alex Banfield
    Alex Banfield

    This guys got Jeff seid genetics

  • Zaxnafein

    The Genetics are strong with this one

  • Ahmed Albutayshi
    Ahmed Albutayshi

    Why Coach Greg hasn’t talked about Mike Rasheed yet?

  • Jason Papai
    Jason Papai

    We know kids as young as 14 have admitted to using SARMS

  • Gervasio Monsalve
    Gervasio Monsalve

    do one on marcus filly

  • kutaiseli aferisti
    kutaiseli aferisti

    make video about Nathaniel Massiah

  • Gustavo Serrano
    Gustavo Serrano

    Francsis Ngannou grew up poor in Cameroon being hungry most of the days and just worked in the sand minds and look how jacked he was/is

  • Gustavo Serrano
    Gustavo Serrano

    When you have to add “natural” I instantly assume not lol

  • likeaboss516

    Genetics is hugeeee in looking good.

  • likeaboss516

    Good move by this kid. Now more people will know and follow him.

  • miloice74

    Amazing genetics

  • Thomas

    algo comment

  • Aim High
    Aim High

    « He looks like an after after 😂😂 »

  • aiden young
    aiden young

    i can see the steroids in his vein

  • First Last
    First Last

    Fun fact: the mailman is a champion amateur bodybuilder

  • Zidane

    Do one on nathanial messiah

  • Jugg Dekaprio
    Jugg Dekaprio

    Chicken, Brócoli, rice & Divine Protein is all you need 🤓

  • Adam Haddad
    Adam Haddad

    He looks natural to me

  • nicholas ingratta
    nicholas ingratta

    Ok so he’s not natural if he taken Sarms plus he’s 21 man like you gain muscle looking at weights at that age can he keep this up a zerropoooo chance

  • Matt Ayala
    Matt Ayala

    We out here

  • Miguel Gutierrez
    Miguel Gutierrez

    You don’t go linear forever when you are building muscle. Therefore he was on the sauce early on.

  • Leo Ramirez
    Leo Ramirez

    Greg is the man good info

  • Mateo Restrepo
    Mateo Restrepo

    Slithery snakey in the backround at the end

  • Doug Gibson
    Doug Gibson

    The doggo in the back at 12:55 tho!! 🤗

  • Francisco Macedo
    Francisco Macedo

    If this guy is natty why can´t Mike Thurston be natural 2?

  • Rene Garcia
    Rene Garcia

    Isaiah Miranda, not likeable and annoying. Elijah Martinez, likeable, not annoying. I hope Martinez stays chill and keeps grinding.

  • estewar03

    Genetics to eat anything you want anytime you want only lasts soo long, it WILL catch up with you/them/us. Once you hit a certain age shit just slows down, for me it was 35 others I know it was around 32 and some others it's later, my 43 y/o friend has the energy of a 20 y/o and I'm like 98.9% positive he's 100% natural he'd never even heard of Sarms before, granted neither had I until like 3 months ago & Greg's channel.

  • Ivan Myskowski
    Ivan Myskowski

    Idk man is he really natty?

  • Kevin Hamrick
    Kevin Hamrick

    Of course spidey not natural. He got bit by a radioactive spider now he can hold up a building.

  • Brandon Zazueta
    Brandon Zazueta

    Greg, can you do a natty or not on Jason bjarson?, he claims to be natural, and hes transformation seems unreal, You can see a before and after on his Instagram

  • megaollie98

    He's clearly got hold of Connor Murphy's special sauce

    • dark light
      dark light

      the divine milkshake

  • yuko_kawa

    Your video just so so so funny and trueful. Great information and funny. Keep it up.

  • Aaron Lee
    Aaron Lee

    Im starting to think these new to the scene fitness influencers are paying this guy to do natty or not videos on them. They pay him, he says theyre natural and they get a decent bit of exposure from it aswell.

  • Omar Valenzuela
    Omar Valenzuela

    At 17 I was benching 205 3x at 120 lbs 5'7" . I was ripped as hell and people thought I was on stuff , I just laughed it off each time.

  • Skalleto Music
    Skalleto Music

    Бля , ну и противный голос ,ахахахахах

  • Brandon Melendez
    Brandon Melendez

    i’m benching 225 at 14 and squatting 315 (bodyweight 170)

  • Poke Scrotes
    Poke Scrotes

    The term "genetics" gets thrown arout too much in the bodybuilding community. I'm not aware of any of the fitness influencers that have actually taken College-level Genetics courses. That subject is so difficult to understand. None of the fitness influencers actually understand GENETICS. They're just using the term generally to describe..muscles? What other complicated subject are we allowed to throw around without actually have understood or studied at the academic level? Kinesiology degrees (that Greg has) don't require Science-major division Genetics courses. Leo for example is giving "genetic counseling" despite not being qualified to do so. Such a fucking joke.

  • rith one
    rith one

    Would like ur take on siimland OMAD to build muscle

  • howard condoman
    howard condoman

    HE looks waaay over 12 at 208-when hes golfing and snow jumping-I think hes more like 18

  • Sean Minor
    Sean Minor

    Nimai Delgado Natty or Not

  • howard condoman
    howard condoman

    IN a t-shirt he looks natty

  • chi ngo
    chi ngo

    I know i like Greg a lot when i watch every single natty or not video even though i don't really care about those people, lol.

  • Neal Harrison
    Neal Harrison

    Greg is scared of getting cancelled hence didn’t butcher the Latino guys name

  • peejayfromhell

    He is just like me, in terms of metabolism. Whenever he goes into surplus he most likely gets an insane energy boost, and burns everything through NEAT. In the overfeeding studies, where they put people on 1000 kcal surplus there were few people that had such insane NEAT boost that were still able to burn through 800+ Kcals of it. Funny enough there were also people that had metabolism drop.

  • Cabrera Fitness
    Cabrera Fitness

    So i guess he is natural, Greg didn't narrow down the odds.

  • Rameez Habib
    Rameez Habib

    Greg approved 😂

  • Thinblueline 21093
    Thinblueline 21093

    Bro 30 pounds of muscle in 2 years. I don't care how good your genetics are that's not possible natural. He's sauced up, cmon Greg.

  • Seeky Unbounded
    Seeky Unbounded

    3:15 so Jotaro's physic at 15 is realistic

  • Max Shine
    Max Shine

    He may be quite a bit shorter, but that is his father, the face is very similar

  • peejayfromhell

    Kid has really great proportions

  • HazyCloudNine

    Why are there 2 suns in the sky at night!?! @ 1:00_1:15

  • Bimmy

    What’s the point of this...it’s clear as day this guy is natural esp if he’s asking for a video

  • pedro sousa
    pedro sousa

    Let’s do TYLER1, he’s a popular streamer who just deadlifted 550lbs and attempted to squat 515 on stream

  • Dwayne Forrest
    Dwayne Forrest

    Another cookbook man?

  • Martins Andersons
    Martins Andersons

    Hu care he is naty or not.. If You dont have nothing to post normal just dont do..

  • L Y F T
    L Y F T

    315 at 16 🤯. I'm 26 and struggling with 300.

    • Thavesh Patil
      Thavesh Patil

      I feel you 😭😭😭

  • kenneth singh
    kenneth singh

    Your dog is jumping in the background

  • Publio Zinj
    Publio Zinj

    You're out of your gourd greg. How you can look at the picture of him at 19 and say that's natty.

  • jynxsxe

    Bro, this kid looks like Arnold...are we sure we know who his real dad is?

  • Mr Awesome
    Mr Awesome

    i know peeps with fat parents but their children are f shredded evryone can be shredded but need to put the vork down and move like you are in your 15s because when age comes you do less so do more one day i will sent my photo before and after

  • awesome369

    Damn... he should collab with Larry Wheels

  • Cristian Itsirc
    Cristian Itsirc

    So... not natty? :p

  • Akalion

    What the fuck is up with the color correction in this video

  • manonanisland1

    Am I the only one who noticed his bacne?

  • Bogdan Paunescu
    Bogdan Paunescu

    Test yourself, tren hard, eat clen, anavar give up!

  • Lughs_Revenge

    Who the fuck says you gotta be taking drugs to have vascularity!? I'm showing the same vascularity on my arms and I'm not close to that physique wtf. It's genetics and bodyfat percentage... people ffs

  • Ricky Fit
    Ricky Fit


  • Ben Donovan
    Ben Donovan

    Knees over toes guy bf% vid?

  • durianrider

    not natty. Look at his parents. Where are his 'amazing genetics' from?? Ive been around anabolics since 1997. That kid is as natty as my keyboard.

  • thoicool

    Do Paul Unterleitner, he is a rising star from germany

  • Ricky Fit
    Ricky Fit

    He’s got coach fooled lol

  • Ricky Fit
    Ricky Fit

    Sooo genetics let’s go back to his parents ? Where those genetics come from? Tren and test at 12 years old?

  • Ricky Fit
    Ricky Fit

    Not believing it

  • jout uber
    jout uber

    its very simple if hes not natty then he has genetics that 0.0001% people has which makes it for almost everbody else unattainable.. so it becomes pointless to even know or guess if someone is natty or not

  • Alvin Elmore
    Alvin Elmore

    So why is this kid natural but Mike Thurston is not? Both have the same same story. Both hit the genetic jackpot. Both have been working out for the majority of their life. So what's the difference?

  • Kyojinsixx89

    I really miss when Greg was Wholesome

  • nomercy8989

    I went to school with guys that took stuff at 15

  • eltoro fitness
    eltoro fitness

    I've done that at 220lbs at 30% bf.....no jokd

  • Rob In
    Rob In

    First thought: Not