Now Mike O'Hearn Is Trashing Talking Me
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  • GiroCalcio TV
    GiroCalcio TV

    O’Tren is a registered Tool Bag

  • Jose Luis Palacios
    Jose Luis Palacios

    Dude Mike Hearn was out of breath lmao. That’s what steroids does to you when that’s all you used to get big, but when you work hard have great genes eat right you just might get the physique of a bodybuilder but that’s maybe not guaranteed

  • S. N.
    S. N.

    Mike O’Tren is my favorite natural...PED user.

  • bb singh
    bb singh

    Mike O'tren

  • Y.O. rc bashing
    Y.O. rc bashing

    2012 was back in the old days!!!!and dam Greg your voice is crazy but I love ya

  • Derek Rushe
    Derek Rushe

    This has to be the most annoying fucking voice I've ever heard. I'm sure it's mostly put on because .....clicks, but jesus.

  • James Peterson
    James Peterson

    Sad, I thought he was cool until this.

  • Tony DiDonato
    Tony DiDonato

    Mikes a joke. Keep grinding fellow content creator. Mike continues to tell his lies of being natural and feeding All of his bullcrap followers

  • Max West
    Max West

    Preach 👆🏼💯👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  • GaryS Strydom
    GaryS Strydom

    Greg you great don't worry about that idiot Mike is so fake...

  • Advitya Bagai
    Advitya Bagai

    I don't think mike understands that people listen to Greg not because he has won the most pro shows or has the most flattering achievements in the fitness industry. People listen to Greg cause he doesn't lie and tells you what you need to hear not what you want to hear somehow in a funny way. Honestly I would really like to believe mike o tren is natural, it would just give me motivation to work harder as a natural, but we know mike is enhanced 😔

  • lilmilt28

    How do y’all listen to this guys voice? Sounds like a grandmother 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • juan jansen van Rensburg
    juan jansen van Rensburg

    Mike's hair looks like it belongs on a doll at an inner city swap meet.

  • S Royal
    S Royal

    He sounds like Gilbert Gottfried

  • Manuel R. Travel
    Manuel R. Travel

    did anyone in the comments actually watch Greg's video? I'm pretty sure Mike wasn't talking about Greg and someone out there just wants to create some drama

  • Joseph Perez
    Joseph Perez

    Why is coach greg looking so unhinged, whats going on to his voice? I haven't been here for a while, what happened?

  • pimm3

    You are a leech - Living off the back of everyone else. Embarrassing

  • K Bob
    K Bob

    How can anyone listen to this

  • Sky11631

    Did (most of) the people commenting even watch the video? Literally all I see is based on the headline, not at all on the video in which Greg even says that Mike prolly did not target him...

  • Donald Bedore
    Donald Bedore

    Both of you guys are Freaks

  • Paul Emil Levasseur
    Paul Emil Levasseur

    Best thing Mike O'Hearn could give someone would be his genetics, if his shooter still works...

  • Dubon Js
    Dubon Js

    The guy criticizing Gregg is running out of air while speaking. Clenbuterol sides at it best right there 🤣

  • Michael Westmoreland
    Michael Westmoreland

    This jackass manages to be as self righteous and judgmental as a Kenny KO WHILE being as ivory tower "different work ethic" superior as Uzoma Oberlor. Fuck this guy. Face like the secondary character that always turns bad in a Disney movie. Screw him.

  • Craig Smith
    Craig Smith

    Duuuuude why don’t ya go say all that shit to his face...... I’ll wait

  • funk master22
    funk master22

    Mike o so natural.

  • Mike Mauser
    Mike Mauser

    Wtf is wrong with Mike's hair... It looks like straw.

  • Robert Saladino
    Robert Saladino

    Mike made his brand thtough bodybuilding lifestyle, Mike has trained with all the elite bodybuilders Platz, Priest, Phil etc...Mike was popular before social media , again he's a legend from bodybuilding. Greg was unknown as a bodybuilder and only became a name through mocking others, making funny faces with a funny voice and putting on a fake act for views. Mike is Mike whether the camera is on or off.. There's the difference. Greg also targets in general fitness amateurs on UZload and IG. Greg in the professional bodybuilding community is an embarrassment and not taken seriously. Mike interviews Phil Heath vs Greg interviewing Kinobody. Great for an IG profile not knocking it but Mike hands down is on a different level. Joe Weider personally give Mike a contract at 20 to work for him. Greg is being dishonest. Getting a pro card now is way more easier than when Mike was bodybuilding, it's like night and day. Pro cards are given out like candy these days, ask any bodybuilder from 20 years ago what they needed to get theirs vs today. But Greg won't tell you this. Greg has a Napoleon complex hence why he makes fun of people from a keyboard.

  • Cameron Mathes
    Cameron Mathes

    That’s why I stayed subscribed

  • TrueBagel

    Mike O'hearn is gonna be washed away because he cant keep up with the times

  • aristotels aristotals
    aristotels aristotals

    It is obvious that Mike is jealous that you are a doctor and he is not.

  • aristotels aristotals
    aristotels aristotals

    Greg, you look a bit gay with that hairstyle. I would change the one you used before.

  • Bobby Fischer
    Bobby Fischer

    This dudes voice kills me 😂😂😂


    Greg ate Mike Hunt.

  • Chad Rapini
    Chad Rapini

    Do you need to yell like a nevrotic dragqueen? Instead of botoxing your face, you should invest to louder your voice

  • Gee Man
    Gee Man

    It's a good thing your a muscle bond freak, cause I might just make fun of your voice.

  • Kariuki Githinji
    Kariuki Githinji

    Coach Greg smokes Mike O'hearn easy.

  • gordon contino
    gordon contino

    Mike O’Tren himself

  • Francisco Ramirez
    Francisco Ramirez

    He mad bc your money keep expanding

  • Adam Abdelaziz
    Adam Abdelaziz

    Guys, remove “Master Spelling” from the list. Greg misspelled Mike O’Tren

  • Dusarrion

    Look at his eyes, he is having some serious depression/anxiety issues. It reminds me of how Rich Piana would look when he was reacting to trenbolone.

  • KashatsGhost

    When will mike come out of the baldcloset? That wig ..

  • Dan Jones
    Dan Jones

    Titles a video that someone is trashing him. Comes to the conclusion he's not trashing him. Then talks about giving you real information? I do miss the Greg that baited less but I suppose he's quite honest about it being what people want.

  • Keiran Bygate
    Keiran Bygate

    Atleast you have your integrity and he doesn't

  • Jason Griffin
    Jason Griffin

    Mike is such an idiot. Nothing he says makes sense.

    • D R
      D R


  • Matthew Van Helden
    Matthew Van Helden

    I say 1m subs is doing sumtin

  • Morgen Glende-Michalski
    Morgen Glende-Michalski

    Sounds like he’s reading a script someone paid him to say out loud in front of a camera lol.

  • Snopple Wopple
    Snopple Wopple

    I think people keep trashing him just so they get recognized by the legendary Coach Greg

  • TheDadBod 2.0
    TheDadBod 2.0

    Greg you are just jealous because Mike O' Tren has the greatest natural anabolic duck egg farm around and you doesn't. It's so painfully obvious. Let's not be ridiculous about his "natural" status anymore

  • Well, Hello There
    Well, Hello There

    Puri Puri prisoner back at it again! Our hero!

  • Konner Thomas
    Konner Thomas

    How can u take a guy who’s wearing his shirt inside out seriously

  • D PT30
    D PT30

    Mike waffles so much shit 🤣

  • Mumm Ra
    Mumm Ra

    I've never seen Mike blast anybody and post a picture. Somebody else made that video

  • Roberto caires
    Roberto caires

    So a piece of paper (pro card) is what make you better than others lol Get a job

  • Niyas op
    Niyas op

    Mike o tren

  • crazee635

    I can't concentrate what Mike O'Tren is saying without looking at his fake hair!

  • Break With Jake
    Break With Jake

    When will these other fitness youtubers realize that Greg will destroy them with truth bombs every.single.time

  • Gibsonator HB
    Gibsonator HB

    What a clown O'Hearn is 🤡

  • Sedat Ari
    Sedat Ari

    Just joking Man your testos coming out of your hear

  • Pamela Stearns
    Pamela Stearns

    He's just mad cuz he can't afford your cook book. 🤣

  • William Spain
    William Spain

    People are allowed to like who they want, so I can’t really judge...but I’ll never forget being at an expo that had Mike and Jay Cutler. I couldn’t figure out the people that went to meet Mike and not Jay. People can idolize who they wish but I was like bruh. . FUCKING 4x MR OLYMPIA and you wish to speak to Mike.

  • Kevin McMullen
    Kevin McMullen

    After I watched some of your videos I took your advice and lowered my calories and walked daily for 30 days. I went from 191 to 174 pounds as a result and my wife did the same and lost 8 pounds. I have watched just about every youtuber on weight loss you were the only one with logical sounding advice. Thank you for taking out the fluff and just getting right to the process of losing weight. Thank you.

  • Z Azwar
    Z Azwar

    Mike’s just jealous of the S-Class hero and his beautiful Angel Style

  • James Edward
    James Edward

    This is honestly a dirty move by Greg, the video he’s showing where pics of Greg pops up aren’t from Mike O’Hearns original video. Those were inserted by someone else on another video and Greg’s using that video to base this video off of. Never once in that video did Mike mention Greg or anything that specifically sounded like only him. On top of that, Greg doesn’t even tell us the video he’s showing isn’t Mikes original video. I love this channel but it almost seems like Greg is purposely trying to cause problems because those videos get the most views.

  • Russell

    Coach Greg used his HRT to time travel back in time to his bodybuilding/powerlifting days to win those competitions. That's why Mike so confused.

  • Vyguard Elite
    Vyguard Elite

    Mike O'heard less than last time.

  • Eric Chartrand
    Eric Chartrand

    What a joke Mike is, he lost a lot of respect from a lot of people. Him and Kali muscle deserve eachother

  • saiyanprince

    Just goes to show when the truth comes out the defenses come up. Mikes scared that his sales on his programs etc. will take a hit and I’m sure they are because coach Greg has helped me reach my body composition goals while weeding out the bs that the fitness industry tells you. You’re the best coach Greg💪🏼

  • Aaron Hays
    Aaron Hays

    So here is the deal. Mike looks KILLER. Probably better than most out there. BUT, nobody should listen to him when he opens his pie hole because he is a fake natty. The guy is so full of shit. I have ZERO problem with PED's, but lying to people and making them think they can look like him naturally is wrong. Hell, good luck looking like Mike O Bullshitter on gear.

  • damon rocco
    damon rocco

    this looks like bullshit

  • Train2gain Sa
    Train2gain Sa

    Mike no pro card O Hearn

  • Ben Harrison
    Ben Harrison

    He looks like a corpse haha what’s wrong with his lips? Let’s also not mention how much plastic surgery and Botox he’s had. 🙄

  • Andy Rodriguez
    Andy Rodriguez

    He needs to stop hating on my doctor!

  • wobbuffet

    So...why do people hate mike so much?

  • Randall Fox
    Randall Fox

    I feel sorry for people who are in love with themselves and spend the majority of their time staring in the mirror and taking selfies. , They won't end well when the body goes....

  • zeake13

    Oh, Mike O'tren getting butt hurt. LOL

  • Swole OG
    Swole OG

    Mike a very nice guy. Him and his wife. I don't see him going around talking shit about every fitness person

  • Ian Smith
    Ian Smith

    Mike O’Tren !

  • Davis Welborn
    Davis Welborn

    Coach Greg fan for life. Really appreciate and admire the way you handled this video. Class act at its best description. Didn’t play into the bs. Good job Coach Greg


    Still can’t get over Mike trying to tell Jay Cutler how to lift. A true fucking goofball😂😂😂

  • jonas wetterskog
    jonas wetterskog

    Have you ever seen a real natty better then mike? No because its not possible for 99.9999% of the people, special in the age of 50... he must think all other people on earth is idiots exept him?

  • Pamwe Chete
    Pamwe Chete

    O’hearn is a freak. And his wife Mona is a man.

  • Eric white
    Eric white

    So Mike was just talking and someone redid his video that does not like you and put your picture up there like 13 times?

  • Eric white
    Eric white

    Mike tren sandwiches is living his only success Gladiators and he is at the point where everyone now is coming clean about steroids and he has not and it is running crazy because he will have to admit to it soon. The better man here Coach Gregg cause he just gives his honest opinion not making fun of anyone in disrespect just pure honesty about individuals lying to people trying to be healthy.

  • Johnny Cox
    Johnny Cox

    MIKE O'TEST/DECA/GH Everybody calling him Mike O'Tren is dead ass wrong. It's not the same and he is therefore natural. ....everyone is also JEALOUS of how incredibly natural Mike O'Test/Deca/GH is

  • hulk smash
    hulk smash

    The buffoons in the comment section can't understand when Mike says "guys" Greg is a GUY! Greg is not plural. Idiots.

  • LetsGoChamp

    Is it me, or does Mike look like a piece of bologna?

  • Maurice Hardy
    Maurice Hardy

    Love your videos but your voice is slowly killing me

  • Steven Matchett
    Steven Matchett

    Wow, I went from Ah-zeeero respect for Mike to negative respect somehow.

  • fren6363

    Just copyright strike him Greg. Oh wait he isn't a "mosquito"

  • British Bulldogs vs The Hart Foundation
    British Bulldogs vs The Hart Foundation

    mike o'hearn can't handle that greg doucette has more credibility in the fitness industry

  • Anurag Karki
    Anurag Karki

    I like greg but he should stop talking talking too much about other people. It isnt necessary to react on everyone who comments on you. Other than that i pretty much agree on Greg's advice on diet and exercise.

  • المدرب احمد العراقي
    المدرب احمد العراقي

    Mike is the best top healthy fitness professional trainer

  • المدرب احمد العراقي
    المدرب احمد العراقي

    Mike is a real health fitness natural bodybuilder He does not require any pro to proof /he is better than most Ifbb pro /he just don’t care about competing


    So glad Mike O'Hearn told the truth and humiliated you... Now go make a video about someone and maybe you can earn some money...

  • Luis Zapien
    Luis Zapien

    Mike O Hearn self proclaimed natty. It’s not Coach Greg fault if he can’t sell his overpriced duck eggs. If people say you are on steroids for years guess what you are on steroids the same goes if people call you a crack head for years guess what you are a crack head

  • Tyler Ford
    Tyler Ford

    Your so quiet in person 🤣 it's weird that your opposite on UZload 😅🤷🏻‍♂️ 🤔 still awesome though

  • Keith Carlson
    Keith Carlson

    Your voice is next level annoying! OHearn makes you look like a POS...

  • C B
    C B

    He achieved what he wanted to achieve. You fell right into his trap. You have him views and attention for his channel.

  • analog crunch
    analog crunch

    Ohearn another juicer lol

  • Isaac Santos
    Isaac Santos

    Who’s that guy???