Never Forget...Exercise is a REWARD!

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  • Jeffrey Cold
    Jeffrey Cold

    Before she found out she had cancer, did she eat one of these 3. Meat lovers pizza at pizza hut, Italian sub at subway or microwave popcorn? I'm curious.

  • Jeffrey Cold
    Jeffrey Cold

    Greg is the best.

  • Kate

    best wishes Christine - will be thinking of you ! - sending good thoughts daily!

  • meruem

    sister Christine is WHEY better! glad to hear that =)

  • Hannah Deveau
    Hannah Deveau

    You got this Tine! Your positivity is inspiring. You are amazing and I love you lots. 💖

  • Bro Scientist
    Bro Scientist

    I dig her hair! My hair sucks...I hope you get well soon!

  • Bro Scientist
    Bro Scientist

    Every day above ground is an opportunity...sometimes horrid...sometimes awesome! Give up when you are dead...

  • Dewi Davies
    Dewi Davies

    Best trainer on UZload.

  • Dewi Davies
    Dewi Davies

    Thanks Greg both book s are available on Amazon uk. Been watching for a long time a year plus.

  • Laura


  • KVandMariee

    Gym changed my whole attitude

    • KVandMariee

      ...well the results changed my attitude lol

  • Gabriel Godin
    Gabriel Godin

    Spread the Happy in Circle

  • HirachieOfSociety

    I was in a bicycle accident 2 years ago, completely destroyed my rotary cuff and compressed my C2. Doctor told me my helmet saved me from a hangman fracture (which would have been worse) For months I suffered with AGONIZING neck pain, imagine having to walk on your tip-toes just to avoid feeling it in your neck. Sleeping became a chore, working my job was 8 hours of migraines, tennis elbow and neck pain. I couldn't even check my blind spot in my car. 2 years later, I ran my first ever marathon and you know what I did at the end? I smiled, laughed, and cried all at the same time. Why? Because I realized how much I truly loved to move. 2 years ago I thought I would never have normal neck movement or even be able to lift my left arm past my head... Never take moving for granted.

  • Michael Genchev
    Michael Genchev

    I hope she gets better everyday

  • Kylie Davies
    Kylie Davies

    Wishing you the very best and I will indeed ‘spread the happy’. Take care. 👍🏻💖

  • Clynton Moorcroft
    Clynton Moorcroft

    Both of you are such an inspiration! Coach, since I came across your channel in October last year I have lost 30kgs💪

  • Louise Huke
    Louise Huke


  • pork pork
    pork pork

    exercise is awesome people who hate exercise should be forced to watch dragonball z. exercise helps you go past your limits, its amazing

  • BabsAbroad

    Cardio isn't fun. But it beats the hell out of laying in a hospital bed!

  • nanasshi 07
    nanasshi 07

    this is powerful. thank you and god bless

  • Big Vicious!!!
    Big Vicious!!!

    I am the happiest in my life when I make a regular effort to exercise. It is so rewarding.

  • Somebody 05
    Somebody 05

    She is so strong , God bless you wishing u a great recovery stay strong ❤

  • Slayer Gamer
    Slayer Gamer

    is this your daughter or son?

  • Zach

    I wish you get better Christine! I really do!

  • Eric Y
    Eric Y

    This video inspired me so much to just GO. MOVE. I thank God for my ability to move and I hope I never take it for granted

  • Christopher Johnson
    Christopher Johnson

    sending love to Greg, Christine and her family. Hearing you guys always boosts me up even when I’m not feeling great because you remind me how grateful for my life and my ability to exercise I should be

  • Stafford Stallworth
    Stafford Stallworth

    🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿prayers to you I hope you come out better and stronger than last time

  • Tracy Houle
    Tracy Houle

    I’m 6 months pregnant and just got diagnosed with asthma and just doing house hold chores is difficult! So although this will end in a few months I can’t wait until I can workout harder than last time. I hope you sister continues to feel better cancer sucks!

  • JoseTheProblem

    She said we’re just rolling around 💪🏻😭stay strong my g you got this 🙌

  • jithendra madalla
    jithendra madalla

    Hi Greg love your show. You have a adorable sister. Cherish every movement with her. I wish her good recovery and all the health in the world.

  • Giannini Mendiola
    Giannini Mendiola

    Thanks posting this video your sister is awesome for opening up about her experience with cancer. She is inspirational. Much love coach Greg

  • Minh-Tri Dang
    Minh-Tri Dang

    When I first started lifting I would always skip leg day. I used all the bro jokes earnestly, but one day I looked up a leg day motivation video and their final words of advice were "you're lucky to have any legs to squat with". Haven't skipped a day since

  • Willow Winkle
    Willow Winkle

    Christine, you're amazing! I think it's 100% true: when you focus on what you can do, and keep trying.. there's almost nothing you can't do! 💗💗 Stay strong 💪💪⭕ sending lots of love your way and thinking of you and your family!!

  • Charlie Hacks
    Charlie Hacks

    after my car accident i take even more seriously my fitness and thanks to the internet god i meet the BEST CHANNEL on the EARTH and now im happier, stronger, smartest than last time and im helping people too. my best wishes for your sister, she may get better with time, she have amazing genetics.

  • Rachel from NYC
    Rachel from NYC

    Thanks for sharing Christine. You are so strong. You got this!

  • A Sharma
    A Sharma

    No words ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Theblastmaster

    Spread happiness fellow circles! Stay strong Christine, you got this.

  • Bella Tindale
    Bella Tindale

    Please read the book "Dying to be me", it's about a woman who was terminally ill with cancer. She made a full recovery, which was documented by the hospitals that treated her. I have a feeling that you can make a full recovery too, and I pray with love that it will happen.

  • Bella Tindale
    Bella Tindale

    I love your sister, she's a strong and beautiful person and I wish her all the best. God bless you Christine I am praying for you to have a full recovery 💓

  • Samee Shaikh
    Samee Shaikh

    with gyms being closed in my area for the past 8 months, i would honestly do anything at this point to get to train again. there’s home workouts, sure but it doesnt feel the same at all

  • Telma Santos
    Telma Santos

    Thank you for reminding me than not everything is for granted! Really powerful message! Spread happiness ❤️

  • Ryan Ireland
    Ryan Ireland

    Hey Coach or anybody reading this. Does anybody have any knowledge on what a low or normal test level should be in Canadian terms nmol/l please and thanks

  • cody mamo
    cody mamo

    Ahhh greggg with the mice that lay eggs🤣🤣🤣👌💚💚

  • cody mamo
    cody mamo

    They look exausted

  • Abstract Absurdism
    Abstract Absurdism

    So I obviously don't really know much about cancer in a medical sense, what the prognosis really means, etc - but I do know about the implications, the emotions,etc somewhat. My mum had breast cancer she was diagnosed when I was 2 and she sadly passed away when I was 7 - I of course wasn't told medical details, I mean I was 7 I wouldn't have understood it, but from what I understood later it was quite aggressive and had spread as well - and to some 5 years might not seem like much but it was so much more I think than many thought she'd even get. And now it's already nearly 20 years ago (I'm now 25) and medicine and science has advanced so so much. Christine, I don't know you, but I get the impression that you're definitely a fighter like my mum was and you have 20 years extra of medical advancements on your side. So keep going, it's going to be tough, but we're all rooting for you! I wish you and your wife and all your family a lot of strength and all the best!

  • Stormcitizen

    "Now that I know how dark it can get, I truly appreciate life"

  • Thomas Murphy
    Thomas Murphy

    What a great message

  • Chris 204
    Chris 204

    I need to see this video thank you.. both of you...stay strong god bless

  • xios

    This is exactly on the nose. I am in remission from cancer and was bedridden for 4 years. It was so hard to stand and walk again, and even now it’s very hard to be able to do the things you want because of physical limitations. I have dreams about playing sports, running intensely and all of that.

  • Gregory Ulysse
    Gregory Ulysse


  • Ben Hill
    Ben Hill

    I hope you get well super strong circle and I hope this bring a smile to you :) btws love this videos greg

  • paul disanza
    paul disanza

    Great video about the value and precious and fragile life is.

  • hector torres
    hector torres

    Keep the fight going!! Amazing video with a very powerful message. You got this.

  • Thomas

    algo comment

  • Matus Lizon
    Matus Lizon

    just a reminder that there are more curious disease than stupid covid.. wish all the best

  • Tyler L.
    Tyler L.

    Greg, you can really tell you love your sister. Super inspirational that she has such a positive outlook. I totally agree. I was in my early 30s and had an infection that put me in hospital. It made me think about how much I loved excercise and what it would be like when I am old. I walked everyday in the hallways. Nurses were amazed and I just thought everyone would want to walk. It is a privilege to exercise. Greg is always genuine and real unlike most people in fitness industry.

  • Dr.Monkey-Kong

    She's gonna destroy this thing, remember they have the same genetics. Poor cancer ! Love.

  • Plato Genova
    Plato Genova

    You’re 100% right. Wait till these people get into their 40’s.

  • cody tipp
    cody tipp

    So inspiring Greg! Use it or lose it!

  • Nebojsa Kolaric
    Nebojsa Kolaric

    Wish you the best and to beat that cancer

  • gracey62uk

    This is wholesome content. Thoroughly enjoyed the catch up and glad to hear christine is on the up! Stay strong 💪🏼 ⭕️

  • Jalah Horton
    Jalah Horton

    I wish your sister all the best! I really hope her health improves and that she’s able to do more things she enjoys and loves doing !❤️God bless!! 🥰😘😘❤️

  • rich paladino
    rich paladino

    Greg don't cut that hair man.... It's looking amazing

  • Philip Vista
    Philip Vista

    I was drinking diet soda while watching this, I got up.

  • THJules

    I love this video!

  • Tony Alonso
    Tony Alonso

    I admire your sister. She is very open about her life and her outlook in life is great! Absolutely admirable young lady.

  • Brandon J
    Brandon J

    I got diagnosed with cancer august 12th the day after my birthday I had turned 20 last year, heart and lung for simplification, I can't agree more with christine. I'm happier now and in whatever future I have than before, and I am in love with excersise and doing what I can more than before, it really is a reward people. I just had my follow up CT after a 12 week break from treatment after months of chemo and radiotherapy, I find out in two weeks to what degree if at all in remission I am and I honestly couldn't care less , living longer would be awesome it always will be. But what I know I have is this, now and what I can do, I was bed ridden for so long and now since gyms opened in UK post treatment on the break I have been going gym EVERY SINGLE DAY, I missed one day as I was on holiday, the day before I left I trained before packing, the day I got home I went to gym and trained, I do an hour of cycling indoors every single day, I do calithenics and lift every single day, I do pilattes and stretch every single day. Mobility, health, strength, cardio these are all incredible pillars of fitness which we are blessed to have and something like this can just take that away from you, I have no sympathy for those who hate excersize and are misserable, because there is always some excersize from all pillars of fitness which you can find and enjoy and do for the rest of your life and be so much happier and healthier. Every single day is a blessing and there have been times now where I will cry to myself while going on a walk simply out of the fact as to how incredible this world really is and how happy I am for even a moment to be able to experience part of it, it is incredible. For the 2 people who end up reading this, life is so much more precious than you think, look after yourself, enjoy yourself, be happier and healthier than last time, I have asperges cancer ADHD GAD hypermobility chostochornital chest pain and I still choose to do the excersize I love even if it's using the last time I have on earth, love yourself I implore you, there is always a way for everyone to live their best life and be in shape regardless of their circumstances.

  • GoodNightKisS29

    Ty for the share it’s really brave really appreciate it. ❤️❤️❤️

  • Lupe Orozco
    Lupe Orozco

    You are a beautiful circle!! God bless you to full recovery. 🙏🏼

  • aarif khan
    aarif khan

    Just prayed for her. I hope to see her soon better than last time. ⭕❤

  • Johan Johnson
    Johan Johnson

    I love this episode. Hit me right in the feels. And radiates hope and will to live!

  • Cornelia Olsson Fitness
    Cornelia Olsson Fitness

    Christine seems like such a sweet person! So impressed of her journey and so impressed of her positivity! Thank you for the inspiration you both and all the best wishes to you ❤️

  • Alice 06
    Alice 06

    This is so true...It's so frustrating seeing so many people complain about "having to" exercise and talking about it like it's some sort of ordeal or forced labour while others are stuck in a hospital bed or in a wheelchair WISHING they could go move. Being able to exercise is the same thing as having access to food or clean water. A PRIVILEGE. STAY STRONG CHRISTINE, just from watching these videos I can tell you are SUCH AN AMAZING ⭕-KEEP PUSHING THROUGH!

  • Halfofmyheart

    💛Christine, you have such an amazing outlook on life, and such an uplifting, sweet personality. 💖✨I know at points, it may be challenging to remain very positive, but I truly believe that your strong mental positivity will radiate throughout your whole body and kick cancer's negative ass❣️ Stay strong! You have hundreds of thousands of circles, who care about you and will be cheering you on every step of the way‼️💪⭕️💯❤

  • NotDeadYet

    I have great respect for anyone that leads by example. Sister Christine has not only the strength and courage to put out a positive message in face of such a difficult struggle, but is also able to lead by example and show other just how much determination and a positive mindset can make a difference. I'm 100% positive that Christine's example will be able to make a difference in way more lives than she thinks it does. Keep going! We're all cheering you on!

  • iNt0x XtremelyKingky
    iNt0x XtremelyKingky

    Sister Christine is amazing. Thank you for addressing the shift of perspective; everyone can relate to that on some level. It’s very easy to get discouraged and be pessimistic, but you choose to feel how grateful you are given the dire of circumstances. I know a lot of people are gonna reflect and think twice about taking things for granted and be more appreciative. Thank you coach Greg MD, sister Christine, and Bro Steve for sharing this. Love you guys. PS- I’m still so glad I bought your freaking cookbook

  • Molasor Rosalom
    Molasor Rosalom

    Someone really sent her a disgusting message like that?

  • Janine Murray
    Janine Murray

    Most days I eat 2,900 and burn 3,000 calories ( if I'm a binger )

  • Daniel Mosonyi
    Daniel Mosonyi

    It is so inspiring to see someone rising above their circumstances. Very respectable. I am positive that with this attitude you have a good chance at fighting it off, but even if you don't, you will live a richer life than anyone who doesn't value their time and capabilities.

  • Wordsmith 430
    Wordsmith 430

    This is exactly why working some damn job all day wasting your life, your youth is just the dumbest thing you can do. You have to find a better way

  • David Le
    David Le


  • RadicalCreamer

    I will write the same as usaual : FUCK CANCER

  • Vivian

    Hello Sister, you definitely look much better now than on the video about HRT. I like your attitude to make the best of your days. Getting an actual diagnosis can be actually quite liberating. I’ve seen people that after the conventional health system gave up on they found cure on things they didn’t believe before. So I hope you find those stories and continue to be inspired to live your best life.

  • Rene Sautter
    Rene Sautter

    All the best wishes to your sister! She's a strong person. I hope she does well. Greetings from Germany!

  • Zoomski

    I think of exercise as a benefit. I can eat more without gaining fat, and my mood for the rest of the day is better.

  • Wanda Hart
    Wanda Hart

    Hello Christine. I am so glad that Coach Greg decided to share you with us. You are an awesome person. Courageous. Strong. Kind. And Brave. You will beat cancer. It will not beat you. I pray for you to be completely healed. No more cancer. May God bless you with perfect health. Take care. Smooches

  • Josh Ruda-Shaw
    Josh Ruda-Shaw

    You are so incredibly mentally strong its inspiring! Appreciate you coach for having our sister on the channel! Much love from a ⭕

  • TrueBagel

    15:21 not saying she should have but couldn't the PED of exogenous EPO have technically helped with the hemoglobin?

  • TrueBagel

    Greg the ppl that don't move allready feel miserable and can't tell why so I think even when they are dying of obesity an can't get out of bed they might still think they hate excersize. I think some ppl have bad memories of gym cuz schools are not the best at fitness and a lot of school fitness is about social connections and being popular. If only they realised how good I feels to take a hike and other activities.

  • TrueBagel

    If she made a life coach channel or something else online we would all support it and it might help a lot of people.

  • Party Quest
    Party Quest

    i view exercise as a reward! im exercising right now! legs day baby! let's get it!

  • Zurgo Pussysmasher
    Zurgo Pussysmasher

    I needed to watch this...I love feeling good exercising but I hate the process to get that dopamine rush 😔 I realize I take my body for granted and I should cherish the pain from exercising, cuz I might not get to experience it again.

  • Emily B
    Emily B

    This has completely changed my outlook on today. I have gotten in a rut, and today I am going to make better choices than last time. Your sister would be a wonderful life coach. Thanks for this video!

  • Salomé

    Exactly, and I'm understanding it now more than ever, because I have some problems with serotonin, and my doctor suggested me to do some exercise every day, in order to have higher serotonin. I must say that this thing is really changing my mindset

  • phillip trepczynski
    phillip trepczynski

    Thanks coach Greg! always teaching us new things. Never knew rats laid eggs.

  • FadezCapone

    Way better than last time🙏🏽🙏🏽❤️❤️

  • P4nDA

    Motivational as hell, better motivation than anything on UZload.

  • SSSasuke_

    can you fucking morons watch more videos like these instead of the drama bs so he actually makes more videos like this

  • Robert Duluth
    Robert Duluth

    I just want to say that anyone that's in that "excercise sucks" mentality, it's not permanent. You are NOT defective, just inactive. I was there big time a couple years ago. Today I workout super sets any chance I get because I have much less time to workout than when I started. It's a far cry from the days I would absolutely dread the (much lighter at the time) workouts. Fitness is a life long journey and requires patience, believe me you WILL be thankful for starting the journey. You absolutely can make it. I recommend the fitness channel "the bioneer" for inspiration and advice. Be safe and be persistent. I wish you luck.

  • kristie Wonchalk
    kristie Wonchalk

    People suck! It's sad how much people dont know about HRT. Also you will do great! This makes me want to keep pushing forward and live life fuller! Thank you for that. I know you will do great!!!😘😘😘😘😘❤❤❤❤❤❤💪💪