Dave Bautista passes on the Secret Formula to Kumail Nanjiani
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  • Jordan Watson
    Jordan Watson

    I saw how crazy this dude looks and saw how many views....wondering y yall pay attention to this crap

  • Jacqueline Stuart
    Jacqueline Stuart

    Greg Doucette screaming at us and then I realize that he’s literally saying “just be the best you you can be, train hard to be as healthy as you can even if you don’t look like a shredded god come to earth” 🥺 thanks Greg!


    You are 100 % natural, whit that voice its impossible you are abusing any cain off PED.

  • Juan K
    Juan K

    Bru what’s up with ur hair and voice. All the test can’t get it deeper?

  • Shade On A Cool Day
    Shade On A Cool Day

    Hating on Pakistani men.

  • Shade On A Cool Day
    Shade On A Cool Day

    Why do you people care if he's natural or not. Just live your life.

  • James Ord
    James Ord

    Has Greg had plastic surgery? He looks different from what I remember a year or so ago

  • Abhay Krishna
    Abhay Krishna

    Can you do a Video about Hrithik Roshan?

  • Joshua Bhatti
    Joshua Bhatti

    Even with steroids, he busted his ass to get to that shape.

  • Manu Oviedo
    Manu Oviedo

    Do they have voice plastic surgery?

  • vatan kumar attri
    vatan kumar attri

    Athlean X is the specimen of natural athlete damn son i wish i was like him even for a day

  • vatan kumar attri
    vatan kumar attri

    If he was 18 and working out for 5 years i would maybe believe he was natural, also if he had more water and fat this shit aint natural

  • vatan kumar attri
    vatan kumar attri

    But stop shouting dude

  • vatan kumar attri
    vatan kumar attri

    Coming to this channel being a moreplates more dates sub, i think i got another good content channel

  • vatan kumar attri
    vatan kumar attri

    Okay, how the fuck do you not have dark circles mate, pass me the sauce mate

  • Kyle Neighbors
    Kyle Neighbors

    Greg will be the next Billy Mays.

  • I'm Chevy chase and your not
    I'm Chevy chase and your not

    His face looks abnormal tho

  • Adam LaMontagne
    Adam LaMontagne

    Coach Greg is like Bobcat Goldthwait and Gilbert Gottfried had a swole baby

  • SkyDaLimit925

    He’s as natural as Greg is

  • Tiny Wrasher
    Tiny Wrasher

    This man is so entertaining, well done. Even if you were saying stuff I was disinterested in I’d still watch. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼


    helium tank has a leak

  • Derek Steele
    Derek Steele

    Gilbert Gottfried looks well

  • indian singh
    indian singh

    He almost sounds like Conor O'Brien doing the high pitched irish accent

  • Pepe le Deux
    Pepe le Deux

    he learned how to tren and eat clen

  • Emerson Lebleu
    Emerson Lebleu

    Are those... kittens in a rodent cage?

  • JerryS

    First time to this channel. Does this Greg dude inhale helium before his videos?

  • Piyush Singh
    Piyush Singh

    Funny defending ped's .. woman's on gear develop muscles which guys naturally cannot achieve. Simple put together if you on some sort of engagement.. you will get crazy result. So, yaa its eSy to get jacked on gear

  • fren6363

    Will no longer natural

  • Mike Mauser
    Mike Mauser

    I need to get on that vibrio-plate program.

  • Sreerag Raghunathan
    Sreerag Raghunathan

    May be he got mutated in the process.

  • Akash Sajwan
    Akash Sajwan

    U racist condescending SON OF BITCH u shat on him in most of video He never said he was Or was not using pd

  • Corporate Camilo
    Corporate Camilo

    Dude looks androgenic af!

  • Corporate Camilo
    Corporate Camilo

    Photoshop? Look at that forearm.

  • Ride the lightning
    Ride the lightning

    Definitely eats lots of that chicken treani but of course since he's am actor and can afford it, he Definitely has the same trainers and chicken treani scientists who coach the avengers and thor. Good for him. Why not

  • Aaron Birook
    Aaron Birook

    He looks amazing WITH AMAZING HAIR.

  • Aaron Birook
    Aaron Birook

    The captions said Trend palonie savages. The captions on Greg’s videos 😂

  • Yash

    Don't care about natty or not, the dude looks juiced.

  • Practical Bible Studies
    Practical Bible Studies

    My grandfather worked on a farm. Lifted heavy constantly. Killed a bull with one punch. Had bigger forearms than this guy. But did NOT look close to this specimen.

  • nikos rosos
    nikos rosos

    Kumail makes coach Greg looking smaller than last time

  • Paul Stamas
    Paul Stamas

    You can do this with average genetics starting in your forties because he did it. He’s living proof that it really isn’t that hard with PEDs Gregg, stop acting like everyone you do videos on has elite genetics and some kind of untapped muscle potential - it’s called the human body. How many more insane transformations and body compositions of random 15-40 year olds are you going to see without thinking... hey, maybe drugs do work insanely well and it actually isn’t that hard. Just because you trained harder than last time for bodybuilding, doesn’t mean you need to do that to look good like everyone you do videos on. These guys aren’t bodybuilders on stage, to win bodybuilding competitions you need elite genetics - other than that you don’t. You can’t equate bodybuilding elite genetics to looking good and putting on extreme amounts of muscle. And then tell the lay people “insert name” has elite genetics. It isn’t true.

  • Godspawn

    Why are you giving him him grief?! He doesn't show off or talk about working out! He stays to himself. Leave him alone Greg!

  • ryan johnson
    ryan johnson

    This guy was in the movie stuber

  • Jo Jo
    Jo Jo

    dude looks like he's about to have the greatest shit of his life

  • MrFuchew

    I wanna know what coach Greg thinks about the 5-20 pound of toxic poop in your body at any given moments. zoo poo

  • Allen Dye
    Allen Dye

    Greg buddy you're looking like a crack head, groom harder than last time!

  • Koning-Kasper

    Greg looks like puri puri prisoner from one punch man

  • Cystic Fibrosis Fit
    Cystic Fibrosis Fit

    Wish I could come get a kitten.. mine died of lymphnode cancer and leukimia at age 3... Younger then last time 😥😢 Belgium is just a little bit too far.. Enjoy the little ones Greg...

  • Ali Hussain
    Ali Hussain

    @Coach Gregory, what makes you believe he responds 'well', considering his prior physique? Would you venture to say a 'responder' likely had a better physique prior to?

  • nicolas cryer
    nicolas cryer

    He's getting jacked for the Kenobi show I bet lol

  • beachboy boobybuilder
    beachboy boobybuilder

    Just a matter of days before kumail cheats on his very average looking wife who also has Still's disease.

  • beachboy boobybuilder
    beachboy boobybuilder

    Angry elmer fudd is throwing a BF and I have to be honest, I d o not blame the guy.

  • Mighty Might
    Mighty Might

    Coach, a Natty or Not on SOPHIE BREWSTER.

  • Vangel

    Damnnnn Greg looking more and more like the prisoner in One punch man

  • Dixon Peters
    Dixon Peters

    You sound like Gilbert Gotfried

  • Bike Life
    Bike Life

    It’s just beginner gains....

  • Heaven IsHere7
    Heaven IsHere7

    Clearly he's put the work in, obviously used PEDs.

  • Konyali 42
    Konyali 42


  • S Man
    S Man

    Your got a problem with Asians aswell DR ?!

  • Bleadze King
    Bleadze King

    lol with Gregs accomplishment he might aswell be from krypton

  • Truth Seeker
    Truth Seeker

    His voice is so annoying, I don’t know how people manage to listen to him.

  • Jason Burke
    Jason Burke

    Great vid Greg👍🏽

  • Alexa

    4:00 Dr egg? Lol.

  • i burnt my toe
    i burnt my toe

    it made me sad when people thought kumail being accused of steroids was racist bc who the FUCK thinks chris evans and chris hemsworth were natural

  • Mike Fu
    Mike Fu

    he's riding the JUICE TRAIN baby!

  • JP Tyler
    JP Tyler

    Was about to say... "Are those kittens in the background"?😀🧐🤔

  • McPepaPigTheThird

    I BOUGHT THE FREAKIN COOKBOOK! and I’ve wanted it for months 🥺❤️

  • Ethan Meyer
    Ethan Meyer

    What I learned from this video, time to start abusing PEDs!

  • Mr.DeadLifts

    Natural jacked look soft but hard. Granite and lumpy look is drugs.

  • Cheese Burger
    Cheese Burger

    Is Wes Watson natty or not?

  • Josue Montalvo
    Josue Montalvo

    I think something that's overlooked from hollywood stars that transform themselves is that, someone like Kumail who have never trained have trainers. Those trainers are paid to help transform them. They are probably just told to do specific things without any real knowledge on what they are doing and taking. They probably assume that taking all those supplements and PEDs are just part of a normal routine they have to follow to get "shripped".

  • LOL

    Kumail was never average .... He was below that

  • AverageJak

    cruelty to kittens in the background. let them be free.

  • Fernando Garlobo
    Fernando Garlobo

    That tank top is dope

  • PerC

    Chicken brocoli and rice!!

  • John Marston
    John Marston

    think the doc understating the roid effects lol i seen amazing transformations

  • Philip Enos
    Philip Enos

    Why are there 3 cats inside that cage?

  • arash

    Alright people lay off the chicken broccoli and rice. I actually love those 3 why people think it's a torture food for getting jacked?

  • R. ban
    R. ban

    Looking more juiced than last night

  • Michael Bach
    Michael Bach

    So... will there be a trenbolone sandwich in the next cookbook?

  • amine kakla
    amine kakla

    its not steroids he just an eternal

  • Ali Hassoun
    Ali Hassoun

    100% extreme TRT and HGH use, getting that shredded is likely from the major metabolism boost from HGH

  • Daeniznoray Luviano
    Daeniznoray Luviano

    I needed to hear this , I was like um what's wrong with my body 😅🤣🤣🤣 this guy is looking like a ripped anime character

  • Ppqchronos Kent
    Ppqchronos Kent

    lol hamster in the background

  • Eric Ramos
    Eric Ramos

    On that "Zyzz cycle" t3, clen, tren

  • Arman Solis
    Arman Solis

    He's genetics is getting better than the last time

  • Ponch79..

    The only way I show veins like that is when I get hard 😆

  • Thomas Syvertsen
    Thomas Syvertsen

    On a Derek video, there was a guy that commented he studied PEDs for 2 years and came to the conclusion Mike O Hearn was natural. :-) he needs to study harder than last time.

  • J F
    J F

    Coach Greg at 1.5x playback speed so I can listen to him faster than last time!

  • gabrielheloSAR

    I just started watching this channel and I’m sure it has been mentioned before but does anyone think that this dude looks like puri-puri prisoner?

  • leeyamightes zeus
    leeyamightes zeus

    Greg stop lying you can look better than him without steroids lol or sarms,your tripping like philion . I have muscles and i dont take anything and im still growing, i think you should really pay attention to the language and communication keys between the brain and body. This is a planet with creatures on it and every day theses creatures change, dont be surprised if nature conquers the mountain you seak to climb before you or anyone, then open your eyes to the truth , i am Hercules and my father created the mountain

  • leeyamightes zeus
    leeyamightes zeus

    I don't think he looks really that great, he just has someone taking pictures from great angles and light

  • Official Filmilen
    Official Filmilen

    Kumail has an impressive body transformation. He has good genetics and uses PED's

  • Top-Secret 300
    Top-Secret 300

    He still has a Squidward nose so you can’t have it all.

  • Jonas Svensson
    Jonas Svensson

    I am sure this is not a secret to you Greg, of course knowing which drugs to use for these middle aged men making ridiculous gains whilst being shredded. Sad is the word, not using but needing it even when you will never compete in bodybuilding and lying about it until you believe it yourself.

  • Tiago Silva
    Tiago Silva

    Now one talk about gregg eyes.. that’s crazy.. u are full on drugs in almost all your videos..

  • John Kowalsky
    John Kowalsky

    Stuff like this makes me question myself, like why even bother to do body building naturally. Not that I’m unsatisfied with my physique, but the problem is the average person believes that you will look like that after half a year of lifting lol it’s sad.

  • Smith John
    Smith John

    Is Greg starting a cat farm?

  • Kdhenek Idkdjnfk
    Kdhenek Idkdjnfk

    respond in video to joey carbstrong!

  • Brandon Zazueta
    Brandon Zazueta

    Greg, can you do a natty or not on Jason bjarson?, he claims to be natural, and hes transformation seems unreal, You can see a before and after on his Instagram

  • James Russell
    James Russell

    Kumail has the genetics to get great results from his hard work! Good for him that’s awesome. Bautista, Kumail, and all the MCU actors have trainers and dietitians that they have paid for by the Disney company to get them to the body they need including the PED. A lot of the MCU guys talk about the contract that they have that requires them to maintain their look