The GREAT Protein Before Bed DEBATE || MPMD & Jeremy Ethier
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  • funk master22
    funk master22

    I think theres something to be said for protein before bed , just from my own experiences.

  • Gamepass Guys
    Gamepass Guys

    I dont watch Jeremy because he is pinner af lol

  • maria syngrou
    maria syngrou

    I eat a ton of protein and carbs before bed... I bartend so I finish work super late and super tired ...I bodybuid and im leanest than ever...all it matters is calories in calories out...

  • Big Diesel 54
    Big Diesel 54

    Coach Greg need clarification about grams of protein. I currently weigh 320lbs cutting down to 280 and I wanted to know if I need 1g per pound of body weight or grams per lean mass or does it matter? I currently get about 235 grams of protein while staying in the calorie deficit need for fat loss. Does it seem ok to you due to me wanting to retain as much muscle as possible? I keep getting conflicting information about it. Any feedback from you would be appreciated just want to be healthy and you clearly seem like the guy to ask. Thanks, also I weigh that much from powerlifting but goal now is to lower body fat%

  • Revolution Reality Canada
    Revolution Reality Canada

    Gregg-1 Derek-1 Jeremy eithierwhatever- A Zeeerrrroooooo

  • Andrew Chedid
    Andrew Chedid

    Well a problem I have with protein before bed, is that if I eat protein before bed I tend to have problems sleeping


    Used to workout in the late evening, back in college and would fill myself up with eggs for the protein right before bed. I remember having a lot of trouble falling asleep in those days. There were multiple reasons for the low sleep quality but eating that much hot and protein-rich food, right before bed definitely was a major contributor. Not to mention, that was of course my biggest protein meal of the day, probably the only one.

  • Mike Hamblin
    Mike Hamblin

    I can speak from experience that when u consume a large portion of protein before bed you will develop the worst night sweats you’ve ever had and wake up soaked wondering whether u pissed the bed or not . To much protein before bed will spike your body temperature and disrupt sleep

  • Dylan Myers
    Dylan Myers

    Fuckn love you bro . Wish you had the subscribers to match your quality of character 💯

  • William Hook
    William Hook

    Come on Greg some people need those cartoons to understand.

  • William Hook
    William Hook

    I work midnights so I work out 8 am then a 35g protein shake then go to bed. Just get protein when you can it’s not rocket science.Some people just talk bullshit to get views. Greg and Derrick are the best.

  • Cereal Grapist
    Cereal Grapist

    Anyone else get constipated after taking casein protein before bed?

  • Ryan Ireland
    Ryan Ireland

    Hey Coach or anybody reading this. Does anybody have any knowledge on what a low or normal test level should be in Canadian terms nmol/l please and thanks

  • M. Statton
    M. Statton

    There will always be people who like putting people and everything into a box. They're lazy and just want to be told what to do without thinking. Reality is not so clear cut. You're videos are all spot on. How do I know? Not only am I a physician (MD kind) as well as degrees and extensive work in molecular biology and Physics. Dont sweat it. I've noticed you don't give absolutes which makes you more correct than 99% of these guys.

  • Sniper474

    And then there are people who tell us we should eat extremely high protein amounts and only sleep 2 hours a night lol xD

  • Halfofmyheart

    My brother, who is a body builder, always told me (I workout 5 days a week to stay lean and toned) to have a low fat, lower calorie, high protein snack before bed. It works well for the both of us!

  • unwantedemi

    I love how people don’t listen or just hear what they want. Coach.G! Thanks

  • Daniel Calma
    Daniel Calma

    Guys it's ezpz. Just have a nice single serving of Greek yogurt as your snack before bed. Puts the casein guys at ease and it's a nice amount of protein that won't interrupt your sleep👍

  • You2uber

    As long as you are not lactose intolerant and have no problems digesting milk 2 large cups of milk before bedtime would supply you with hydration and about 20gr of slow absorbed protein... its almost as if they knew what they were doing in the golden era...

  • You2uber

    Simple answer is yes.

  • Tim Barry
    Tim Barry

    Not "plates for dates"... its "more plates more dates"

    • Beetle Grounds
      Beetle Grounds

      More plates for dates?

  • Alexandru Niculae
    Alexandru Niculae

    Just eat protein every 2 hours (also wake up during the night) just to be sure

    • Beetle Grounds
      Beetle Grounds

      Eat protein non stop , or better have perfusable protein going in your bloodstream at all time for perfect anabolism.

  • Eric Young
    Eric Young

    Hey I clicked like faster than last time!

  • Jasmine Way
    Jasmine Way

    I actually like Jeremy Ethier, bought his program. Greg finally convinced me otherwise. But i still love watching him :D

  • brady 123
    brady 123

    Gregg, what about carbs at night? I work out late from 8-9:30 pm I always have protein after, should I save some carbs for a post workout being that late at night? You should do a video on glycogen reload (simple/complex) after workouts for us late night gym goers.

    • brady 123
      brady 123

      @Beetle Grounds I have a hard time believing that. If I work out late and deplete my glycogen source and only consume protein, which can convert to glycogen, I don't think while I sleep which is optimal for repair and growth, that a little carbs at night - IF YOU WORK OUT late you'd want to have some form of carbs to assist. If you work out early and eat csrbs after to restore your glycogen then I could see avoiding csrbs at night.

    • Beetle Grounds
      Beetle Grounds

      @brady 123 that's why you eat protein for, if you eat 4-5 meals a day with 20+ it's enough for any process your body will ever need when it comes to muscle building.

    • brady 123
      brady 123

      @Beetle Grounds because it helps repair, and muscle sparing. If I work out at 9pm-10:30pm I'd assume a little carbs will help spare the protein I consume, and assist in repair. But that's why I'm asking him, because im unsure.

    • Beetle Grounds
      Beetle Grounds

      Why do you need glycogen to sleep?

  • Jayogic

    why does his voice sound like that

    • Beetle Grounds
      Beetle Grounds

      Why not?

  • Cherno Bog
    Cherno Bog

    I've been taking casein before I go to sleep since it has the slower break-down of protein versus whey, etc.. That way you have the elevated amino acid release to keep going while you're sleeping. That being said, it's not a huge amount (I'm not backloading).

  • Jeff Morabito
    Jeff Morabito

    Casein protein before bed is best for muscle growth and performance! The amount is based on body mass index. 40 grams is good for a 200lb person.

  • Andrew Clifford
    Andrew Clifford

    Why tf did I j get a Mexican McDonald’s add

  • Slappy

    I often times eat a self made tuna salad before bed, it has around 70g protein, is that too much 😅?

    • Beetle Grounds
      Beetle Grounds

      Do you feel like you have problems falling asleep? If so, it might be too much, if not, it's not, simple.

  • zerothehero123

    Well I'd like to but I don't want to mess up my circadian rhythm. I'm a light, bad sleeper so I have to be strict with this stuff.

  • Tai Nguyen
    Tai Nguyen

    I don't follow Jeremy, I've seen his videos and knew they are spew for views

  • NPC953 NPC64B
    NPC953 NPC64B

    I have 8 egg whites before bed and have grown like a weed

  • Scarecrow

    You and Derick are the only fitness channels I watch anymore

  • Scarecrow

    No shit? You got a cook book!! Why haven’t you mentioned this before?

  • NPC953 NPC64B
    NPC953 NPC64B

    eat protein before bed you idiots if you're not working out like a complete pussy you will be so tired at end of the day you will fall asleep.

    • Beetle Grounds
      Beetle Grounds

      You managed to miss the entire point of this video.

  • Anibal Orletti
    Anibal Orletti

    Hahahha so thats why i couldnt sleep and i sweated hahahha im an idiot

  • gammypage

    You're going to shred your voice doing this all the time no..? I actually liked your videos in your old house the best the ones near to but before when you moved. Closer to the mic so you didnt need to shout to be heard. Your normal voice is soothing, the shouting shrieking gets annoying no offense.

  • gammypage

    I liked your old videos where you actually spoke normally, and occasionally turned it up, this style is too much sounds silly tbh and cartoonish.. Love your videos for the quality information. Thanks

  • Mc Cullum
    Mc Cullum

    Click bait will always win on UZload... Too many idiots out there

  • C K
    C K

    Coach, I’ve grown quite fond of your voice. Don’t let them bring you down’re acquired, kind of like a good porter beer.

  • Mr.Reyam

    5 meals a day and 30-35gr protein per meal. Period.

  • Bertram Pagaard
    Bertram Pagaard

    Love that my two favorite fitness youtubers got each others backs

  • Ephraim Gray
    Ephraim Gray

    I had never heard of Greg before Brian Shaw did a response video, now I'm enjoying his videos, heck I might even buy his cookbook

  • LimesInfinity

    Damn I'm so lucky that I found coach Greag when I started lifting, so many fals informations from other ppl on YT, tnx Coach for speaking things the way they are

  • Alex Kamen
    Alex Kamen

    When you’re trained, MPS only lasts 16 hours. Good idea to eat a little bit more protein before bed because you’re fasted for a few hours before waking up. Just think about it Greg. It’s not just the total protein through the day. It’s also timing. Come on

  • MR Insensitive
    MR Insensitive

    All these people hating on coach Greg. What a bunch of jelly pansies. Jealous AF. It’s an ugly look for y’all. But it just affirms Everything Greg says. And his data is based on science & experience. Some people are going to spend their entire life acting like a fruit loop.

  • Corporate Camilo
    Corporate Camilo

    Meanwhile here I am watching Greg's videos at 1am after I come back grom work eating a 1000kcal (easily) Chinese and thai meal.

  • Batu Ayde
    Batu Ayde

    Would like to add eating right before bed hinders growth hormone release during your sleep, which is essential for growth.


    Why do you shout at everything? Your gains are going to explode. Stay off the juice dude.

  • zmasterx

    Coach Greg’s voice to my ears is like neon yellow to my eyes

  • ahart22

    More delts for more views

  • Mathelogical

    ETHIER.. Etsy-A (that's how you pronounce it)

  • Christopher Lewis
    Christopher Lewis

    You use to not screen in your old videos lol Oh those were the days 😆

  • SellItlike Mike
    SellItlike Mike

    Not to worry Greg is the best on UZload Factual and entertaining.

  • Coach Doyle
    Coach Doyle

    "I want to maximize gains, when should I eat protein?" *YES*

  • Ibrahim Khalil
    Ibrahim Khalil

    You should really do a collab with Gilbert Gottfried, coach him for a month or something

  • Mirror Image
    Mirror Image

    Now I wanna hear Greg vs Derrick on fasting. Derrick thinks fasting is good. Greg says nope.

  • Austin Lyon
    Austin Lyon

    Greg saying “Greg Doucette is a piece of shit con man” was hilarious and I don’t know why 😂😂😂

  • Jonny McGrath
    Jonny McGrath

    I was waiting for him to do on Jeremy Either. Lmao, but he’s a good guy.

  • Jacob Hawley
    Jacob Hawley

    Love you coach!

  • A cat named Scamper
    A cat named Scamper

    Yea but what about the chef guy? He eats an entire animal kingdom and half a whole chicken WITH a GIANT protein shake........ and 2-3 hours of sleep.......(so what do you say about that?) HE HAS 24” arms by the way.

  • tavis davidson
    tavis davidson

    I've been listening and watching your UZload channel for a little while now, and all I'm wondering is your voice just an act, or is this how you are normally? Forget waterboarding, just play the audio version of Greg's cookbook to get people to break! 😂

  • Eric Speranza
    Eric Speranza

    Love coach greg. Only info that works. And love the shouting

  • Taylor Gaston
    Taylor Gaston

    Apparently you don’t want a lot of protein before bed but make sure to drink plenty of HaterAde

  • S G
    S G

    Please stop the screaming.

  • amaseaman

    Eat at least a gallon of egg whites if you want to save on heating!

  • Thinblueline 21093
    Thinblueline 21093

    Who listens to Jeremy? He weighs like 100 pounds.

  • nikos rosos
    nikos rosos

    What we know one thing is muscle protein synthesis and one other thing is muscle breakdown, so when you probably won't eat 8 hours or ten even 11 hours, if you sleep like 9 hours and you eat 1 hour before you sleep, and one hour after you wake up, you could eat like 50 grams before bed and 40 in the rest of the meals,

  • WOOF [IO]
    WOOF [IO]

    Girt stirt 😂

  • Viktor M
    Viktor M

    I legit cant handle this, a middle aged man screaming like a 12 year old. Wish Greg spoke like he used to, unsubscribed.

  • 300pzl

    Jesus loves you.

  • bunn bunn
    bunn bunn

    dude,,stop all the screaming,,its getting over done now,,,i hate coming on all these channels now because all you guys do is try to shit on each other,,,,,,,,its just boring now,,,none of you are right and none of you are wrong,,,its all trial and error and come to you own conclusion

  • Brand

    Coach how can we trust a protein powder supplement that it actually contains the protein it’s advertised as?

    • Beetle Grounds
      Beetle Grounds

      Usually yes, since it's so cheap to make that it would be just dumb to lie and risk your business to save on a few pennies a pound.

  • Matthew C
    Matthew C

    But plates for dates has higher hair! I have dreams about eating. sometimes if I’m lucky I wake up and I have piles of Greg’s protein cookies on my bedside table waiting for me. 😋

  • Mahyar Gholami
    Mahyar Gholami

    you got destroyed HARD by alpha destiny. and you never made an apology video saying you are wrong. therefore I have lost lots of my respect for you so did everyone that watched Alex alpha destiny and that proved to me that you do this youtube thing for money and not the people. Because if it was about the people, you would want them to know the right info therefore you would make a video where you would re-state your points AND would not have cherry-picked his points. you CON ARTIST :)

    • Beetle Grounds
      Beetle Grounds

      He was wrong about what? He wasn't wrong.

  • Zack Higareda
    Zack Higareda

    40 grams isn’t a huge backload of protein, plates was just saying you’re not gonna be able to sleep you’re arguing the same thing that Jeremy said

  • stephen Jones
    stephen Jones

    Why not really educate the masses and do a video on protein digestion and how much the body digests

  • Anthony Crespo
    Anthony Crespo

    Plot twist: coach greg is a con artist

  • Jose Ramon Suarez
    Jose Ramon Suarez

    Am I the only one comparing them DELTS at min 7-8?

  • Just Some Guy with a Notebook
    Just Some Guy with a Notebook

    As expected of doctor Greg telling us what we NEED to hear, not what we want to hear


    Greg X Derek

  • Sven Stromblaad
    Sven Stromblaad

    But from my sources, you need 1200grams of protein and 3hrs sleep to be huge, clearly you must all be wrong

  • Gnat Foehn
    Gnat Foehn

    Half of derek's subs are actually smart people trying to gain more knowledge. The other half are just anti greg drones that think they are smart, but are still morons and jump on hating. It's okay, soon they'll judge information based on their own research. If Derek is the more tolerable Greg. Jeremy is the kid tries to copy Jeff Nippard but isn't smart enough to interpret data.

  • Bogdan Ghenea
    Bogdan Ghenea

    Hey Greg! Not related to this video but I dont know a better way to write you something. What is your opinion about Jim Stoppany PhD ? I find it weird that you never talked about him, weird or funny, didnt decided yet. Thanks!

  • Troy

    I’d like to have Jeremy’s protein before bed

  • Shay Ellis
    Shay Ellis

    More before bed protein then last time

  • Edward Alcala
    Edward Alcala

    I love how he calls Derek plates for dates, I love the two combo between these two kings

  • ballwizard6

    Or you can do whatever the fuck works for you ?

  • Alique Williams
    Alique Williams

    Sometimes I think Jeremy Ethier intentionally misinterprets the data, like when he was straw man'ing Jeff Nippard full body workout approach and criticizing it with data when isn't relevant to what Jeff Nippard is doing.

  • Cameron Sarmiento
    Cameron Sarmiento

    Its 12am. Im gonna eat some spoonfulls of cottage cheese.

  • Manish Choudhary
    Manish Choudhary

    Who the bloody hell are you to talk about Jeremy either 😠 bro don't try to defame others try something else 🖕🖕🖕

  • Hey

    Greg can you do one video where you use your normal voice?

  • immortaL Clan
    immortaL Clan

    Bro am I the only one that can’t stop looking at Greg’s Cheststripes ?😂😂🥴

  • FerdlTant Music
    FerdlTant Music

    Based on the delts, it is obvious

  • Chris Pike
    Chris Pike

    Greg just said that to maximise muscle hypertrophy you need to consume protein throughout the day. Assume he meant to maximise the effects of......

  • Chris Matney
    Chris Matney

    I already get bed sweats since I jump started my protein intake to 200g/day and thats NOT right before bed.

  • Moises Miramontes
    Moises Miramontes

    You are assuming Jeremy is doing it only for negative issues like to make money or to just get more views. Not everyone is right 99.8 like you coach, maybe he just misinterpreted and just messed up. He does seem to genuinely care and tries to give good info. He can be wrong sure that's normal we all make mistakes but to say he does it with a negative intention is flat out wrong. Not only are a lot of these studies always debatable but he most of the time explains that there are counter-arguments to his claims. Not saying he's right what he said but he does sound and does honestly look like he tries to help and give good info.

  • S4h4r4

    Good lord freaking dang it, right on time with cooking meatballs with tomatoes sauce before bed 🥲

  • Tviper Jester
    Tviper Jester

    1.5cups Fage 0% fat greek yogurt + 1/2cup Dark oats n chocolate granola protein from Nature valley before bed. Total 45g protein, excellent before bed, can even fit in your calorie budget when cutting and fills you so you don’t go to bed hungry.