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  • Gioia Zucchero
    Gioia Zucchero

    Coach Greg: May we please have a women’s line of your tanks and tops? Please! Mens are too big for the ladies! Ty 🙏🏽🙋🏽‍♀️💜

  • Tudor Rusz
    Tudor Rusz

    Why haven t i seen diese video bruh

  • Milo TheHam
    Milo TheHam

    2:27 Mike O'Hearn punches a wall

  • D R
    D R

    We need more Will and Coach Greg collabs. Like if you agree!

  • Dimitar Dimitrov
    Dimitar Dimitrov

    Watch lord of the rings to understand how 🥔 is pronounced

  • Coolsauce

    How many octaves can you hit your voice lmao

  • Unknown Guy
    Unknown Guy

    Prolly one of the most interesting vid on UZload

  • sinead O'Kane
    sinead O'Kane

    Wow that’s fast math

  • Anthony

    Gotta have my popcorn coach

  • Angela Hardi
    Angela Hardi

    Omg for some reason utube didnt send me notifs for this video and I WAS IN THIS VIDEO BEST DAY OF MY LIFE

  • Angus Uchiha
    Angus Uchiha

    you didn't answer my question!! i spent a lot of *time* (heh, get it?) on that question!!!

  • L Fenton
    L Fenton

    “Pudado” can you pronounce my name in a video “Leighton”

  • coleeg69

    Never knew he couldn't pronounce potatoes 😂

  • Daniel Fořt
    Daniel Fořt

    Oh boy I was in a video, Let's goo

  • nickasorus

    Sick math flex

  • james tolson
    james tolson

    Coach Greg I love him he's hilarious

  • coleeg69

    Will Tennyson aka your son did the Rush diet. React to that. Would be great

  • Sebastian's Fitness
    Sebastian's Fitness


  • XSoccerX911 •
    XSoccerX911 •

    5:33 did gertie teach you that sound? 😂

  • Finding My Fit Self
    Finding My Fit Self

    O'Hearn would put me to sleep... or possibly fall asleep while trying to get his point across. I'm definitely with you on the bicycling. I've spent most of my life loving it.

  • melissa Caity
    melissa Caity

    So you know when you've been watching this channel too long when you can answer his questions for him!

  • Joshh_45

    The guilt of eating two large pizzas while watching a Gregg video is immense

  • Gilbert Gonzales
    Gilbert Gonzales

    This guy is really fucking weird !!!!

  • lasombor1

    WTF??? You have a V-shred commercial during Your video? Who approved this, who is responsible?

    • lasombor1

      @Szelitzky Erick Thanks! That is tragic!!!

    • Szelitzky Erick
      Szelitzky Erick

      Nobody approves shiet , vshred has ads on every fitness video ever

  • X21Soul

    Would you rather eat eddie halls diet or brian shaws diet for a month

  • Drone Coma
    Drone Coma

    These are the type of videos I enjoy from you!

  • Eshan K
    Eshan K

    Great video Coach Greg!!!! Just like always!

  • Vincent Vega
    Vincent Vega

    Thumbs up for G Shred

  • Nikita

    Found Greg’s channel from this one dude on tiktok ben. Ben dunn if u see this hi and thank you for teaching me about Greg! I’ve binged him for hours😂

  • Dre Engle
    Dre Engle


  • Julian Santiago
    Julian Santiago

    Give up anabolic French toast or eat...SKINNY POP everyday for the rest of your life?

  • Gary Zuelch
    Gary Zuelch

    I seen a new v-shred ad, is was something weird sounding. beware



  • Karl


  • Travis Moore
    Travis Moore

    “Coach Greg and CALORIES cause you need to go harder than last time. I’m just telling you what you need to hear and too. many. calories. I like to ride bikes!! CALORIES!!”

  • Tjensen999

    @gregdoucette, if you were a foot taller, Ally wouldn't have to talk down to you all the time. LOL!!! This is a great video!!!

  • A White
    A White

    How did we fail and not ask for his favorite podado recipe? 🤣 French fried podado or mashed podado? Perhaps podado chips


    Coach be like do better than last time


    greg‘s content literally never gets boring...you open youtube and everyday there multiple great videos of greg but he always switches things up so that it’s really interesting to watch this mix - I think we all should appreciate that!

  • OP

    Would you rather do a HIIT workout with Chris Heria or have the opportunity to tell Justin Trudeau what to do for 1 day?

  • Preston Quimby
    Preston Quimby

    Pudadoe 🤣🤣🤣

  • kozo kosa
    kozo kosa

    Question for the next video of this type if there will be: would you rather give up sweeteners or give up protein powders?

  • Chewman30

    That was a nice change from the norm 👍🏻

  • MrBlasterWave

    he started good than he started yelling like a special kid

  • Ulises B
    Ulises B

    Is it me or the left trap looks a lot bigger than his right trap?

  • Jay Chaples
    Jay Chaples


  • A Santos
    A Santos

    "i'd probably need counselling for the rest of my life.."

  • Harrishraj Rajandran
    Harrishraj Rajandran

    Who else wants him to make a movie or a documentary about fitness cause Netflix have useless documentaries about health and fitness.

  • All Things Nerdy
    All Things Nerdy

    wow i made it, lol 😆


      Honestly I was trolling about the 🥔 question 💀

  • Kjaerbye Gaming
    Kjaerbye Gaming

    can you make workout split videos, traditional chest tri back bi legs shoulder, push pull leg, upper lower

  • Chandler Brambila
    Chandler Brambila

    If you played the drinking game every time Greg mentioned his cookbook you be fucked up on those shots in 1 min god dam man we get it you have that book geez

  • MR PES
    MR PES

    Coach u always say calories in , calories out .Is that mean I can eat fried chicken but if I do enough cardio,I will still drop body fat ??? Please help and make a video.

    • SilencioPuto

      Yes. It’s just really hard. Fried chicken has a shit ton of calories and will make you feel awful while working out.

  • Iron Man
    Iron Man

    Funnier than last time

  • Janice Rodrigues
    Janice Rodrigues

    I knew he’d choose will

  • Ange B
    Ange B

    Could we all just buy the cookbook for Gregflix 🙏🙏🙏

  • Kimberly Victoria
    Kimberly Victoria

    Hahaha loved this video coach

  • Alex

    Faker than last time. You got exposed...

  • MightyBull Fitness
    MightyBull Fitness

    Is it actually a shocker for people who know Greg well that he chose bike riding over weight training? It’s no surprise to me

  • mich.k

    HI Greg, i have a question. I'm trying to be in a calorie deficit, but have a problem with joints, anckles, so i cant walk that much every day in a week. I always have to pic some days in a week to just not really use my legs. Is there anything I can do to increase my calorie expandature without using my legs? Thanks, btw i love your conetent

  • Christian Tolboe
    Christian Tolboe

    Id watch a movie with coach Greg as the main character 🤩😆

  • Devon Larratts Genetics
    Devon Larratts Genetics

    Greg we know damn well you know how to annunciate a "T" for potato.. Lol in the words of a great emporer of China "C'moooon maan". Lol

  • Sean Lahey
    Sean Lahey

    Could you imagine..Coach Greg, the movie? 🍿

  • Reneban

    Would you rather take a Ferrari without wheels or sip and drink all the wood off from all the apartments?

  • Brandon -
    Brandon -

    Would you rather be my doctor or give me medical advice? 🤔🤭uh oh haha gotta pick

  • Kuya Jerry Solis
    Kuya Jerry Solis

    Pashout out po mga idol thank u god bless....,

  • Kuya Jerry Solis
    Kuya Jerry Solis

    Pashout out po mga idol thank u god bless....,..

  • Ruan de Lange
    Ruan de Lange

    Great video idea

  • M M
    M M


  • Vorex VE
    Vorex VE

    Hey Greg hope everything is fine with you and you family. I have a question. When me and my buddy is doing dumbelpress our shoulders hurt a bit to the point were we stop early cause it’s to annoying to press on. It’s mostly his left shoulder and my right. We have the elbows close to the body so we don’t really have our arms out to far arch our back but still hurts. Is I cause we take to much weight so we press with our shoulder or what’s up with that. Hope you see this and help us out 😁 love your videos keep it up 👍

    • Vorex VE
      Vorex VE

      @THE MUTANT DOC i see, I don’t think it’s the rotator cuff. But not 100% sure, cause we are only 22 and 23 I went to the chiropractor and it felt better after she cracked at some places. Apparently very tense cause we really don’t stretch after the gym. And we gym 6 days a week so might be that out muscle is so tense it start to hurt. Cause we don’t really have any problems with any other exercise only the dumbbell press. But thanks for your answer.


      If you have a bad rotator cuff (maybe years of wear and tear) like myself I tend to not go as wide as I used to and not as low either. Even for inclined barbell bench I don't go wide and about 1 fist from touching chest.

  • Thomas Jones
    Thomas Jones

    So many ironic answera it's blowing my mind

  • beezle1976

    Haha.... that kids/Will Tennyson question and answer made me giggle like a kid. Glad I was was home alone when I watched it.

  • dicrurusparadiseus


  • Brett locke
    Brett locke

    Gotchu Will

  • Daybot

    Will you do a video on how to gain weight?

  • Mccoy9119

    Would did u do to your face looks chiseled!

  • Jesse Williamson
    Jesse Williamson

    Did he answer if he’d rather snort diahrea

  • Hayley Pardinan
    Hayley Pardinan

    remember Greg will only sleep for 3 hrs for a month if he chose the chef rush routine. that's dangerous

  • Alex Sauter
    Alex Sauter

    More vids like this!!

  • Jason C
    Jason C

    Why not give credit to simon miller?

  • Truffs

    Quick maths

  • EnNergyTrix

    I thought we were goona get through this one without yelling. But that wouldnt be coach Greg.

  • EnNergyTrix

    “Dr. John jaquish. Argued that weight lifting is a complete waste of time.” Can you please react to this

  • F for respecc
    F for respecc

    puri puri prisoner

  • Ash Daniel
    Ash Daniel


  • Anna LA
    Anna LA

    Now I wanna play 2048 on my phone.

  • theGameMonk

    For the algo

  • Scott Murray
    Scott Murray

    Anyone else thinking we should set up a petition for a coach Greg the movie?

  • Patricia Barrera
    Patricia Barrera

    I love how Greg admits he'd rather look good . And he does. Handsome and built like a brickhouse. Just yummy...

    • raj deep
      raj deep

      Are u more thirsty than last time? 😂 😂

  • RonBurgandy

    I’m pooping.

  • Arsham fitness
    Arsham fitness

    Veery interesting... Keep up the great work! 🔥🔥

  • S Manthighs
    S Manthighs

    I would def rather train and eat like crap... oh wait, I already do.

  • Kim Yeongho
    Kim Yeongho

    Whoa whoa!!! There’s no yelling at the start of the video? Are you okay Greg?🧐

  • Kohl Case
    Kohl Case

    “Puh-dae-doh” -Coach Greg

  • leenie espi
    leenie espi


  • Kris Weigand
    Kris Weigand

    Please do a Natty or Not on Dan Lourenco at Ghost Lifestyle

  • pugetwitch

    I need a whole separate video for this pickle pizza phenomenon....🤯🤔😋😋😋

  • Red Gorilla
    Red Gorilla

    I see nothing wrong with his pronunciation of bodado . Doesn't everyone call them bodados

  • C. PVZ
    C. PVZ

    3:50 even thinking about 4% bodyfat year round gives me joint pain

  • Tom R
    Tom R

    Hey Greg good job owning up to your mistake on the Geoff copystrike issue. Kind of tagging on to the side of that whole thing, do you think you can start providing a link to the videos you review in your video description?

  • Kendall Roberts
    Kendall Roberts

    The powerlifting one kind of surprised me