Drake || Natty or Not?
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  • Christopher Christofonovich
    Christopher Christofonovich

    "Started from the doughnut now were here"....Weak video sorry

  • Christopher Christofonovich
    Christopher Christofonovich

    Who cares about drake?? Material is on a low?? Drake sounds like a chipmunk when he raps but I don't want to get into awkward voices..HINT HINT Greg SqueekyScreaming!!

  • Fooni

    Juicing isnt the only way to be unnatural. He could have gotten surgery, which is what people speculate

  • Joseph Miller
    Joseph Miller

    I think everybody should workout at least 3 times a week to start then 5 to 6 times a week and if you do you'll look good n feel good it's the fountain of youth I am 52 and I am ok shape my goal is great shape and to look bigger

  • N4TE

    O v o gym 😭😂

  • Monke

    8:04 is that not gyno?

  • 正美Masami

    This is unconventional but can you do a natty or not on the kpop idol wonho

  • D S
    D S

    Jessica Buettner, Natty or Not, pls🦾

  • Clownsof Youtoobz
    Clownsof Youtoobz

    Im sitting in this chair harder than last time

  • zeake13


  • Taylor C
    Taylor C

    Greg is Jordan Pete all jacked up LOL

  • Goruto Uzonmaki
    Goruto Uzonmaki

    5:33 huh 😳

  • Rowan L
    Rowan L

    Lmao I was not expecting to see this video

  • judeetiennejr

    That cool during cardio Is bs lol when that fan comes on during cardio I start hyperventilating lol shit suffocating I always do cardio with a jacket on I sweat a lot regardless but it feels way better with the fan off and a jacket

  • Rasa Radomir
    Rasa Radomir

    @greg doucette please do natty or not on Dejan Stipke it will be interesting and I would appreciate it a lot. Greetings!

  • AJAZ assad
    AJAZ assad

    What is that on Greg's bicep?

  • TanMAN A
    TanMAN A

    Drake's physique is not even impressive by the slightest

  • Sam Frost
    Sam Frost

    Nathaniel massiah natty or not???

  • Raymond J Blaze
    Raymond J Blaze

    Ouch my ears

  • Frank Destroso
    Frank Destroso

    Looks natural, almost like he owns a million dollar gym

  • Stephen Cosenza
    Stephen Cosenza

    It does look like he might have gotten liposuction

  • Boozy YT
    Boozy YT

    Anyone else laugh at “ohvoh” gym

  • hulk smash
    hulk smash

    Greg do a video (comic relief) on the idiot dry scoopers.

  • hulk smash
    hulk smash

    Drake uses his cell phone to call people and have people call him on his cell phone.

  • LuigiF96

    shredded? he's no where near shredded lol

  • Juan Pablo Ortega
    Juan Pablo Ortega

    He has looked like that for years, yoked but not a bit shredded

  • Don Verb Street Hop
    Don Verb Street Hop

    Haha random Jeff C diss

  • sim city
    sim city

    At 34 years old with his money he's def researched in HRT or even GH. He definitely could be on a low dose of HRT

  • Garbage Fries
    Garbage Fries

    Drake got some beach stomach lipo years ago. His body fat is higher in his full body than it is in his stomach

  • Rumil

    like just for that mini bar

  • HoKage_888

    Drake is gay

  • KVandMariee

    He looks amazing.

  • Assassin Force
    Assassin Force

    The way he said OVO😹


    Why are you neglecting your health? I don't appreciate the personal attack Greg...😅

  • MrFuchew

    I wanna know what coach Greg thinks about the 5-20 pound of toxic poop in your body at any given moments. zoo poo

  • TypicallyUnique

    Drake got worthless show muscle. He still kind of a fatty.

  • Simba Goat
    Simba Goat

    The 69 clip got me dying 🤣

  • Hans

    Do natty or not on benjamin mac05 :))

  • FreakshowFapper

    My local gym has one of those machines. Really helped me to work on the right muscles when I was training for Vasaloppet (which is a cross country ski race with a length of 90 km). I also gained lots of mental strength using that machine staring into a wall for an hour... Edit: I also did a bicycle race called Vätternrundan the same year, you should come join me for that one Greg!

  • Tahelle Wythet
    Tahelle Wythet

    Shredded? He looks a little fluffy to me.

  • Emir Al Hadid
    Emir Al Hadid

    That’s definitely natty looking. Who would look at his physique and think PEDs? Looks pretty decent but not ridiculous at all.

  • Tsunami Papi
    Tsunami Papi

    Dude is 20% body fat at least ,need to loose 30 pounds of what and gain 40 pounds of muscle to b on my level,good luck with that ,maybe in 15 years from now he would look like m

  • Foshizelism

    Guy really made a natty or not on drake lol

  • LoweRider

    Is Jason genova natty or not?

  • Jordan G
    Jordan G

    once you start to put on muscle you'll realize how much a pump and flexing your abs can change your appearance, just bc you're scrawny doesn't mean everyone else is on roids😭 and if you have decent genetics you can workout like once a week to maintain that shit.. its with you for life unless you starve yourself/are really sedentary

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    Drake got liposuction a few years ago, so... No drugs, but not like he lost the fat the way most people would

  • Giu Del
    Giu Del

    Lol for his body you just need to Workout 2 Times a week not harder then last time and eat pizza and burgers! 😅

  • N.O.A YT
    N.O.A YT

    Hes lacking some chest and has a bit of stomach fat but hey it's all good.

  • T- Terminator
    T- Terminator

    7:29 what do you call that Gym equipment for Squatting?....

  • Elijah Oropeza
    Elijah Oropeza

    is your arm okay brother?

  • Dima Saur
    Dima Saur


  • Bruno Rivière
    Bruno Rivière

    He looks horrible 😂 just like his music

  • xXfunk36Xx

    He’s physic is totally achievable naturally, but it’s drake and the people he’s around and just the attitude he has makes me think he’d take any shortcut available

  • Rockabilly Boy
    Rockabilly Boy

    His bars definitely not natty tho

  • miguel ruiz
    miguel ruiz


  • Arnaud

    This video finally got me subscribing, can’t pass a good 😂, specially when Drake is involved. He’s been killing it lately 🔥. DJ Khaled next... Another One !! 😬

  • Jacob Armstrong
    Jacob Armstrong

    lmao I'm assuming no one asked this and Greg just needed a video idea last minute. Multi-millionaire is in good shape? shocker!

  • FDB Man
    FDB Man

    Unpopular opinion but Drake sounds so whiny. For example the song Sick Mode is much better if you just cut Drake out of it.

  • K J A Inspiration
    K J A Inspiration

    Do giga chad

  • Music Biz Moriarty
    Music Biz Moriarty

    Can you please do a Natty or Not on the genetic freak Scott Steiner ??? he is def natty right ?

  • we know his voice
    we know his voice

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  • Doctor Z
    Doctor Z

    The people that said Drake is on roids are just jealous.

  • Til Ramig
    Til Ramig

    Lol im drakes size and im 17 and been training for 7 months😬😂 i deem him natty

  • Hollis Mallory
    Hollis Mallory

    More like “fatty or not”

  • Matthew Isenhour
    Matthew Isenhour

    Greg. I like you. But do you have to talk like that? I want to watch and hit the thumbs up. But I can’t make it half way through the video because it’s like nails on a chalkboard.

  • Craig Beasley
    Craig Beasley

    No roids for OVO guy..... he’s getting in shape had knee surgery not long ago....

  • Rony Escobar
    Rony Escobar

    coach Greg doesn’t have drake money 😂😂😂😂

  • De Tee
    De Tee

    That stomach job is terrible. I’d be pissed to pay a plastic surgeon the remove the fat from my stomach and they ended up stretching too deep.

  • Tony Hancock
    Tony Hancock

    its true Drake's ego is bigger than last time.

  • Interesting Comments ?
    Interesting Comments ?

    Does Greg have scoliosis?

  • Danny Yalom
    Danny Yalom

    Of all the people I didn't expect drake, you caught me off guard.

  • VillainV3

    Not 100% Drake had fat removed from his abs. Looks good tho.

  • Abhimanyu Khadwal
    Abhimanyu Khadwal

    Is it me, or is Greg basically shredded Jordan Peterson?

  • ARK

    Drake got liposuction at some point. This has been known for a long time. Not to undermine his work or anything !

  • Gregory Blair
    Gregory Blair

    Anyone who has a 6 pack has to be on steroids according to the internet.

  • GlobaalGeo

    that 6ix8ine part killed me hahaha

  • Michael G
    Michael G

    Greg's idea of a total body workout sounds like torture. Like, a good way to get somebody to confess to something.

  • Des TheBest
    Des TheBest

    Comments were cursed

    • Des TheBest
      Des TheBest

      Fixed em now

  • Tommy Fransson II
    Tommy Fransson II

    I died at 5:33

  • Jungee man
    Jungee man

    Next Video Title „ Adele - Natty or Not?!“

  • TheTreMara

    5:33 😂

  • NextGeneration Lofi
    NextGeneration Lofi

    If he is on juice then He needs to sue his dealer

  • oppermanfitness

    Absolutely nobody: Greg: Drake Natty or Not?

  • George Adams
    George Adams

    Drake is on drugs...but black ppl are scared of needles .

  • Tom D’Souza
    Tom D’Souza

    Lol no way he’s on steroids! Chubby!

  • Travis Kreutzer
    Travis Kreutzer

    Drake trying to get big so Pusha T won't bully him anymore 😂

  • Jeff S
    Jeff S

    I didn't even know Drake worked out?

  • Quesadity

    he got lipo in the early 2010s

  • G G
    G G

    The real controversial question- does Drake “rap”

    • Ace Wingate
      Ace Wingate

      Beyoncé even raps better 😂

  • Pirate BenchPress
    Pirate BenchPress

    doesnt look like he lifts

  • Oli The Sweed
    Oli The Sweed

    Dude.. you're burning out your vocal chords.. your voice is starting to become too annoying to bear, chill..

  • MoochiMooch

    Running out of content at this point

  • David Chris
    David Chris

    You sounds like gilbert Gottfried before his balls dropped

  • Poem Heaven
    Poem Heaven

    It’s giving me liposuction and sketched out abs lol

  • jout uber
    jout uber

    guys and gals if you want realyy great indepth information about training and dieting check this guy out he ... really explains things great .. his vids are long though but really good information : Renaissance Periodization

  • Dieter Lötz
    Dieter Lötz

    I love how when someone uses fake weights for whatever reason,then fitness UZloadrs bring up Jeff Cavalier 😂😂

  • Morningstar

    Can you do tooturnttony natty or not from TikTok

  • Krys Bee
    Krys Bee

    Building my $3k gym in my head and then I find out Drake’s gym is 1mil😂🤣😅

  • Henare Brown
    Henare Brown

    Love coach gregg but i died laughing when he screamed "light weight baby"

  • Sven Stromblaad
    Sven Stromblaad

    How dare you, Gregory. I am ALWAYS on the bike when I watch your videos