MAJOR Announcement! || POWER 13 Book LIVE

What do you get when you put 13 Coach Greg-approved super chefs in the kitchen?
Ridiculously tasty recipes that will change your friggin' life!
This is a book that builds BETTER eating habits…
10 egg whites and 6 bowls of rice?
NEVER BEFORE have this many fit chefs joined their forks together to share mouth-watering recipes in one book...
Until NOW.
#GregDoucette #Power13 #HarderThanLastTime

  • Funkafella01

    Btw this is the kind of book I was waiting for. I kept thinking to myself somebody needs to make a body building cook book that doesn’t taste like 💩 .

  • Funkafella01

    Lol dude just pay someone to do your voice overs. Love the energy though.

  • Spike Lee
    Spike Lee

    No duff, I watched this video the day it came out and then bought the book right after I got yelled at by Coach Greg ahaha. Unfortunately, I'm away from home due to my work (living in a hotel at the moment), so I can't really make anything from it yet. But I'm super stoked to try it out for sure when I get back home!

  • Raushan Mateen
    Raushan Mateen

    Damn no Remington James?

  • Raushan Mateen
    Raushan Mateen

    You had my attention at Simon Miller

  • Top Male
    Top Male

    I swear Gregg is talking to Morty! Love ya Gregg!😄😄😄

  • Jordbær

    G-shred is a scam.

  • agontop1

    Yooo Coach!!! Should my first cookbook from you be this one or your original?? Evtuskky I’ll get both just to show support however which one would you recommend first????

  • Keith Manaloto
    Keith Manaloto

    Should you have a large asian following, it would be awesome if you include recipes with asian ingredients in your cookbook or collab with an asian bodybuilder for it. Most of your ingredients are quite hard to find when you're at the other side of the world. Just a suggestion doc 👌

  • Big bankie Bobby
    Big bankie Bobby

    Shill harder than last time

  • Big bankie Bobby
    Big bankie Bobby

    Be more of a cookie cutter than last time

  • Big bankie Bobby
    Big bankie Bobby

    Its quick, easy, and only costs your soul

  • Big bankie Bobby
    Big bankie Bobby

    Its quick, easy, and only costs an arm and a leg

  • Chance Whitall
    Chance Whitall

    So many famous people that I've never heard of.

  • Retard 46
    Retard 46

    Coach Greg which book of yours is the best one for weight gaining I would love to purchase one

  • Vins Dragons
    Vins Dragons

    Not a fan of this book. The recipes weren’t appealing

  • Chris Boshoff
    Chris Boshoff

    Amazing blah amazing blah blah more amazing.blah blah.

  • Regis SansSandales
    Regis SansSandales

    Go on r/volumeeating instead of buying theses expensive bullshit cookbooks

  • Schmole

    Scammer Alert

  • CJ Greek
    CJ Greek

    Lmao why do I absolutely love this guy!?!

  • Night Owl
    Night Owl

    wtf is this shit?

  • Life in Las Vegas
    Life in Las Vegas

    Yes, I love to cook healthy meals.

  • Who You Calling Pinhead
    Who You Calling Pinhead

    God damn it coach, you need to scream more harder than last time to make me buy it, but I’m getting it because I WANT to, you failed to try harder 😂

  • DWA Consulting
    DWA Consulting

    Jujimufu videos encouraged me to build a gym in my dining room... When he and his wife were in that apartment he had a nice lil gym in his living/dining area... I really like him.

  • Bx Gamer
    Bx Gamer

    I thought Mamaswole would of been in the cookbook, Anabolic margarita's lol

  • Nick Anderson
    Nick Anderson

    No Chef Rush recipes??

  • Justice Bush
    Justice Bush

    My boy Simon Miller! 🧙‍♂️☁️

  • Cystic Fibrosis Fit
    Cystic Fibrosis Fit

    4:54 RIP.... You where a good plate

  • Marcel16DM

    Remington James is triggered he didn't make the cut.

  • Richard Silverberg
    Richard Silverberg

    I just heard of your sister. I hope she powers thru the issue with the courage you display daily.

  • Hk47 G
    Hk47 G

    Anyone know ofnthis new one isent all loded down with artificial sweeteners i was prettt let down by 2.0s laxk of savoury options

  • Hannibalwantsahug Grande
    Hannibalwantsahug Grande

    13 is the number of rebellion.

  • Hoyt Howerton
    Hoyt Howerton

    What a wasted collab. You could have done something that mattered.

  • Ryan C
    Ryan C

    Me: "Oh this looks good maybe I'll buy it!" *Checks price $79* Me: *wut face*

    • Abeer Ralhan
      Abeer Ralhan

      I literally had to wait for the right time to ask my parents. My birthday is coming up, and I’m turning 14, so I asked if I could get the cookbook, and they let me get it! Worth the 79$. By the way, I made an account on his website, and I also added his discount code which turned the cookbook from 79$ down to 65$.

  • Best Pranksters
    Best Pranksters

    Can somebody come out with a meal prep and delivery service including these or similar meals? This is too much time to spend cooking. They also often say that these are quick and easy recipes, but in reality they often involve many obscure and hard to find ingredients...

  • Jack Legnon
    Jack Legnon

    should I get this one or the cookbook v2

    • Kofi

      2. This 13 book is an absolute mistake

  • EveryMinuteAsuckerISborn

    This guy's actually charging for recipes other people have for free on youtube? As long as there are retards who'll buy it...

  • Chunky Cat
    Chunky Cat

    Is this a hardcover book, or just a pdf download?

    • Chunky Cat
      Chunky Cat

      5:19 watching the video answered my question >,>

  • Sunny Tian
    Sunny Tian

    YOOOO where remington at tho?

  • waldo mack
    waldo mack

    Like holy shit I was not expecting the joke about milk and Will Tennyson

  • dequan300

    Can't wait to buy it 😍

    • Nellie Konkel
      Nellie Konkel

      @dequan300 watch the several reviews on it to make your decision. It comes out to about $1.50 a recipe- idk about you, but that's a great deal to me.

    • dequan300

      @Kofi you bought it?

    • Kofi

      Don't. You'll regret it

  • El De Por ahi
    El De Por ahi

    I want a physical copy tho 😭😭😭

  • Jimmy Farber
    Jimmy Farber

    POWER 13 REVIEW: I got the Power 13 cookbook within minutes of it coming out, I was excited to see all the recipes from the great minds across UZload! However, as I read through the recipes, most of them are more complex than in Greg’s initial books, require a much larger array of ingredients, and generally have a higher calorie count. I have all 3 cookbooks so far and 2.0 is by far my favorite, overall the Power 13 recipes really don’t sound all that good except for 1 or 2, I love the coach and he has changed my life but this cookbook isn’t worth the price at all. If you have yet to get any cookbook and can’t decide, get 2.0! Tons of recipes that you can change up and modify for the rest of your life! In my opinion, I would NOT buy the Power 13 book if I was on HRT and could go back in time. Hope this helps anyone who was on the fence! -James

  • Mary Perez
    Mary Perez

    Just bought excited to start cooking from it.

  • stefan gabrian
    stefan gabrian

    I cant belive how good this book is! I had to search for this. Why was not recomended to me?

  • Jenilee

    Super surprised that Remington James isn’t apart of this 🤔

  • Freddie Caldwell
    Freddie Caldwell

    Hey Greg, would you ever consider doing a full vegetarian or vegan cookbook. I haven't seen one from a well known strongman or such a respected IFBB pro like yourself.

  • Shean G. Esna
    Shean G. Esna

    Shit I got the book but I want the ice cream recipe , which one has it ?

    • Shean G. Esna
      Shean G. Esna

      Nvm me lmao I meant the “berry” flavour

  • Smitty Werben Jagerman Jensen
    Smitty Werben Jagerman Jensen

    I just love how these people collaborate and create a synergy to make UZload fitness great. They are helping a lot of people, and helping each other to make their own channel bigger. No crab mentality, helps with the algorithm. Maybe those damn haters and mosquitoes are jealous right now and in regret for being a mosquito in the first place.

  • carter g.
    carter g.

    Remington James sittin at home like..........

  • Jay Huaman
    Jay Huaman

    the discount code isnt working :/

    • Nellie Konkel
      Nellie Konkel

      all 13 creators have their own code! You can choose one of theirs to use as well

  • Sam Balmer
    Sam Balmer

    This book sounds amazing! Do you ship to the UK? If so will it cost me my right leg?

  • Jocifer Luther
    Jocifer Luther

    13 is an illuminati number

  • First Name Last Name
    First Name Last Name

    What happened to your bicep coach?

  • ThatKidSam


  • john blackarrow 2087
    john blackarrow 2087

    Coach greg whats your bike rountine like please could u make short video about it thank u i had anabolic French toast with blueberries this morning yum i got through two of them and i got full fast and i am 245lbs lol i was 254 isee the fat dispearing its amazing

  • Tony Stark
    Tony Stark

    *I know this book is a scam since there's no Abby Sharp in it*

  • Mzscorpio82 Tyson
    Mzscorpio82 Tyson

    Hey its only 79$ way cheaper then the others im getting this book 💙💙💙

  • Mzscorpio82 Tyson
    Mzscorpio82 Tyson

    What about Remington James hes got some good stuff too wish he was added in your book Coach.

  • Nicole Smith
    Nicole Smith

    Are they low cal recipes?

  • Seeky Unbounded
    Seeky Unbounded

    wow who directed the picture, it looks like a different person, perfect expretion for cookbook



  • Tayler Mallory
    Tayler Mallory

    @Greg Doucette do you any videos on muscle soreness?

  • Lloydbonified

    FUUUUSION! ⚡🔥⚡

  • Ken Carroll
    Ken Carroll

    I weighed 327 and now weigh 171 lbs in 362 days as of right now at 4/22/21. All thanks to Coach Greg. If he says buy the book, then you buy the frickin book!

  • Natural Physique
    Natural Physique

    Love your voice

  • VDDftw

    This guy isn't getting enough recognition from the world.

  • Yune Sai
    Yune Sai

    I dont know if im the first one to notice but the describtion of will tennyson is jujis

  • Mridul Kaimal
    Mridul Kaimal

    Can't afford from a third world country. Neither the cookbook nor the ingredient in it. :'(

  • Dominik kaláb
    Dominik kaláb

    So glad my boy Simon is featured. Such a genuine chap.

  • Sherly Lecty
    Sherly Lecty

    I would actually love to own your books and pay full price all the way... I'm just not gonna drop $500 on some shitty ebooks. Just make some hardback copies, for $79 That's the least you could do. I want your books, but they're not actual books.

  • Brian Galka
    Brian Galka

    It's amazing how many times this guy says AMAZING! It is the most overused word in marketing, that no longer means anything. Everything is AMAZING today...

  • E

    Greg still looks insane off gear

  • Jon torres
    Jon torres

    Just recently purchased 2.0 should have waited lol

  • Jasmine Way
    Jasmine Way

    Thanks Coach!! Just uploaded a review video! :D I think I'm the first female audience to do the review 💪💪💪 Do I get an award? 🤔

  • Sam

    Greg looks so high on the cover of the book. Probably a weed muffin recipe. 😁

  • Myron Carvalho
    Myron Carvalho

    you don't have the real chef from the white house in this list. sigh. i wanted the 2222 pushups a day chef in this.

  • Jese Savignon
    Jese Savignon

    Ok, I only have one question, wich book should I buy? Greg's cookbook 2.0 or power 13??? 🤯

  • MolsonM3

    Is Connor Murphy’s protein shake recipe in the cookbook?

  • Ahuja Football
    Ahuja Football

    Natty or not : Saket Gokhale

  • Christopher Bader
    Christopher Bader

    Hello Greg :) Please make a response video to Joey Carbstrong. Thank you :)

  • Keshler Sanon
    Keshler Sanon

    6:05 happy 420 coach Greg

  • Keshler Sanon
    Keshler Sanon

    Anabolic avengers (and Remington James is Deadpool, lone wolf)

  • Fly Camel
    Fly Camel

    Hi is your cook book using halal ingredient

  • TheAnimalstrength

    Coach Greg, any vegan recipes? Serious question

  • xxgamer xx
    xxgamer xx

    Anyone wanna share with with me lol

  • XxIcybluexX

    Man, the amount of name's I heard being called in this video is the equivalent of when that justice league cartoon became unlimited and moved their base into space. They got every hero they could think of to join, lol.

  • Superman Steve
    Superman Steve

    Nah I’m not wasting money for something shitty I may just get the free pirated pdf

  • Matthew Jones
    Matthew Jones

    Curious why Remington James didn’t make it. Not really a fan but dudes kind of obsessed with Greg and started his anabolic recipes because of Greg.

  • B flo
    B flo

    C'mon Derek couldn't give us a recipe, or does he just provide the plates?

  • Ahmedo Jabrah
    Ahmedo Jabrah

    Where is Jesse ? and Jeff Cav?

  • Lorie LaPrade
    Lorie LaPrade

    I now have your frickin' cookbook(s)!

  • jeff cottrell
    jeff cottrell

    Just bought Anabolic Cookbook 2.0, POWER 13, and the Home & Hotel Hypertrophy Handbook. Thanks Coach Greg!!!

  • ArcticFox2148

    Just bought my copy. looking forward to "Iron Musket's" Garlic Aldredo French Toast, and the two different omelet grilled cheese sandwiches the most.

  • Assassin MMA
    Assassin MMA

    Remington James about to buy this, change 1 ingredient, claim it as an original recipe, then add it to his own cookbook

  • Mark Almonte
    Mark Almonte

    Just like the avengers cook book

  • Joe Whisney
    Joe Whisney

    This looks amazing, stoked to pick it up! Would love to have seen @remingtonjames in this line up as well.

  • D'Artagnan Harris
    D'Artagnan Harris

    Can’t take constructive criticism. Grow up.

    • Casparowicz

      It’s just pathetic at this point..

  • Max Mumford
    Max Mumford

    Already brought!!! So excited to try out the recipes 😁

  • Ben shropshiree
    Ben shropshiree

    Congrats on the 1million Greg !!!