TOP 10 TO DROP 10 lbs - Make BETTER Choices
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  • Delilah Fit
    Delilah Fit

    I eat 200 calorie protein ice cream and it’s literally impossible to eat anything else. That’s my savior lol

    • brimstone on steam
      brimstone on steam

      @boko Harambe shout out to you for being a vegan that acts like a decent human and doesn't make it their character and agenda. Thanks for being so refreshing.

    • Carbearr

      @lightofmylife1 if you’re talking about prostate cancer- way more research is needed on that to say anything- what’s recommended is GOING TO THE DOCTOR REGULARLY

    • Carbearr

      @lightofmylife1 as someone with a science background 🙄🙄🙄

    • Melly Mel
      Melly Mel

      @lightofmylife1 cite your meta analysis showing where a mixed diet with reasonable consumption of animal protein increases colon cancer. I can only find where a high consumption of red meat increases it 28%. Plant based diets do not provide all essential amino acids. How can this be better? It's ok to eat how you want, but the fear mongering and religious devotion to ways of eating gets tiring at times, not necessarily from you, but all around and on both sides.

    • Paige Dixon
      Paige Dixon

      @lightofmylife1 well skin cancer is a thing which is caused by a mutation in your cells as a result of radiation from the sun (which is why people should wear sunscreen). That’s really not my point though. I was just explaining to you how cancers form since you seemed confused by the other person’s comment.

  • Benjamin Xiong
    Benjamin Xiong

    I respect how this guy says pop instead of soda

  • CalibriMain

    The main 10 to gain 10??????!!!!

  • TheMiguel

    Greg Changed my life, Ive been doing these suggestions for a while now. I went from 210 to 145. Listen to the man, he knows what he's talking about. FYI for condiment's and sweet toppings try out Walden Farms.

  • Clarke Garbutt
    Clarke Garbutt


  • Darian Lalla
    Darian Lalla

    Fun fact sugar had a higher chance of causing cancer than sweeteners even when the false research that said sweetener caused cancer was believed

  • Alejandro Guillen
    Alejandro Guillen

    "Quit being a whiney little bitch" YES DOCTOR!

  • Kevon Kipps
    Kevon Kipps

    For the Algo....

  • DmanPC1


  • Big Foot
    Big Foot

    Smells like... unsubs.

  • Carlo Massimo
    Carlo Massimo

    I eat what I want as long as it’s within my calories for the day 😅

  • turfoid

    I have an amazing way to make popcorn.

  • Alexandru Niculae
    Alexandru Niculae

    bringing more foods into the circle than last time

  • JoAb

    Stop being a whiny little bitch!!! 😂 Language doctor!!! Good going

  • Angel Midknight
    Angel Midknight

    Me, a lactose intolerant watching the intro: Delactosed milk and cheese taste horrible, I seriously hope he's not implying that

  • King Shark
    King Shark

    Trail mix is literally poison. It is insanely dense in calories. You can eat 1000 calories eating at normal speed in 5 minutes.

  • lordndsavior

    hard candy and head

  • e c
    e c

    greg really fell off man

  • Timothy Martin
    Timothy Martin

    I love my Yasso bars!

  • Blue Max
    Blue Max

    In which world do people think a muffin is healthy?

  • MrLugar45

    Was there litteraly anyone in the world who thought muffins were healthy?

  • Who is the most influential person of all time?
    Who is the most influential person of all time?

    Halo top FTW!!!🍦🍧🍨

  • Charlie Strom
    Charlie Strom

    Though I very much enjoyed the video, there is one recommendation I take issue with. Almond milk Though Greg is correct in recommending the milk for the sake of its nutritional value, it has a few issues. Namely it’s large environmental cost. The majority of almonds are grown in California, which has been experiencing droughts for the past several years. These nuts alone consume 9 percent of California’s agricultural water allotment. Oat milk and other nut milks are a better alternative when viewed through the lense of environmental impact.

  • Finding My Fit Self
    Finding My Fit Self

    All I know is, whatever you do, don't try the sugar free gummy bears >_

  • Michael Barnes
    Michael Barnes

    My mother is Dairy intolerant, not lactose’s the fat molecules in milk that she cannot digest rather than the sugar (lactose) even if the Dairy milk is lactose free she still can’t have it. A lot of people don’t understand the difference between dairy intolerant and lactose intolerant....and you would not believe the amount of dumbasses who think Eggs are a Dairy product so cannot be consumed by Lactose/Dairy intolerant people.

  • GlitchScatter

    I came for education... I found entertainment. This comment section is a goldmine.

  • Sally

    Right on!

  • Rasmus Backman
    Rasmus Backman

    more cavities than last time

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    What milk should I drink if I can’t drink almond

  • Jessica Raewood
    Jessica Raewood

    I’m sure this has been said before but what determines a food being low calorie vs high calorie? Like what is the formula to go by?

  • Jessica Raewood
    Jessica Raewood

    My trigger food is chips and crackers. It’s literally the only trigger I have out of all foods. I swap chips for Quaker rice crisps individual bags and it’s like 80 cal for a serving and satisfies my chip cravings with the one small serving. I can’t do that shit with a little bag of Doritos! Lmao!!!! Doritos is a 10 for me, gotta bring it down into the circle lmao ⭕️

  • Jessica Raewood
    Jessica Raewood

    I drink Ripple milk in my coffee and it’s delicious with like 8 grams of protein for a cup and only 80 calories and easy on my stomach. :)

  • King Diamond
    King Diamond

    your videos always put a smile on my face

  • F L
    F L

    Who is G-Shred? What is this about?

    • eliza hamilton
      eliza hamilton

      It was moskitos making fun of greg for a justifiable copyright strike

  • Jordi H
    Jordi H

    More like 40 pounds

  • Michael Gurney
    Michael Gurney

    Best. Video. Ever.

  • john gutierrez
    john gutierrez

    I’m case you guys actually didn’t know, there’s been a study done showing you’d need to drink 600-800 diet pops a day to even have a risk for cancer from aspartame

  • ingrid h
    ingrid h

    Thank you for making such great videos, your advice has helped me so much with seeing more results!!

  • SherryAnn D
    SherryAnn D

    I love these comparisons. Stop defending food choices in the name of health when you are slowing dying of poor health due to the extra weight you are hauling everyday.

  • Jazmine Majin
    Jazmine Majin

    "Hard candies and head" 🤣

  • D P
    D P

    Loving the added “....what’s that?” 😂😂he can now read minds 🤯

  • Zurgo Pussysmasher
    Zurgo Pussysmasher

    I would add to the hard/soft candies by saying use SUGAR-FREE hard candy. Since it stays in your mouth longer, the bacteria in your mouth is feeding off of the sugar from the candy for a longer time. And that, my friends, is how you get cavities!

  • Man of Steel
    Man of Steel

    The take away I got from the video 4:18 , 10:45

  • Chris The Man
    Chris The Man

    Moderation people....moderation

  • Kaj Loevesijn
    Kaj Loevesijn

    wait..... in what world do poeple think muffins are healthy????

  • Jon Moris
    Jon Moris

    It makes me laugh seeing all the typical low breed mosquitos who where just hanging for greg to make a mistake so they can go nuts with negative comments on his videos.... lol ahhh such a pathetic world we live in!

  • Brian Levor
    Brian Levor

    Summary bc I don't see it here yet: 1. Ice cream (sub frozen Greek yogurt) 2. Soft candy (sub hard candy) 3. Chips/Cheetos/Doritos etc (sub popcorn) 4. Whole milk (sub skim or almond milk) 5. Regular soda (sub diet soda) **note wtf is "pop" I don't speak Canadian 6. Juice (sub the fruit, or freakin water) 7. (sugary) Cereal (sub oatmeal) 8. Nuts (sub nut milk) 9. High-fat condiments/creamer (choose lite versions) 10. MUFFINS (just fuck the muffins)

  • Jack

    Love God and your neighbor

  • kyle mclain
    kyle mclain

    Woke up to hear greg tell me to stop being a whiny bitch

  • Drunk Wizard
    Drunk Wizard

    Diet root beer is so good! My uncle turned me onto that amazing alternative

  • DK Meah
    DK Meah

    10 lbs? Doesn't Canada use the metric system?

  • ADL304

    As always great content man!!!!

  • mjg29x

    Gummy worms have protein though.

  • PipinBosch

    theres a difference to be made between lactose intolerance and actual casein intolerance / allergy , which are two different things - casein is the actual protein in anything dairy, there is nothing you can just pop for it not trying to outright kill you or send you in very painful hours of stomach cramping and other uncomfortable situations i found that out the hard way after years of no problems with it and then one day almost dying from going into shock not knowing what hit me i cut any and all dairy from my life since and everything is fine, almond milk works so theres that - just listen to your body people, if it doesnt want dairy it doesnt want dairy, why try to force it in with medication SMH have a great day :)

  • Janine Murray
    Janine Murray

    8:00 I will stop eating them. I will eat them on cheat days

  • Janine Murray
    Janine Murray

    This summer I will buy some ingredients to make anabolic desserts

  • Janine Murray
    Janine Murray

    At least I'm active more than the rest of my family XD

  • Janine Murray
    Janine Murray

    5:59 cut soda a long time ago

  • Janine Murray
    Janine Murray

    My mom : *gives gummies Me : searches on UZload how gummies digest Me : *eats 3 pieces

  • Cando

    2 weeks and this controversy blows over. Peoples attention spans are so short. 2 weeks is the news cycle nowadays.

  • BluegillGreg

    I was wrong in my comments about the missed delivery of Greg’s eBook to Geoffrey. Greg has now explained and documented that Geoff’s order was flagged by the online payment service organization as a potential identity theft against Geoff, requiring further ID verification before completion. Geoff declined to provide this, as he had already received an unsolicited bootleg copy of the book and was merely trying to pay Greg, the author. Geoffrey had the book, so he let the payment stay with Greg. Neither Geoffrey nor Greg did anything wrong during this exchange. In fact both were successfully trying to do the right thing. Both were being ethical and honest. In an unorthodox and unusually creative way it worked out okay for both of them. Geoff wrote to me, explaining that I should not blame Greg. Thank you, Geoffrey, for setting me straight. To both Greg and Geoff, I apologize for stoking the fire instead of just hoping you two would work it out. Greg, I hope your injuries heal soon. Lift, eat, sleep, and recover well. Peace.

  • 7th-degree

    Who tf said muffins were healthy, probably the Americans at it again.

  • Silaria Down
    Silaria Down

    Wth why are there so many dislikes

  • Theo GDLP
    Theo GDLP

    👇🏼 The amount of people who unsubscribed to G-Shred. "Liberty is meaningless where the right to utter one's thoughts and opinions has ceased to exist. That, of all rights, is the dread of tyrants. It is the right which they first of all strike down." - Frederick Douglass

  • Elise Bohn
    Elise Bohn

    Stop being so frickin' dumb, harder than last time! 🤣💪🏽

  • Fierro2k

    What do you think about 2% fat milk??? Is that any better than regular milk? I mean it has less calories

  • Lina Kim
    Lina Kim

    what are your thoughts about the original cheerios though? not the honey flavour but original one with very little sugar. i think it's 100 cals per cup serving, and because it's fortified it has good nutrition value imo!

  • Da Reyes
    Da Reyes

    is this a reupload?

  • Linus Ji
    Linus Ji

    When you realize you have already done all these 10 tips and still got 10 lbs to lose

  • Ben Whitney
    Ben Whitney

    1:59 "the fudge packies" lol

  • Sir FishVI
    Sir FishVI

    Ur last video promoted diet rootbeer is back in stock but I went there was only a case left! Shouldn't advertise it or itll sell out 🤣

  • Mallorie McCune
    Mallorie McCune

    4:18 😂😂 Love it!!! Thanks for all you do, brother!!

  • Whats UpDog
    Whats UpDog

    Greg when I drink milk I have diarrhea even with lactose free milk

  • Henry Dinh
    Henry Dinh

    Greg Doucette watched a little David Goggins before this video lmao

  • kleen00

    A high sugar diet actually causes cancer. Replacing it with artificial sweeteners actually lowers the risk. Nothing sweet at all is probably better, but is that even realistic?

  • Daniel Salinas
    Daniel Salinas

    When Greg said stop being a whiny little bitch I felt that

  • Kane Bobier
    Kane Bobier

    When I eat none of these but still slightly overweight :(

  • XfrenkynatorX

    ''you can eat a entire liter of almond milk''

  • Dustin Rudzavice
    Dustin Rudzavice

    Fuck nuts 👊😌

  • Dustin Rudzavice
    Dustin Rudzavice

    Fuck soda 👊😌

  • Mustafa Kamaran
    Mustafa Kamaran

    Same old content recycled for the 100th time

  • Ole-Petter Kordahl
    Ole-Petter Kordahl

    No one spits out "CALORIES" like Coach Greg!

  • Ντένη Μαρκορά
    Ντένη Μαρκορά

    can someone tell me what's going on? lol

  • Anton Lundqvist
    Anton Lundqvist

    Hello Greg! First of all I want to say love your content so keep it up man! 👍Second I wanted to ask you a question because you know the biological parts that play a role in this. Is there any way to keep sex drive while low bodyfat through diet alone or does it not matter how many micronutrients and how much low calorie high density food you eat it will be bodyfat levels only?

  • Ralpher L
    Ralpher L

    I was gonna grab some chips today but i microwaved a bag of popcorn and dipped pieces in cheddar powder. Thanks, Doctor!

  • UndercoverDoc

    “I don’t give a shit they make lactose free skim milk” 😂😂😂

  • moises serrano
    moises serrano

    I heard sweeteners cause your insulin to rise since your body thinks you're receiving sugar and you can get diabetes or something. NOTE: I just wanted to know purely out of curiosity. plz don't attack

  • Daniel Millward
    Daniel Millward

    Last week I lost 10lbs, unfortunately it was in my wallet 😔

  • thehawkguy1000

    uhh skin cancer is the least deadly of all the cancers, significantly. also artificial sweeteners are toxic. cause brain damage. read studies. and trt doesn't make veins pop out your neck like that. you are the most toxic person in the industry at this point. congrats.

  • Rodi Perez
    Rodi Perez

    I have never seen anyone say a muffin is healthy lmao

  • J.D

    This video quality. More high def than last time.

  • GrimMonkeyNuts

    Diet soda taste like shit, prove me wrong...

  • Martin Klnp
    Martin Klnp

    04:01 you show proteine milk but it's full cream one.... Same brand has high proteine light milk also , atleast in Australia 🥲

  • Come feast With me
    Come feast With me

    2% milk is the shit

  • Jenae Walker
    Jenae Walker

    Do people really think muffins are healthy? I thought it was common knowledge that they’re basically cakes 🤣

  • Βασίλης Τσανακτσίδης
    Βασίλης Τσανακτσίδης

    Is it me or coach became a bit mainstream?

  • mistyknightsbionicarm

    That was quite the sweetner cancer rant

  • Zoe Zzzarko
    Zoe Zzzarko

    This is one of your best videos. Useful. Helpful. Realistic. Informative. Thank you 💜🖤💜🖤💜🖤💜

  • lucky9381

    In December I weighed 195lbs. Today (May) I weigh 167lbs. I lost 28lbs in 5 months thanks to Greg. If I can do it, you can do it.

  • Noah everett
    Noah everett

    Greg’s got the potty mouth😂