Sitting Through TikTok Nonsense! Come on!
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  • RJAY

    Thank god it's banned in India 🇮🇳

  • Jorge

    1000th comment

  • Jelle Leeuwis
    Jelle Leeuwis

    I swear Greg just yelling is the best thing ever😂😂

  • Lol Gang
    Lol Gang

    Tik tok is the worst platform I can ever imagine yuck

  • ben kosiek
    ben kosiek

    Not daddy noelle😂

  • Sean Pajak
    Sean Pajak

    My doctor is so modest about being a doctor 😂

  • Sky


  • Samantha Martin
    Samantha Martin


  • Amanda D
    Amanda D

    Feed back for you. Don’t say pussy, it’s demeaning.

  • Juan SAMUDIO
    Juan SAMUDIO

    Careful with daddy Noel

  • Randοm Generic Name
    Randοm Generic Name

    7:41 when you're on Tren but blame the protein

  • VanirGaming

    U cant cardio above anaerobic treshold cuz ur muscles full of acid. Bye bye gym for 1 week

  • VanirGaming

    Fat ppl same as alcoholics. They think their condition is somehow funny

  • Jarella

    Tik Tok is the waste bin of social media.

  • Prince Crane
    Prince Crane

    I weigh 165 and just happen to often hit 280 or over in protein. I can already feel my 17 year old kidneys opting out😭

  • Mike Siler1
    Mike Siler1

    I'm Hindu. I want to live my life longer than last time.

  • AlexAwef

    protein causes disease? yeah well tiktok causes brain rot

  • Chris Wierzba
    Chris Wierzba

    Watching Tiktok, I always wonder if Creatine is a Steroid 🤔😂 Apparently it is 😂😂🥸🤡

  • Tiger Gong
    Tiger Gong

    TikTok gets worst when it moved into the international market

  • Evolve Or Become Extinct Fitness & Survival
    Evolve Or Become Extinct Fitness & Survival

    Yo where do all these clowns come from! I've been saying this for a long time...stop listening to these idiots on toxic ass tik tok. Ya know, tik tok is the sound a bomb makes as it counts down!


    Wait Jay Cutler actually said too protein much caused Kidney Damage problems?

  • Steven Sanborn
    Steven Sanborn

    Better not come after Daddy Noel

  • Dan Hadland
    Dan Hadland

    There are a lot of legit fitness tik tokers out there

  • jack Anderson
    jack Anderson

    300 tiktok fans among coach Sweetness

  • Woodendale Blue
    Woodendale Blue

    7:22 I just died!

  • Lionel Diur k.
    Lionel Diur k.

    I like how he censored with “cookbook” 😂 I spilled my coffee through my nose 🤣

  • Anurag Karki
    Anurag Karki

    Haha. I didnt know but i was waiting for this. Tiktok is a new type of cancer

  • unban twin
    unban twin

    Wonderful content

  • Dr. Tommy Martin
    Dr. Tommy Martin

    Good I haven’t made the list yet 😂😂😂😂

  • Jonathan Ellis
    Jonathan Ellis

    Geez this comment section is hella negative. Am I missing something here ? When did Greg go from hero to Zeeeero?

  • Michael Berta
    Michael Berta

    I'm only 18 seconds in and can tell that Greg is more pissed off than last time

  • TheCosplaying ExVegan
    TheCosplaying ExVegan

    Even if you do a casual bike ride not everyone can do 5 hours straight

  • Sonja Maria Dover
    Sonja Maria Dover

    Is that a giant tray of peaches on the island? 🤤 🍑

  • Zewq

    I understand Greg’s view on tiktok, there are bad people out there and spewing bs... HOWEVER tiktok helped me change my whole life around and lose around 50 pounds, it gave me the motivation, the drive and lastly it led me to coach greg. I don’t think it’s fair to knock tiktok completely. The shit creators are those who deserve to be attacked not the app or the fitness side of it.

  • meme beam
    meme beam

    Daddy noel was being honest. He himself said that was wrong😂

  • City Slicker Outdoors
    City Slicker Outdoors

    You’re copyright striking other people when you use other people’s content for like all your videos??

  • Manav

    Tiktok ruined everything.

  • MortanE

    I like Greg because he is so respectful when saying something towards others love this mans way of talking even tho it’s a but aggressive but straight forward ❤️

  • TruthHurts

    [this comment was copyright striked by G-shred]

  • Manga Lloyd
    Manga Lloyd

    Protein gave me paranoia

  • Matt Holliday
    Matt Holliday

    I loved this one "COOK BOOK" NEEDS TO BE A THING

  • prodbyellis

    protein is killing your gains!!!!

  • Bruno Lopes
    Bruno Lopes


  • boldandsexy

    Strawberries and Bananas.

  • bulky boi
    bulky boi

    Gonna need a natty or not on BenjaminMac05!

  • Moose92411

    You gave Jeff Cavaliere an aaaaaaawful lot of criticism for not addressing the fake weights criticism. Seems fairly two-faced to not address the stuff being directed at you now.

    • Moose92411

      @SxdX - accusations of hypocrisy for copyright striking someone who directed criticism toward him

    • SxdX -
      SxdX -

      What's being directed to him?

  • Miria_No6

    The last guy is a fuarking idiot LOL

  • Dar ren
    Dar ren

    Dog in the background.

  • suki2011

    Do a natty video on 4 time world 🌎 fittest man Rich Froning Jr.

  • Dusten Cross
    Dusten Cross

    G shred strikes again

  • Nikolai Bocherov
    Nikolai Bocherov

    Idiots watch tik tok the same way they watch your gimmicky and redundant crap 💩

  • Kev Chelios
    Kev Chelios

    this is just "COOKBOOK" 😂😂

  • Flexn Rex
    Flexn Rex

    Greg counts the calories he burns from screaming when making these videos

  • Ken Rocketman
    Ken Rocketman

    dude i would rather listen to couchgreg than to my mothers annoying nonsense. atleast this way i get knowledge

  • Sarah Arnold
    Sarah Arnold

    100 grams of chicken has 100 grams of protein. Laughing harder than last time 😂🤣😂


    Couch Greg yelling at you while in the background the fructose is giving everyone cancer. Yup, protein cause kidney failure, not shredding, not no drinking water, not drinking diuretics. Protein - listen to me I'm "hulk fitness".

  • Alan Kings
    Alan Kings

    I need more of a reaction from Coach Greg on Daddy Noel

  • Danny wallace
    Danny wallace

    Lying their ASS OFF...OH YES

  • Thavesh Patil
    Thavesh Patil

    I laughing so hard 😭😂😂

  • gamer Guy
    gamer Guy

    Ive had guys that are older than 21 tell me that tiktok is fun and interesting. They are not men

  • Farhan Ahmed
    Farhan Ahmed

    Gregg doucette is not a doctor he is just a kinesiologist

  • Luis Becerra
    Luis Becerra

    5’5, g-shred

  • Nicole Mitsi
    Nicole Mitsi

    That first woman not caring about her health... I get the whole 'it's her decision to be unhealthy' but I don't want my taxpayers money paying for people's medical costs because 'it was their choice'. Also, I am a national level cyclist and train 15-20 hours a week and there's no way I would touch that shit (not because of the calories, but I care about the quality of my food too).

  • Christiaan Burger
    Christiaan Burger

    Daddy Noel made it. Keep your mouth of the king Greg

  • Y O
    Y O

    Those wondering what the “G-shred” comments are about, search Geoffrey verity schofield and you’ll understand.

    • Dusten Cross
      Dusten Cross

      Or Massive Iron

  • Claude

    My boy Greg being a bigger hypocrite than last time.

  • G M
    G M

    G-Shred g-shredding harder than last time

  • it is THE Joe
    it is THE Joe


  • YL Sze
    YL Sze

    Finally Greg.... stop tictok

  • Luke Claydon
    Luke Claydon

    Great 👍 vid factual and funny 😄 made me laugh. You are funny. Cheers for the early morning smile

  • Mike Brian
    Mike Brian

    Tic tok is just as bad as this channel

  • Ally Cakes
    Ally Cakes

    🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️ that's all I gotta say. These kids watching these trash ass Tik Tok. No wonder there are so many obese people.

  • Kevin Nguyen
    Kevin Nguyen

    Greg I’m worried about you. Feels like you’re going to pop a gasket with all these tick tockers 😂😅 The word was never short of drop kicks, they’re just more visible now with social media platforms 😳

  • Mike Bassett
    Mike Bassett

    This is the best coach Greg vid 🤣🤣🤣

  • winter ramos
    winter ramos

    Gregg making these Tik Tokers Cry Bradley Martyn enters the chat room

  • Albert Weedstein The Thug Genius
    Albert Weedstein The Thug Genius

    Imagine if every single reaction video he did gets copystriked. 🤣🤣🤣😘😘😘

  • Mister Multiplayer
    Mister Multiplayer

    Nothing from your favorite guy this time? lol

  • Sqouki


  • Cory W Kerns
    Cory W Kerns

    Nah nah don’t disrespect daddy noel

  • TheRealEffluence

    Lmao dude I am a body builder and I have difficulty getting in 1g of protein per pound of body weight. Probably like 50% of people don't get even .5 gs a day. I think you think people eat more and better then they actually do. Everyone I know anyways.

  • TheRealEffluence

    I don't think Greg knows how fucked up ppl actually are lol

  • Andy Eang
    Andy Eang

    "this is what i call pussy training" yup that's why he's my doctor.... i mean coach

  • phillip trepczynski
    phillip trepczynski

    7:24 Laughing harder than last time

  • Alexis Cabigas
    Alexis Cabigas

    Too much protein = Kidney issue The trenbolone sandwich : 👀

  • Alexis Cabigas
    Alexis Cabigas

    Fave doc saving the day again 😂🐐

  • Christian Maiorino
    Christian Maiorino

    Bro the “COOOKBOOOOK” censor made me cry omg😂😂

  • UpTheHammers

    How do people sit through you shouting you bean shut up

  • Francisco Ruiz
    Francisco Ruiz

    No Tik Tok on my phone, no problem 😉

  • Crazy Animator
    Crazy Animator

    first time seeing you laugh this much so dont trash talk tiktok xD

  • Felador

    HE YGREG i drankl alcool and ate bad food im sorry

  • MellowMikeIsMe

    I love the cookbook censor sound lol

  • Charlie Griffith
    Charlie Griffith

    Instructions unclear, bought 3 of coach Greg’s cookbooks. Now I don’t have enough money to eat 180g of chicken breast to get my 180g of protein and lost all my gains :(

  • kevin shabir
    kevin shabir

    don't talk trash on daddy noel

  • Bro Scientist
    Bro Scientist

    I feel bad. I am fat, lazy and kinda dumb. Am I hopeless, coach? I am not a horrible person...

  • Matej 39
    Matej 39

    3:03 LMAO

  • Damnit Bobby
    Damnit Bobby

    Lost some respect for you my dude, you always speak about integrity but you actively tried censoring someone that was giving constructive criticism. The past few months you’ve been on this ego trip

  • world's greatest detective
    world's greatest detective

    those guys from tik tok are morons

  • Preeti Bharij
    Preeti Bharij

    Can you please do a video on booty king on Instagram he has a big booty program which I think is BS, he’s just getting money from these women and the before and after seem so fake becuz they don’t have any muscle tone anywhere else just big butts

  • Luke Harris
    Luke Harris

    I want your opinions. I’m a 13 year old that wants muscle and to be lean. I can’t lose weight though or else I’ll be rly small and b in trouble with my dad. When I flex my abs a little they are visible. I’m 5 foot 2. I also want muscle and I want your opinion on what to do. I’m also 90lbs I’m also lifting rn with 2500 cals and over 175 grams of protein a day. I’m also doing cardio through sports walking and running every day. I want to know if I should keep doing what I’m doing or something different

  • Chris Swiger
    Chris Swiger

    Daddy Noel puts out good info though :/