Arnold's CUTTING Too Hard Too Fast
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  • Urban Radiation
    Urban Radiation

    Arnold vs Greg on Zwift when?

  • TapoutTanK52

    Yaaaaaaaaa I figure he knows what’s best for him lol

  • Danny Graves
    Danny Graves

    20 minute walk boom 🤣that’s all the cardio you need Mike ohearn

  • Kevon Kipps
    Kevon Kipps

    For the Algo...

  • nanasshi 07
    nanasshi 07

    it's not calorie in calorie out, people. why are yall so outdated

  • Susan Gray
    Susan Gray

    Off beat comments. Every time famous people say they can't eat carbs, the country follows them like the pied Piper. His point is correct.

  • 35TheDarkknight

    Get to the cook book

  • Sensei Martin
    Sensei Martin

    Arnold has more real-world nutritional knowledge in his little finger than Greg Doucette has total. Arnold knows what he's doing ...

  • fernando Silva
    fernando Silva

    well facts are most breads are very high in calories!! So you need to cut all the garbage breads full of calories, and find the lowest calorie one possible and make french toast

  • Tesla

    Pretzel coach Greg ahah

  • Travis Benecke
    Travis Benecke

    Maybe if the recipe for the pretzel croissant thing is in the cookbook then Arnold might buy it Greg 🤔

  • Silverwood1985

    The Rock's : IT DOESN'T MATTER!!!, insert was splendid!!

  • Paola Rojas
    Paola Rojas

    I think that Arnold knows exactly what he's doing! Sorry Greg... this time tegre is not much you can say except making marketing to your book that's freaking expensive lol.

  • robgemz

    Are you coked-up in this video. Great advice but annoying af! Chill with the speed bro.

  • Paul Sheerin
    Paul Sheerin

    I'm sure ARNOLD knows what to do!! 🙄

  • digitalXmage

    The more you promote your cook book, the less I'm inclined to buy it every time.

  • Brandon Davey
    Brandon Davey

    I wouldn't try convincing a Terminator otherwise

  • Florian Dijkhuizen
    Florian Dijkhuizen

    since you said Assbread I cannot eat brown bread anymore...

  • Rus

    At this point I'm that close to buy that freakin Cook book.....

  • Sweep The Leg
    Sweep The Leg

    Tail @3:45

  • Callum Inkster
    Callum Inkster

    Greg telling Arnold to buy his cookbook is the final punchline to this joke.

  • david monk
    david monk

    Arnold is Legend

  • Jonas Huovila
    Jonas Huovila

    Imaging having so huge ego like Greg trying to give diet advice to Arnold a SEVEN time Mr. Olympia winner, won Mr. Universe Pro THREE times, won Internationl Powerlifting championship, won weightlifting weightlifting championships. xD


    I am wondering... How can a needle joke with this voice, criticize the greatest bodybuilder of all history.... Still wondering...

  • I M
    I M

    It's seems like a lot of people are under the false belief that "losing weight" and "calorie counting" means to be "healthy" that can't be farther from the truth. I can't eat bread because it goes straight to my liver. I lost 50lbs and was still rotting from the inside. Quit focusing on "losing weight" and focus on healthy calories....

  • bliblivion

    1:47 did you need to insult both Brezel and Croissant at the same time? XD

  • Ryan Ireland
    Ryan Ireland

    Hey Coach or anybody reading this. Does anybody have any knowledge on what a low or normal test level should be in Canadian terms nmol/l please and thanks

  • White Lion
    White Lion

    This morning with my breakfast I ate homemade hard crust bread with extra virgin olive oil and cherry tomatos squeezed on the bread, it's an italian thing, and it's delicious and nutritious

  • Michael Piscatelli
    Michael Piscatelli

    I hate cutting calories work construction and lift 6 times a week and walk 2 miles back and forth from gym can't count how many calories I burn but I eat every 2 hrs

  • Zoomski

    Bread can make your diet bad unless its soaked in egg whites!

  • omgerdansk

    Arnold Schwarzenegger Mr,olympia 7 times. Without the Co0KB0k, I think he knows what works for him.

  • Hercules Bodybuilding
    Hercules Bodybuilding

    Who clicked this video to see the face of Arnold?

  • Zy Supra
    Zy Supra

    Ppl hate bread so much but regular bread doesnt have that many cals, like 50 a slice. Muffins on the other hand are okay, even though a single serving muffin can me as high as 700 calories.

  • Aaron M
    Aaron M

    Cutting is EASIER THAN LAST TIME when you don't know what a pretzel is I guess *taps forehead* can't crave it if you don't know what it tastes like

  • Dhairyashil Mahadik
    Dhairyashil Mahadik

    3:48 the cat tail

  • johnnylaw348

    7:34 - Close your eyes and listen to Chris Farley say 95%

  • M Frusciante
    M Frusciante

    People can't be bothered to count calories everyday, so removing one of the most calorie rich parts of the diet is simple for them.

  • Ricky Fit
    Ricky Fit

    Does work good. No carbs for energy more cardio body burns fat body tightens up drink water works great.

  • M. Jordan
    M. Jordan

    you are stupid. you keep telling ppl all this conventional wisdom. it's not about balance. the human species has a species specific diet just like every other species on the planet. we are carnivores designed to eat mostly meat and very low carbs. we don't burn calories we oxidise calories for energy big difference. CICO is not the right way to look at things because the body doesn't oxides all calories. just because a calorie goes in doesn't mean its stored or oxidized.

  • Joshua Perry
    Joshua Perry

    Greg must be blowing his load; getting to critique Arnie in real time.

  • Joseph Espinoza
    Joseph Espinoza

    I respect Greg buh don’t even tell Arnold shit

  • Daniel Taylor
    Daniel Taylor

    Says you shouldn’t focus on cutting macros, but then goes on to say preferably cut carbs and/or fats because protein builds muscle. You’re slippin, Greg.

  • Daniel Taylor
    Daniel Taylor

    Coach Greg: holding on to being the rightest person in the fitness industry because he only preaches the most basic of fundamentals.

  • Pierre Alariw
    Pierre Alariw

    You should have asked him about the children he abused including Greta thunberg and the devil worship in his house, shit need to be exposed

  • blueb0ychill

    OMG dude man up your voice !

  • dennis85573

    It doesn't matter what type of bread you eat for weight loss. But it matters for good health.Whole wheat is packed with nutrients while white bread is empty calories.Greg you're puting out more bullshit info. then the last time.

  • Wiwi Wanka
    Wiwi Wanka

    ''Your Will Tennyson power will fail you'' lmao I died xD

  • Benjamin Saldana
    Benjamin Saldana

    Watching this while eating Coach Greg’s Chessy Grilled Egg White French Toast Sandwich from his fricken cookbook

  • Esyox

    Me, a guy from Alsace, triggered when my doc misses a bretzel for a croissant

  • gregorymjr12

    "You can eat your bread and eat it too!" Coach Greg 2021🤣

  • Maxx Gibbons
    Maxx Gibbons

    also 149.99 for a digital cookbook lol kind of ridicules

  • Maxx Gibbons
    Maxx Gibbons

    Do you seriously not know what a Pretzel is? I like how your criticizing the most famous fitness persona of all time...

  • Michael Vasquez
    Michael Vasquez

    Coach is great don’t get me wrong but there are levels to this, Arnie is one of the GOATs, not only of bodybuilding but of the American Dream, I think he knows what he’s doing coach, Go back to VShred


    Arnold's been doing this crap since before you were born. You honestly think you know better than him?! What a delusional joker

  • BreakingBA

    I died when he paused an put the rock in

  • Adam Maurice
    Adam Maurice

    1:51.... THE PREZTEL BRO

  • Omni Gains
    Omni Gains

    If you have any trigger food you should WORK ON TOUR MIND POWER! If you doesn’t have any trigger food you should anyway work on your mind power. It’s THE NR1 recipe for life success. Humans have horrible brain power and it’s the key to everything!

  • matrax games
    matrax games

    what the hell is going on on his bycep

  • mark m
    mark m

    That’s a pretzel 🥨 not a croissant

  • Donald Levesque
    Donald Levesque

    the canadian communist party just shut down all gyms in our province.. Its treason.. Bow flex to keep my muscles going for gladiator if it is going to happen.. sad.. Yes .. calorie deficit works especially if motabolism is flying.. I have to force myself to eat to get enough calories as a vegan for protein and its not too hard.. High protein meals like yours but vegan i have.. 40 gram protein pancakes etc.. Love your shows.. Oprah is an idiot

    • Donald Levesque
      Donald Levesque

      i love my bread and make sandwiches with lots of veggies and vegan fake meat.. THey are good and carbs like you said is just calories.. THey can cut out all their bread and it lets them eat more icecream lol.. yoyo diets are useless

  • Nabeel Khan
    Nabeel Khan

    @Greg Why do you prefer bike over jogging?

  • Megan B
    Megan B

    I cut out bread and pasta and lost 40 pounds in 2 months with no exercise besides walking at work a lot cause I’m a server ...

    • Megan B
      Megan B

      All calories are not equal. I eat 1200 calories with lots of carbs and will not lose any weight even with exercise , I can eat 1500 of high protein super low carb and lose 5-7 pounds per week ...

  • Blake Spier
    Blake Spier

    So u think u know more about diet than arnold. Thats cute


    Love your jokes😄

  • Charles Lane
    Charles Lane

    His emphasis on the subject wasn't enough so The Rock chimed in lol

  • Cesar Millan
    Cesar Millan

    It’s a pretzel 🥨 Greg lol 😆

  • Stephen Rushing
    Stephen Rushing

    Dude. This required zero critique. It works for him, and he knows it's about calories. Cutting out bread or "white carbs" or "processed carbs" is a simple framework that works for a lot of people because it's singularly focused. Joe Rogan knows you can lose weight eating carbs. Ignorant rant. And Greg doesn't know what a pretzel is...but sells cookbooks. Less videos, Greg. Doesn't matter if you're not misrepresenting a study. A majority of your videos are becoming spews for views.

  • Taylor Davis
    Taylor Davis

    0:41 yikeskies

  • Jonny Rainforth
    Jonny Rainforth

    Did you just call a pretzel a croissant??

  • Young Prince
    Young Prince

    Arnold’s voice “Get the cookbook RIGHT NOW!!” 😂

  • Ricky King
    Ricky King

    I don't get this! Coach Greg is trying to tell Arnold how to diet???? LOL

  • Mr.Reyam

    LOL ive lost 14 pounts in two and a half months while maintaining muscle while eating bread everyday. Calorie deficit is the key. YES there are better quality carbs than others BUT HEY we live only once and i love bread so fuck it im eating it while keeping a minus 400 calories under my maintenace calories.

  • Hunter_Fitness4life 808
    Hunter_Fitness4life 808

    Greg acts like he’s teaching Arnold but Arnold was body building way before Greg 😂

  • Viktor Zeman
    Viktor Zeman

    Doesn't bread bloat you up?

  • Thats Tough
    Thats Tough

    Swatza what?! 😭😭

  • TheSmilingVagrantsOfficial

    Imagine being in shape for so long that you forget what a soft pretzel is

  • Jason Sager
    Jason Sager

    Oh..... Greg, how much are u worth compared to Arnold? How many movies have u headlined? Lol 😆 😆

  • Jason Sager
    Jason Sager

    Arnold's a little bit more accomplished than u ever thought of being. How many times Greg did u win the Olympia??? Huh?? I think Arnie is just fine without your advice. Lol.

  • Admiral General Aladeen
    Admiral General Aladeen

    Arnold had your cookbook and more in his head without your help dumb ass

  • FarFromTheTrees

    Bread is trash though. High af G.I as well as Lectins, Gluten, Gliadin, Phytates, Acellular carbs... It tastes good but that's not reason enough to have it in my diet when weighed against the negatives.

  • p0rt3ll

    There’s will power then there’s Will Tennyson power that adds 10 points to your physique goals.

  • A Cross
    A Cross

    Coach Greg needs a comb

  • Cameron James
    Cameron James

    I’m finna cut out bread just for health, processed carbs make me feel bad.

  • Matthew205

    How the fuck did coach Greg do math that quickly at 7:43 but doesn't know what a pretzel is called

  • Barry Lane
    Barry Lane

    😂😂😂😂think he knows what hes doing. What have u wone . Hes 7 Olympias. And is now 73 . He knows how how his body works

  • Mairzy Doats
    Mairzy Doats

    Remember when all the comments were "what will his hair look like at 1M subs?"

  • La'akea Swagerty
    La'akea Swagerty

    The way Greg talks kinda reminds me of Scotty Kilmer haha

  • Kevin Hamrick
    Kevin Hamrick

    Arnold built different.

  • Christian Barker
    Christian Barker

    Ate less bread than last time :)

  • Ignacio Beast life
    Ignacio Beast life

    I agree cousin Greg. Everyone's body is different but calories is the way.. God bless 🙏 you Brah

  • Lion hearted
    Lion hearted


  • Robert Parisi
    Robert Parisi

    100% correct. Cals in , cals out, cutting out foods you grew up with chocolate, pizza, bread. Ice cream is not a sustainable diet. Nutrition does play a role, but it still spend more and take in less equals weight loss, but caloric deficit is not easy either. I hate to say it but the big moderation word comes into play, balance comes into play, goals come into play, life changes comes to play, eat to live not live to eat. No matter which way you slice it, its NOT EASY

  • Daniel Attard
    Daniel Attard

    "Adding protein and cutting carbs or fat to build muscle while being in a calorie deficit." I think this is a far fetched claim. What about the hormone and energy crash from reducing carbs. If your body lacks carbs it will break muscle for energy. Thats why when you cut you always loose a percentage of muscle unless your on some 💉

  • big shlong
    big shlong


  • Conrad Keglowitsch
    Conrad Keglowitsch

    Get to dah coookbook!

  • Eman FigFlo
    Eman FigFlo

    Maybe if this dude had Arnold's Nuts on his diet He would eat them too! and put some balls to his voice Lol

  • Todaroff

    wish more people knew that its as simple as cals in/out, im currently cutting on 2400 calories and i literally have 4 slices of white toast before the gym everyday, just pure carbs & im still losing weight :D

  • Aldin Barsaga
    Aldin Barsaga

    I found that the easiest way to stick to any diet is to just have a cheat day or two per week.

  • matthew hoover
    matthew hoover

    I took a bodyscan yesterday. I'm down to 9.6% bodyfat. Now if I can add muscle so I don't look like a stick, that'd be great. (Not gonna happen this year, training for the Chicago marathon again).

  • mark williamson
    mark williamson

    Will Tennyson power. Nice one 👌